Dimanche Rant/Rage (17 mars 2019) – votre fil de plainte hebdomadaire !

Sunday Rant/Rage (Mar 17 2019) – Your weekly complaint thread!

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les jokes tous les jours de manière gréable ?

note 1. Rejoignez nos salons discorde, IRC et télégramme ! [Please see our wiki for instructions.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/wiki/index#wiki_.2Fr.2Fandroid_chat_rooms) ce dimanche hebdomadaire thread est fait pour vous de laisser peu de vapeur au large et de s’exprimer sur toute plainte que vous pourriez avoir sur : * votre appareil.

* Votre transporteur.

* Référence du fabricant votre appareil.

* Une application * autres enteprises *** ** règles ** 1) s’il vous plaît ne pas cibler les individus ou essayer de nom/honte n’importe quel individu. Si vous détestez Google/Samsung/HTC etc pour une chose qui est très bien, mais ne soyez pas impoli pour un développeur d’application individuels.

2) si vous avez une suggestion pour résoudre le problème d’un autre utilisateur, s’il vous plaît laisser un commentaire mais veillez à ce que c’est constructif ! Nous ne voulons pas tout flamme-guerres.

3) être respectueux des opinions des autres. Même si vous pensez que quelqu’un est « mauvais » vous n’avez pas à sortir de votre façon de prouver le contraire. En désaccord poliment et de passer.

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28 réflexions au sujet de “Dimanche Rant/Rage (17 mars 2019) – votre fil de plainte hebdomadaire !”

  1. YouTube has been recently allowing fake gaming ads on videos.
    An example is Minecraft. They use real Minecraft trailers but the apps are really bad like not even finished. Which makes the Playstore cram full with these terrible fake apps. Which in my opinion makes the App store Look more clean.

  2. I’m about ready to pull the plug on Android and switch to iOS.

    * I’m sick of messaging and chat being an afterthought on a *phone.* I’m tired of waiting for RCS adoption to theoretically resolve only half the problems.

    * Android Auto has had a bug for *years* that prevents the phone from ringing even after disconnecting from the car’s USB. Let me repeat that: Google’s own software makes their phone *not ring for incoming calls.* Google acknowledged it years ago, and a fix has yet to be rolled out.

    I don’t want to work to make my phone do phone things just so Google Services and I can take advantage of each other. I’m ready to toss Android and my other Google devices when this phone is ready for replacement. I honestly don’t see them changing these critical problems before that happens.

  3. There HAS to be an answer to this: why isn’t there an OBVIOUS way to move the cursor to edit a word. It’s easier to erase and retype the entire damn word than take 10 minutes trying to get my thumb in the exact right spot because even when I DO it moves to the next letter when I release it.

    Also, what’s the crap when I tap something and it KNOWS I tapped it because it changed color, but it DOESN’T DO ANYTHING. Is it really programmed to assume I didn’t « mean it »?

    Thanks, aaaand that’s the way the news goes!

  4. Ok so Im kind of late to this party but I finally got around to updating my pixel 2 to Pie this week and holy fuck, it has to be my least favorite update ever.

    In particular, I hate the notifications. Did they just completely get rid of channels and the ability to turn off certain types of notifications? I have like 5 persistent notifications right now from apps that I cant seem to figure out how to get rid of (aside from turning off ALL notifications from the app).

    Help plz

  5. I am not a fan of the S10e’s biometrics. The FP sensor/power button is too high. The facial detection isn’t that great either. Does anyone just use a pin or pattern w/ their S10e?

  6. My phone has just updated to Android Pie. I know that updates like this involve change, but I didn’t expect it to look so terrible.

    My phone now looks like it uses iOS. If I wanted a iPhone, I just wouldn’t bother with a smart phone.

    I know I’ll get used to it in time, but for now, I just dislike my phone and can’t even look at it. It just doesn’t look like my phone anymore.

    Change isn’t bad. Needless change is.

  7. I have tried to RMA my Pixel 2 from Google twice but both refurbished phones won’t let me unlock the bootloader. I bought a Google phone from the Google Store for that reason and I am worried that my third replacement will have the same issue. C’mon Google!

  8. I am a somewhat experienced developer and have worked in both the mobile and web industries (though there is beginning to be less of a distinction there). I get that advertisements bring in the big bucks and are generally the life-blood for Google. In the past, I’ve felt Google’s ad practices are certainly aggressive, but not outright invasive

    So… Why why why WHY WHY has the Play Store started to push out random ad notifications? I know I’ve never gotten one before, yet today I got an ad for .99 cent movie rentals. I don’t rent movies.

