Dimanche Rant/Rage (31 mars 2019) – votre fil de plainte hebdomadaire !

Sunday Rant/Rage (Mar 31 2019) – Your weekly complaint thread!

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument regarder les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les jokes tous les jours de manière gréable ?

note 1. Rejoignez nos salons discorde, IRC et télégramme ! [Please see our wiki for instructions.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/wiki/index#wiki_.2Fr.2Fandroid_chat_rooms) ce dimanche hebdomadaire thread est fait pour vous de laisser peu de vapeur au large et de s’exprimer sur toute plainte que vous pourriez avoir sur : * votre appareil.

* Votre transporteur.

* Référence du fabricant votre appareil.

* Une application * autres enteprises *** ** règles ** 1) s’il vous plaît ne pas cibler les individus ou essayer de nom/honte n’importe quel individu. Si vous détestez Google/Samsung/HTC etc pour une chose qui est très bien, mais ne soyez pas impoli pour un développeur d’application individuels.

2) si vous avez une suggestion pour résoudre le problème d’un autre utilisateur, s’il vous plaît laisser un commentaire mais veillez à ce que c’est constructif ! Nous ne voulons pas tout flamme-guerres.

3) être respectueux des opinions des autres. Même si vous pensez que quelqu’un est « mauvais » vous n’avez pas à sortir de votre façon de prouver le contraire. En désaccord poliment et de passer.

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29 réflexions au sujet de “Dimanche Rant/Rage (31 mars 2019) – votre fil de plainte hebdomadaire !”

  1. I have a Google Pixel 2 running Android 9, and it baffles me that you cannot adjust the volume in the device settings without it playing a snippet of the notification tones. It’s obnoxious and jarring, and it makes it nearly impossible to discreetly adjust your volume in a public place.

  2. I have a Huawei p10. It’s been almost 2 years and everything is still snappy and my camera recently can’t focus. So I went to Google and all the forums said to knock the camera and the focus should work again…

    And for the first time in my life, percussive maintenance works. It’s a minor problem where I don’t think it’s worth bringing to a shop to fix it, but major enough that I can’t use the camera when I want to and have to spend 30s knocking it first.

  3. Samsung Galaxy s8+

    Oh god this new update turned everything ugly and blocky. It rearranged in the menu that slides down from the top and they take up way more room. The lock screen is ugly. The app icons are all rounded crap. Just in case the new icons weren’t ugly enough, they removed the ability to turn off icon frames so all your old ones are ugly now, too! I can’t hide the home button bar thing anymore. In a truly baffling choice, they switched the side of the status bar at the top that the time is on, just to make life more difficult. Open apps list horizontally instead of vertically, making it harder to navigate (the phone is vertical after all) and being literally the opposite of what I’m used to, not to mention it doesn’t even center on the app you’re on when you press it. Even the individual apps, like Gallery and Messages, turned to crap. Not to mention it literally deleted all my text messages. Thanks for that. I got this bigger phone so everything wouldn’t be all blocky and awful like this. [Before the update](https://i.imgur.com/IgmJlOJ.jpg). [After the update](https://i.imgur.com/TDaNScN.jpg). Notice how one notification now takes up more room than two did before.

    If anyone know how to revert a system update, let me know, because I seriously don’t like this.

    EDIT: Somehow this update un-corrupted my SD card. I don’t know how or why, but that makes it a little less sour I guess.

  4. I really hate the new asthetic of a newish update. It changed all the default app icons. The card view is different now. It just looks cheap and makes the phone (s8+) look like i got it family dollar. It might sound elitist, but thats what i think.

  5. Hate the new update for starters. Changed to a font that I can barely read and can’t change it. Worst part is it married a sticker icon to my text message bar and I cannot get rid of it. I’m not a 12 year old I do not want to use these ignorant stickers. I want to use emojis like an adult lol. How do I switch them out so the emoji icon is paired with my keyboard??

  6. All I want is an affordable device without weird screen gimmicks, and a 16:9 ratio, in the 5ish-5.5″ size range. What do I get after waiting for months? Every new phone is notched, punch holed, dimpled, or curved, and comes in a 18:9, 18.5:9, 19:9, 19.5:9, 21:9 ratio at no less than 6″ in length. I loathe you corporate phone designers.

  7. Is it me or is the Android notification system a mess?


    My last phone had Android 8. Notifications would repeat immediately after I dismissed them. It’s really fun when you dismiss a group of say 10 notifications and then get 10 notification tones as they pop right back up. It’s still doing that on my new phone with Android 9, though to a lesser degree. Its new thing is for it to ask « hey, you dismiss notifications so do you really want them? » Doesn’t everyone dismiss notifications when they are finished with them? That’s not an indication that I don’t want them. The next problem is the shift toward centralized notifications. Most of the apps that have done this don’t obey the settings I have chosen: they vibrate when vibrate is disabled, and/or they ignore the custom notification sound I set. I guess it’s nicer to have one central location for notification settings but if the settings don’t work then it doesn’t do you much good.

