Dimanche Rant/Rage (24 mars 2019) – votre fil de plainte hebdomadaire !

Sunday Rant/Rage (Mar 24 2019) – Your weekly complaint thread!

note 1. Rejoignez nos salons discorde, IRC et télégramme ! [Please see our wiki for instructions.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/wiki/index#wiki_.2Fr.2Fandroid_chat_rooms) ce dimanche hebdomadaire thread est fait pour vous de laisser peu de vapeur au large et de s’exprimer sur toute plainte que vous pourriez avoir sur : * votre appareil.

* Votre transporteur.

* Référence du fabricant votre appareil.

* Une application * autres enteprises *** ** règles ** 1) s’il vous plaît ne pas cibler les individus ou essayer de nom/honte n’importe quel individu. Si vous détestez Google/Samsung/HTC etc pour une chose qui est très bien, mais ne soyez pas impoli pour un développeur d’application individuels.

2) si vous avez une suggestion pour résoudre le problème d’un autre utilisateur, s’il vous plaît laisser un commentaire mais veillez à ce que c’est constructif ! Nous ne voulons pas tout flamme-guerres.

3) être respectueux des opinions des autres. Même si vous pensez que quelqu’un est « mauvais » vous n’avez pas à sortir de votre façon de prouver le contraire. En désaccord poliment et de passer.

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30 réflexions au sujet de “Dimanche Rant/Rage (24 mars 2019) – votre fil de plainte hebdomadaire !”

  1. Device :Nokia 7 plus
    After the recent incident about sending data of N7+ users to chinese should we still trust hmd ? And is there any app which monitors the network traffics and where the packets going through

  2. Google’s « Play Protect » for doing absolutely nothing other than to report back to Google what apps the user has installed.

    (I have yet to see Play Protect flag anything, even when a phone is completely pwned)

  3. Android’s filesystems are a mess.
    The (internal) SD card is a mess despite that there are standard data folders (`/data/data/$NAME` and `/sdcard/Android/data/$NAME`).
    It is basically impossible to organize anything on an Android phone.
    (My first smartphone is an HTC Touch HD running WM6.1 which generally all programs only write to their own directory in `Program Files%NAME%` so the SD card is clean).

  4. Whenever the topic of smaller devices comes up, people will be totally brushed off by other comments claiming « Its a minority that wants smaller devices » with nothing to cite but conjecture. ‘None are sold because no one buys them obviously!’

    No. Smartphone design the past few years is obviously *not* a direct result of customer desire. Device size is not magically the only exception to this. Tim Cook said in an interview that larger screens leads to more overall usage. This leads to more ad revenue, usage of services, etc. all of which are better for the bottom line.

    *That* is why screens are larger. Not because those who want one-handable devices are a minority, but because larger devices encourage more overall usage. Phone manufacturers *don’t care* about those who may like a smaller device (whether it’s a minority or 30% or 50%) because they’re not helping the bottom line as much on the tail end.

    Everyone has the right to their preference, we shouldn’t be dismissing each other based on false conjecture. We should be calling out companies for *ignoring* a part of the market simply because that segment is less profitable in the long run.

    TL;DR I don’t get to use a not giant phone because that other guy who uses his giant phone a ton is « worth more » in ads to manufacturers, and that fucking sucks.

  5. Two months ago I bought a Nokia 3.1 32GB/3GB and it came with Oreo 8.1. I found it quite awful because I was used to a Marshmallow LG. However, one month later I was trained to like my new phone. It was buttery smooth, intuitive and reliable.

    Another month later I get the OTA Pie update and I’m like: *Oh boy! This Android One thing is finally working out! Lots of new fancy tweaks!*

    I was so wrong.

    The first bad thing that I found out was that the split-screen shortcut no longer exists.

    Then I tried to use adaptive brightness but somehow I ended up with the screen pitch black when I did a manual adjustment. I had to guess where the brightness slider was to get my screen back. One week later I’ve completely given up on it. Auto-brightness worked really well for me previously.

    Then I noticed that my CPU monitor app is no longer able to see CPU usage.

    Now some apps aren’t updating in the background and I have no idea what setting is preventing that. I’ve already disabled adaptive battery.

    And what about the home screen? I’m stuck with a date and search bars on the home screen? Had to get Lawnchair.

    And the horizontal app switcher? Completely counterintuitive considering that my screen is a vertical 18:9.

    Oh, and the useful quick dropdown menus on the toggles from the notification area are gone. They were great for a quick WiFi switch.

    Also, where is the UI tuner (or whatever name it had)? I used it to show seconds on my clock. Now I can’t. But I have a clock on the left and wasted space on the corners because Pie now thinks that everyone has a screen with rounded corners and a center notch…

    The back button sometimes exits to the homescreen instead of going to the previous screen inside an app.

    The volume buttons no longer allow me to quickly adjust ringing volume, which, you know, is useful.

    The only good thing I have to say about Pie is the quick rotate toggle that shows up in the navigation bar – that thing is useful!

    With all that, my phone is now lagging more than it used to and sometimes it stutters while playing music.

    I am so pissed. I’m going to have to find a way to roll this back to Oreo 8.1.

    I used to believe that Android was a very costumizable but straight out of the box intuitive operating system for most humans. I now feel like it is an ugly Windows 8 or a pretentious iOS.

  6. I have a Nokia 3.1, and the android update to 9.0 Pie has been bugging me for a long time. It said it needed more space on the internal storage (16GB), so I cleared out a bunch of rarely-used apps… still not enough room.