    We get ads shoved down our throats daily. I hate ad push notifications so much that I generally remove the apps that do it. But this is the Play Store – can’t remove that without doing lots of things most normal consumers won’t do. And even then, those routes can void the warranties. So tell me why I should keep using ANDROID PHONES AT ALL if the play store is going to start spamming us with ads? I had switched to the Pixel after I found out the Samsung devices have Facebook installed as a system app (that’s really stupid and shady as fuck). Before that, I had switched from iPhone because of their constant OS bugs and security flaws. As much as I hate to say it, this shit is probably just gonna push me back to iOS.

    May not be a popular post, but hey… I’m not « brand-loyal ». I just want a phone that’s easy to use, isn’t a security nightmare and does that shove ads down my throat (more so than we already tolerate).

    tl;dr – Google Play Store started pushing out random ad notifications for me today and I’m butthurt about it.

    (I posted this earlier but it was removed for not being « high effort » – idk I thought this was a pretty high effort and valid complaint? I have all ad based tracking and notifications disabled for my account so this shouldn’t have happened imo)

  9. * I know this gets repeated a lot, but man are Android navigation gestures awful! They are terrible! I don’t know what Google was thinking, how could someone at Google sign off at this implementation and say « yea, that’s great! Release it ». Android is not set up for fluidity; something that naturally feeling gesture navigation requires. Google’s UI feels mechanical and more like a [sliding puzzle game](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/arhybrDSDtJf1qdUQdcnLhNXnJjL7nBinyyfrE_ir34JJeep49yf-fP3vxzYnu-PMenI=s180) (every component has predefined path, up/down, left/right and that’s all it will do) than something fluid and flexible that adapts to your movement. It’s crazy that they thought they could get away with gesture navigation and compete with iOS.

    * Now, Android Q. I got to use Samsung Galaxy S10 the other day and I’m amazed at how many features that thing has, Google is playing catch up with Samsung and not very well at that (Galaxy’s screenshot utility is so good!). Every time there is a post on Reddit about some new feature in Android Q, Galaxy users come out and say « yea, we’ve had that for a while ».

    * Speaking of S10. Galaxy S10e is by far my favourite. That phone is awesome! I love that it has a flat screen as opposed to the gimmicky curved one, which I never liked. The size is great too, it’s the smallest one, it’s smaller than my Pixel actually, I wish it was a bit smaller still, maybe 5.5″ or 5.2″ (if it was 5.2 or 5″ I’d buy one instantly) but it’s still good at its size. It’s got the same cameras as the more expensive options, plus, it uses a wide-angle secondary camera, instead of the useless telephoto one. I think Samsung created a real winner here. Even if I was willing to pay $1000 for more expensive S10 variants, I’d still go for S10e.

  10. -android auto is terrible
    -sometimes shit just crashes
    -play store occasionally sticks on « download pending »
    -came from an iPhone that lasted me 4 years. I’ve had my x4 6 months and updates have slowed it down more than my 4 year old iphone.
    -no controller support via the phones USB. Was really looking fwd to using emulators with Android.

  11. * Bluetooth audio when on wireless is still shit.

    * GBoard is somehow even worse than it was the last time I complained about it.

    * Just discovered if I have my headphones plugged in and I crank the volume past a certain level, audio will start cracking. Really frustrating when I use my phone to loop parts of songs for transcription. Probably my last Google device. My Nexus 5 had fewer audio issues than this thing.

  12. YouTube on Android 9 is ultragarbage. Who thought it was a good idea to have users manually close the controls on videos and then at the same time said yeah we should put that button next to the full screen button.

    Whoever did should be thrown in the zoo and just be the fucking animals they are

  13. Sorry in advance but I need to vent…

    I purchased a Huawei P20 Pro on contract back in September as an upgrade after my Pixel 2 suffered a nasty drop after a friend tripped over and I instinctively grabbed them, forgetting I was holding the phone. At first, I loved the phone but now I despise it. EMUI 9 makes it awkward to use 3rd party launchers as, with gesture controls enabled, the app switcher animation breaks and, without gestures enabled, the app switcher only allows you to switch to the app in the centre of your screen meaning you have to scroll to the app you want then focus it as the middle app on your screen for it to open. Using the stock launcher is painful so I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    As well as this, the UI looks ugly and is now quite broken in some areas (for example, the WiFi quick action toggle in the notification drawer doesn’t seem to work half the time). KLWP is broken for wallpapers with more than one page, the bootloader can no longer be unlocked as even 3rd party code sellers have closed shop and I haven’t received a security update since December.