  8. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the LTE connection for a Galaxy S8? I did the OTA Security patch on March 2019 and instantly regret it.

    Software Version G950USQU5DSC1 / G950UOYN5DSC1 / G950USQU5DSC1

    Stuff I tried

    * Disable Band 41. Enter Data Programming Mode: ##3282# Edit -> Enter MSL: 000000 -> OK -> LTE -> Band41 Enabled -> Deselect -> Reboot.

    * Disable Band 25 + Band 41.

    * using the code ##72786# (##SCRTN#)

    * Update PRL

    * Update Profile

    * pop out / pop in SIM card

    * Multiple restarts.

    * Been to 2 sprint stores. One said they had no technicians and referred me to the 2nd sprint store. The 2nd sprint store said that they had 5 people come in to their store that day and had the same issue. The tech said the only thing that worked was a factory reset.

    * Factory reset. This worked for a while until I started realizing I wasn’t receiving texts and phone calls anymore. I tried using the code ##72786# and I’m back to no service!

  9. I just updated my Galaxy s8 to Android 9.0 and my MESSAGES, yes samsung messages not a third party app, between my contacts are actually mixed together as if it were a group chat but they are NOT. This is ridiculous! Do I now have to delete conversations to actually make sure I’m texting the right person?! What the hell is going on right now?

  10. Android Pie sucks. Now my phone is laggy even though I keep my phone at a minimalist style. Notification and ringer is merged. Settings are harder to navigate and confusing.

  11. I have a Pixel 2 XL and whereas I used to get 5-6 hrs screen on time, after seemingly the March update I’ve only been getting around 4. Note that I bought this in December of 2018.

  12. In the same 24 hours last week I let my fibre/tv company (Sky) know that I was cancelling (the new provider started the process for me) and I received the latest OS update for my s8.
    Since then I haven’t been able to connect to my WiFi at home for more than a few seconds before there is an error.

    It’s driving me mad as I don’t know whether it’s the phone or WiFi that’s the problem. Although since WiFi is slower but stable on my other devices and my partner’s s8, I’m inclined to think it’s my phone.

    I’ve tried a number of tricks – resetting the router and forgetting the WiFi settings on my phone but to no avail. I’m hammering my data and I’ve got 12 more days to wait before the new company takes over but that feels like 12 months grrrr[https://i.imgur.com/G1XLYWy.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/G1XLYWy.jpg)

  13. I would like the maps app to go back to using your previous travel direction for your heading cone. Using the compass I have NEVER had it point in remotely the proper direction. And the supposed ‘calibration’ does nothing but make it worse. I seriously would like it to point the right direction again like it did in 2.3.

  14. One of the cool things a Chromecast can do is cycle through the latest news stories on my TV.

    It will display a picture related to the article, and the title (or at least most of it)

    But there’s no way to actually view the article.

    You actually have to bring up your phone or PC, and literally type the article title into Google.

    Why can’t I say, « Hey Google, send that article to my phone »?

  15. Since doing a carrier update, the play store « update » screen opens 3 or 4 times an hour.
    Straight talk
    Samsung galaxy S5 and a S6 (same issue)

  16. I have a LG G6 dual sim, H870DS running 8.0. I really like the phone and really have no reason to upgrade to a newer phone. In the last two months, I’ve have three separate occasions where my custom ringtones and notification sounds disappear from my phone. I only notice when I receive a call or message and the phone rings or notifies with the default factory sounds instead of the ones I had chosen for calls or notifications. I look for any of my custom or downloaded ringtones/ notifier tones with file explorer and are nowhere to be found, only the default ringtones that come pre-installed with the phone. The ringtones folder shows up blank. My only solution so far is to download again my custom ringtones into the ringtones folder. Anyone has experienced this?

  17. I have a Samsung galaxy s7 and ever since the latest update I cant send group messages. tried googling and havnt seen anything that can help. went to my local att, they were about as helpful as throwing my phone in a lake.

  18. Hi, long time last pass user, trying to jump ship because of the year on year hike on lastpass. Its 36 usd which converted to my currency is a bit much..

    The password exporting itself was extremely easy no issues. I have a very specific issue that needs solving.

    With the netbanking facility with my bank, I’m expected to change to a very specific strong password every month. Annoying I know. 9 digits with 1 number, one caps, one character you know the drill.

    With last pass I could easily generate a password and inject into the text box without a need for right click (which is disallowed by the banks site for security reasons.) . This task appears to be quite cumbersome on bitwarden.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    I’m unable to paste control v or right click.

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