Dimanche Rant/Rage (10 mars 2019) – votre fil de plainte hebdomadaire !

Sunday Rant/Rage (Mar 10 2019) – Your weekly complaint thread!

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les blagues chaque jours de manière confortable ?

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* Votre transporteur.

* Référence du fabricant votre appareil.

* Une application * autres enteprises *** ** règles ** 1) s’il vous plaît ne pas cibler les individus ou essayer de nom/honte n’importe quel individu. Si vous détestez Google/Samsung/HTC etc pour une chose qui est très bien, mais ne soyez pas impoli pour un développeur d’application individuels.

2) si vous avez une suggestion pour résoudre le problème d’un autre utilisateur, s’il vous plaît laisser un commentaire mais veillez à ce que c’est constructif ! Nous ne voulons pas tout flamme-guerres.

3) être respectueux des opinions des autres. Même si vous pensez que quelqu’un est « mauvais » vous n’avez pas à sortir de votre façon de prouver le contraire. En désaccord poliment et de passer.

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34 réflexions au sujet de “Dimanche Rant/Rage (10 mars 2019) – votre fil de plainte hebdomadaire !”

  1. Really nitpicky ‘rant’, but:
    I love the auto night mode in pie, but I hate how it doesn’t cover everything.
    Edit: To make it clear, I mean the automatic night mode. I want it to be dark at night, and light during the day. A general dark mode can be achieved in several ways, I know, but what I like about Samsung’s pie update is the day/night changing theme.

    * it obviously only works for Samsung’s apps, but most other apps I use either have their own night mode (boost for reddit) or aren’t that white anyway (whatsapp, Spotify, audible,… ). However, sometimes I accidentally open gmail at night and get a blindingly white rectangle burned into my retinas. Really hoping Google will put out a nightmode for its app that I don’t need Q for.
    * it doesn’t change notifications on the lockscreen! They stay white at night, even though they’re dark in the notification shade or when unlocked.
    * some apps have notifications that don’t automatically change, like my weather app for example. Super annoying.
    * SwiftKey doesn’t have a night mode, but the Samsung keyboard sucks :/ Gboard has a dark mode, but only for battery saver, not for at night – who the hell though that was a great idea?!

    Yeah, yeah I know, none of these are really big problems, but I’m still annoyed. Especially by Google’s pure white Gmail update, like what the fuck.

  2. Gboard is consuming more than two times as much battery as Android OS itself! How the heck can a keyboard use more battery than the operating system? That’s crazy IMHO.

  3. This might be a deep cut, but my rant is about Android falling behind in the world of pro audio.

    I just bought a Roli Seaboard Block keyboard controller for controlling all the audio software on my Mac. It also can (supposedly) connect with iOS and Android devices. It even has an Android app, but you can’t download it from the Play store unless you have a modern Pixel device (even my Pixel C tablet is incompatible with it). Roli has a post on their FAQ saying that most Android devices don’t meet their minimum specs for audio.

    I downloaded the apk to my OnePlus 6, got it all hooked up, and thought it was working fine — until I heard the sound quality! Crappy, distorted, glitched out sound ( not in a good way).

    Android has been promising to get its act together in the audio realm for years and it’s just not happening. Meanwhile, the brands that musicians depend on are building super useful tools for the iOS platform and Android is nowhere to be found.

    While I love Android, nothing has made me think of switching to iOS more than all the great audio apps I know I can’t use on Android.

  4. I am not a fan of the S10e’s fp sensor location. It is too high and often times triggers mis-scans. I think the location could’ve been done much better. The facial detection is also pretty awful too.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks the pull down settings menu is disgusting? Between that and the recent apps screen I feel like I’m using a fucking iPhone. Any idea how to change the feel on pie to de-apple it?

    S9 btw.

  6. I updated my Nokia 6 to Android 9, and I got another problem. I hate the ram management: now it looks like I can’t have much apps opened because it’s forcing to stop automatically. I play a game commonly, but when I want to search info on Chrome or Reddit, now it forces close the game unexpectedly, in a 3 GB ram device, which in average uses 1.5 to 1.8 GB, and just a 2 or 3 apps opened. Why do you this to me?

  7. Podcast apps. There are many mediocre ones, few really good ones, but none of them tick ALL of the boxes, if you get what I mean. So it’s always a compromise, just like finding the right phone for yourself.


    Today, the wife and I ordered two Galaxy A50s. We are hype as fuck, but the special preorder deal from Samsung already ran out of 256GB SD cards, so we are missing out on those. While we don’t care much, Samsung also doesn’t provide full specs for the A50 on our local Sammy website. We still don’t know if the 128 GB edition will have 4 or 6 GB of RAM as well as IP68 rating.

  8. Am I the only one who hate the idea realeasing new Android without updating all apps first? I have Pie on my S9, but most of the goodlock apps are not updated and hence not working.