    Sometimes, apps like Spotify and Instagram are unable to load content despite being connected to WiFi/4G, meaning the app has to be repeatedly opened and closed for content to finally launch. Facebook chat bubbles also seem to be buggy when used over 3rd party launchers as, once a notification is opened, the bubble will take about 10 seconds to appear.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed with a phone, especially since the hardware itself is excellent and contains so much potential. Pretty sure I’m going to give this phone to a family member and get myself the OnePlus 7 as soon as it comes out as this phone is too buggy to make the good aspects of it, such as the camera, battery life, screen and complete lack of lag/stutter worth it. If Huawei fixed the UI and various bugs, this phone would be flawless but that most likely won’t happen.

    TL;DR Huawei have ruined what could have been a flawless device with a broken UI and a fair amount of bugs.

    Edit: One final point. Somehow, when using the native gesture controls, PiP is broken (even when using the stock launcher). GG Huawei

  14. I’m not ready for Google Inbox to leave.

    I’m tired of all these Google apps being killed off instead of refined. Basically Google’s M.O.. I’ve given up on switching ANYONE over to anything anymore, it’s too much work. It was a struggle to get my family on Hangouts when it was a default app, then a struggle for Allo, I pulled my wife onto Inbox and she likes it, now it’s going away.

    I feel disconnected from Google’s M.O..

  15. I am really tired of late notifications from messaging apps (Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal), but primarily Whatsapp on my Note9. But I am pretty sure this is not Note9 issue, but Android Pie issue. I bought my Note9 in october or november, and day1 flashed a debloated Oreo stock, and then as soon as the Pie was released I flashed that one. Actually had 3 different Pie releases, and that is when the problems started. We are accustomed to use Whatsapp in the family (we all live close to each other) to communicate things like « dinner will be at 7 at mom’s », so everybody can make it on time from work/school, but it sucks donkey ass when I am at home, 7:30 and just manually open whatsapp to see the message sent 5pm… I simply can’t rely on it as IM..it is just… M. I flashed different kernels, buggy lineageos, I flashed original stock rom yesterday, and to no avail. It really seems like the battery management in Pie is putting the apps to sleep or cuts wifi/lte when they are not used for longer period. Despite all battery optimization and their « AI » being turned off. I have an iphone issued at work, which I only use for work email, but have to carry always with me, but whatsapp is prohibited there. It drives me nuts, whatsapp is really the nr.1 IM in my country, everybody uses it, and I can’t force my family and friends to use something different just for me. Do I have to go back to Oreo just to have stupid whatsapp notifications working like they did for the past 7 years?

  16. Am I the only one who hates Pie?

    I miss the hamburger menu. It was so convenient for viewing all my apps, but now I can only see one app at a time, and I have to swipe them off my screen instead of just tapping the « x ». So annoying.

    Not to mention my phone has been laggier and I suspect it hasn’t been easy on the battery life either.

    S8+ here.

  17. I’m using a Huawei P20
    Its super annoying that I have to pay to get the unlock codes for my bootloader
    I have to wait for it on unofficial websites, maybe even a scam
    This means I can’t even root or do advanced modifications to my phone which I want to cause emui doesn’t work very well
    Comeon man huawei, ur phones are becoming more expensive more like the one plus trend
    Other than the camera I don’t really see a reason to buy a Huawei device if the price keeps rising
    Gimme root on my emui 9!!!
    And I also hate it when there’s system update just for bloatware wth it shouldn’t even happen

  18. transparent cases that turn yellow! disgusting! is there anything i can look out for to make sure a case is immune before ordering it, or are all materials affected?

  19. I have a Moto G4 Play, It’s still in great physical condition but it struggles to run any app or game that’s more graphically demanding than something like angry birds. Battery lasts me through the day, even though I only get a couple hours of screen-on time, which involves it being on low brightness and not running anything intensive (Because I really can’t. I played Clash Royale for about an hour and it dropped my battery ~70%). This was before the problem got this bad and now it’s hardly playable, the remaining games I have take multiple minutes to load into. The GPS is useless if I try to use Google maps, Apps crash quite often (including Reddit), even if they’re just running the background. I’m always out of storage, heck even Reddit is slow to load, (My internet is fine) especially zooming in on pictures decently high in resolution brings it to a standstill, not sure if that’s an issue on all phones. the camera is pretty bad, and the display is meh, even for 2016 standards. I’m still glad it was receiving updates for a while. I’ve had my eye on the Oneplus 6T for a while. It’s close to stock, which I do like about Motorola, not really a huge fan of Samsung’s design and Bixby. It looks nice, just not my style, and OnePlus has the customizability I would expect from an Android, even without rooting (which I was afraid to do in order to keep it under warranty). I hate the notch trend but Oneplus does it great with the teardrop design, so I don’t really mind that over Samsung. I just want to know if there’s anything I could do to squeeze some more life out of this phone.

    That’s just my thoughts.

    TL;DR: Phone now works decent, but leaves much to be desired. Looking at OP6T or a way to squeeze more life out of my current phone.

    edit: rewording

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