    I’ve since cleared everything off the internal storage (I have an SD card in it as well), but this still leaved me with 1.16GB free for a
    1188.7MB update, and it STILL says not enough room available. If the OS and associated files are that huge, why would they even ever make a 16gb version, since you can’t update it?

  7. * No sure if it’s just my Pixel but in Pie the transition from normal mode to power saving mode causes an annoying « refresh » of the whole screen and the same when you connect it to power when it’s in power saving mode.

    * Also, you know in Chrome, when you tap on a word and a contextual search shows up on the bottom? With every other phone, you can actually adjust selection with levers, but in Pixel you cannot. I am not sure why, but the moment you touch the selected word again, the contextual search just disappears.

    * If we talk about trends, are we in the worst era of trends now? Notches, cut outs, multiple average quality cameras instead of one good one, larger and larger screens.

  8. Swiftkey is now absolutely amazing. The glide-typing prediction is accurate, it’s buttery smooth, and its UI simplicity is exactly the kind of thing to suit my monkey brain.

    BUT WHY MUST THEY FORCE YOU TO CERTAIN SPECIFIC SIZE?! No point of a floating keyboard if I can’t change it half my screen width. Now, to use this keyboard, I need to use 2 hands. Even typing this comment is difficult. Dang it.

  9. Amazon stuffs so much shit on this tablet. It takes an eternity to open anything. I’m going to have to use ADB. They added way too much stuff in one of the recent updates that has slowed this thing to a crawl.

  10. Device: Google pixel 3 Complaimt: can’t text without writing a typi. Damnit. Can’t text without writing any typis. Damnit. Can’t type on my phone without making tupos. Fuck. Goddmanut. :[ I give up using gestures to text right now.

  11. Why in the fuck does Android NEVER work through USB audio in cars?

    Every fucking Apple device does on EVERY FUCKING CAR.

    I don’t want to use Bluetooth or Aux, I want maximum fidelity.

    Am I missing something?

    Rant/complaint over, thanks guys


    I actually have a *Galaxy S9+*, not sure why my flair shows my old devices

  12. Disgusted at Alcatel for pushing adware and malware into system apps as well as injecting Facebook’s API’s into system apps to target users without their consent.
    (A clear violation of Facebook’s policies)

    Pro Tip:
    If you’re going to try and hide a Trojan in a factory installed app you (might) not want to use the actual word « Trojan » in the apps manifest file!

  13. I swapped with a super cheap difference my perfectly working s8 for the s9+ both exynos and I found out that for the s9+ there is literally no complete working gcam while I had a perfect working one in the old s8…

    I learned to love the gcam, back to the old Nexus 5x days, some pics I took with that phone, still, are better looking than lot of shots I took with the Samsungs I had after if sammy camera.

    Quite a bummer cause I’m quite sure my exynos will never have a working one.

    Wondering what will be my next upgrade (Snapdragon equipped for sure)…


    Edit: a word

  14. My Xiaomi Redmi 4A, despite being treated well, starts to behave weirdly. Wifi refuses to turn on until it is restarted, Signal really doesn’t behave correctly – it is constantly asking me to make signal an sms app, which I want to, and I can’t change the notification sound to anything but default sound.

    Which is bad, because I want this phone to last until May 2020 (so it will have three years) before I buy the my next smartphone, some mini version (so > 6″ in 2020).

  15. How the ef do you delete the « history » in the « downloads » file manager app in Oreo? It still shows deleted files in downloads when we try to edit photos in Snapseed. We have to sort through hundreds of extra deleted files!

    Galaxy T810

  16. I cancelled my Sky Fibre last week and its supposed to still be working great for another two weeks before the new company changes it over. Ridiculous then that after 2 years of perfect service I now can’t log onto the WiFi from my s8 without getting kicked off 10 seconds later. Driving me mad and I have 10 more days of this. My mobile data is gonna get hammered.

  17. How do you remove Birthdays from your Google calendar? Every time I manage to figure out a way to do it they reappear about a week later.

    It’s really pissing me off and I need to sort this out. I’ve done everything from removing people as contacts to removing accounts from my calendar and some birthdays just won’t remove themselves.

  18. Why do several flagship carriers insist on sabotaging their phones in one way or another? I feel like I’m looking for vanilla flavoured ice cream but all the manufacturers are missing the fundamentals by doing desperate things trying to stick out (Hello, LG vein recognition!)

    This evening I’ve been casually looking for a replacememt for my S8, the only thing I want to change is to have a flat screen.

    The curved edges are a liability since they can not be properly protected. I used my Xperia Z for four years and the screen was in pristine condition, but after six months with the S8 it got a crack on the edge after landing on an uneven surface. The curved edges also complicate the screen protector situation. All-in-all, a useless feature with nothing but downsides.

    I had a look at Samsung’s most recent offerings and halleluja, the S10e has a flat screen. Sadly, ~~instead it lacks a headphone jack~~, the battery has a lower capacity compared to the other S10s, and there’s no LED-notification light.

    The Pixel 3 would have been a perfect option but it also lacks a headphone jack.

    LG’s G7 has a worse screen, but the upcoming G8 has an OLED. Not sure about its battery life though.

    Sony’s Xperia 1 is heavier and also lacks a headphone jack, and the Xperia 10 which does have a headphone jack performs half as well as my S8 in benchmarks.

    The OP6 has no SD card slot, a mediocre camera, and is too big (subjective, I know).

    Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro lacks a headphone jack and is heavy. I’m too paranoid to buy a chinese company’s phone anyway.

    This is pretty much as far as I’ve gotten. If anyone has a sugestion for a flagship phone that fits the general feature list of « S8 with a flat screen », feel free to leave a comment.

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