  9. Even though I love Android, I’ve never been closer to switching to an iPhone because of the absolutely horrid reliability issues I’ve had with my phones in the past couple of years. First phone I ever had was a cheap budget phone, the Huawei Y6, and honestly it was the most reliable phone out of the three phones I’ve owned. Had that for a year, but wanted an upgrade over the small screen and lackluster performance. Moto G4+, pretty solid until the touchscreen stopped working. Got it replaced, touchscreen stopped working. Got it replaced again, touchscreen stopped working. Decided to upgrade to a flagship, went with the Pixel a few months after it came out. Had to get it replaced once for the microphone not working, again for Bluetooth not working, days after the 2nd replacement I had to get it replaced again for the microphone not working, and now I’m sitting here with a Pixel on it’s 3rd replacement that is refusing to charge. FML.

  10. Gboard uses excessive amounts of data for loading gifs, which unfortunately can’t be disabled. Gboard also uses background data, even when background data is disabled. 30mb every hour or so. I tried everything to stop it. Nothing works. The only solution was to delete Gboard from the system. I’m now using an outdated AOSP keyboard… This makes me very salty.

  11. I’m complaining that I haven’t heard enough people with new S10s (middle model) talking about battery life. I don’t even need numbers, just “compared to my last phone which was a ______ the s10 battery life has been (awful, worse, about the same, better, really great).

    I think the s10 is the one I want but I am a little concerned about battery life. Now that it’s been a few days I’d expect people’s batteries to be settling in,

  12. I have the Note 9. Great phone, I like it. But ever since that one UI update, the battery hasn’t been up to steam, draining faster, especially on standby. And that kinda pisses me off.

  13. I really like my S10+ so far on the whole, but two gripes I have so far are the navigation bar being white even when I have an app using a dark mode, and having to choose between an always-visible navigation bar, and gestures. Will Swift Installer force the navigation bar into using a black theme to match dark/night mode app themes? And is there a way to force the navigation bar into the auto-hide, appear-on-tap behavior that you get in full screen apps? I’ve tried playing with the force aspect ratio option in the apps menu, but it doesn’t seem to do change anything for the apps I’ve tried it on so far.

  14. I tried taking a video, and it said « Video can’t be recorded when another application is using sound ».

    But it will not tell me which application!!
    I went through the settings and there is absolutely now way of knowing if an application is using the microhone or camera!

    Annoyance aside, this is also a security hole, where if an application is maliciously recording audio, you cannot find which one is.

  15. OnePlus 6T

    I can’t find a way to force fullscreen for certain apps, even though I’m rooted. This means that certain apps run with a black bar on the top and bottom. Oxygen OS has a setting to force fullscreen for specific apps, but many apps are excluded. When I checked the OnePlus forums, they are lots of complaints regarding this issue, but OnePlus claims that it is up to the app developer to support fullscreen for phones with notches. Some apps that allowed fullscreen in Android Oreo, don’t allow it on Android Pie. I’m rooted, so I thought I may be able to force immersive mode or force aspect ratio, but so far I haven’t had much success. I also got a generic respond from the app developer about supporting it in the future, but it has been many months. I think the issue is that many apps have not been tested for aspect ratio of 19.5:9, or support fullscreen with notch display.

  16. I’m running a Xiaomi Mi A1 on Android 8.1.0. It’s rooted via Magisk and has the Xposed Framework installed.

    In the past 2 weeks, both Google Dialer and Messenger broke, completely taking down my ability to make/answer calls and read/answer text messages. Had to disable both and use third party apps. So annoyed because I seem to be the only one experiencing this error!

  17. So I have an LG Stylo 4 that I have through cricket. last night there was a software update and ever since my phone has been really laggy and buggy. Has anybody else experienced this?

  18. I use my headphone jack a lot. Unfortunately for my Redmi Note 3, that means it has to break a year in and now thinks there’s always a headphone plugged in, so now I can’t get any sound from my speaker unless I use a really inconvenient and unreliable third party app.

    I guess it could be worse. At least it still works properly when I actually do put headphones in.

  19. Apparently there’s still no wireless android auto for galaxy s10+ I love the phone has miracast support, which my unit has as well, but no wireless android auto might be a deal breaker

  20. Galaxy S8

    Replaced my comma with a – on the main keyboard out of fucking nowhere, can’t seem to change it back. I’m on the spectrum and sudden change puts me in anxiety severe frustration and rage.

  21. I really hate how I can’t disable system updates on my S9. I’ve been on Android my whole life and previously I’ve always been able to control when the system updates. I’m starting to really regret sticking with Samsung.

  22. I have an S9. I bought this phone because my S6 had about 1 hour of battery life.

    The past year this phone has been OK but right after they announce the S10 a series of patches roll out. Now my battery life is awful again, I am missing calls and texts for some reason and the notifications are gone, forcing me to check the text app constantly.

    Not to be a conspiracy theorist but this seems really convenient for Samsung.

    Aside from those issues I have a list of other cosmetic issues that annoy me and make the device more difficult to use. I’d list them out here but it’s already 25% o’clock.

  23. I’m just wondering what do you get for a $1000 phone that actually makes it worth $1000. Like you get more RAM, better camera, display and etc. but what makes it worth it more than a good laptop for the same price

  24. I say this again and again. The folder thumbnail cut out on Pixel launcher/experience is so fucking lazy. It looks so ugly and people are okay with their $1K phone looking like that?

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