3 réflexions au sujet de “D’où il vient ?”

  1. https://imgur.com/Q0SqvwL

    Best explanation I’ve heard from /u/dannyb21892

    Step 1: Ghost car is in the open lane at the opposing red light just to our left of the bus.

    Step 2: The car on the outside of the turn blocks our view of that lane. This is when ghost car drives up next to the bus.

    Step 3: Ghost car runs red light and goes through the intersection just after the car on the outside of the turn, and just before the inside car in the foreground.

    Step 4: Ghost car moves forward while inside and outside car keep turning, and our view is perfect enough to keep ghost car hidden between them.

    Step 5: Inside car realizes asshole ghost car ran the red light and stops short.

    Step 6: Ghost car reveals itself by continuing to drive through the intersection

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