46 réflexions au sujet de “Donjon de Google devient foncé”

  1. My initial reactions when I see a Google product posted that I use regularly.

    >Google Keep…

    Oh no, don’t discontinue keep as well!

    >is getting dark mode

    Oh thank God.

  2. I’ll take any Dark Mode they can throw at us, but I hope there’s going to be pitch black AMOLED option. If so, then Gmail next, please. I also wouldn’t be apposed to a Night Mode toggle for Maps. Now it only has an automatic toggle if you use it at night.

  3. So… How about that re-integration with assistant to make assistant not suck with notes and lists that you started rolling out in November?

    Google? Hello?

  4. Every Google app is getting a dark mode. It’s part of their new material makeover long game. In fact Android Q enables dark mode system wide when the battery saver is enabled so I imagine this will all compliment that nicely

  5. The next ten years of Google news will be announcing Dark Mode for every app they have, followed by an announcement of that app being depreciated in favor of the new (or old) app that has less functionality, and no Dark Mode.

    We’ll all be just as excited every time, but OS wide dark mode will never happen on Stock.

  6. Any macOS, Linux and Windows desktop clients for Keep? I use all these (next to on mobile Android and iOS) and hate using browser for notes on computer.

    EDIT: No, not inferior browser extensions or website shortcuts, BUT REAL KEEP DESKTOP APPLICATIONS.

  7. Please get rid of the Google search bar at the top! Can’t count the number of times I go to type a new note but I do a useless search instead. Thinking of going back to colornote and giving up the handy cloud sync just because of that stupid search bar.

  8. Does anyone else have a problem where Google Keep takes obscenely long, like 1-2 minutes to load? I’ve been dealing with it for months (iphone SE)


    edit: didn’t realize this was the Android sub, sorry

  9. Well, Substratum worked fine on Keep for awhile so this is expected. What I don’t like is that Substratum keeps breaking GMail and it crashes when I apply any AMOLED theme now. A dark theme for GMail would be very much appreciated, especially for a person coming from Inbox who’s still deciding between using GMail or migrating everything to Outlook (which has a pretty nice AMOLED theme in Substratum tbh).

  10. Great, they better not fucking abandon it. I know it wasn’t stated that they were, but Google has been pretty shitty about abandoning services people love with reckless abandon.

  11. How about making the app useful with simple things like sort alphabetically. One of the simplest algorithms a programmer can write and these fucktards are concerned with the colors.

  12. Google used to be the best now i feel like they are just a mess on the user end.


    They start all these great things , never get the word out and give up on them , i mean even maps is starting to feel outdated and only getting things now that most GPS has has for 5+ years


    Hangouts is way behind if not all but abandoned , google has gone from promising Facebook competitor to ghost town . Its crazy how they have all these unfinished products

  13. I honestly dont understand why all apps dont support color theming from the start. It’s so easy to add it. It’s like really, you put in 1000s of man hours designing, implementing, and testing difficult software, but you couldn’t take 45 minutes to add in a super simple feature that drastically improves UX and that nearly anyone could implement?

  14. I hope Google adds a dark theme on Inb- NO GOOGLE, BACK THE FUCK OFF, YOU ARE NOT TAKING INBOX AWAY FROM ME

    *Grabs knife*


  15. Now they just need to give Maps, GMail, and just about every other app a dark mode instead of « *blind you with the power of a thousand suns* » white

  16. You should check the images on the link, that’s far from the dark theme we imagined. It only darken two elements the search bar and the bottom bar of Google Keep.

  17. Google Apps that Still need Dark Mode(correct me if im wrong).
    Native Google Search App and Desktop Dark Mode,
    Maps (the UI not driving mode),
    Play Store,
    Google Earth (UI),
    Google Keyboard Settings App,
    Android Pie Settings app.,
    Google Lens,
    Google Assistant,
    Daydream App,
    Google Assistant,

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