Devs de moulages de poche a lancé la version 7, il y a deux jours et sa subreddit j’ai…

Devs de moulages de poche a lancé la version 7, il y a deux jours et sa subreddit j’ai…

Pocket Casts devs launched version 7, two days ago and its subreddit is in open revolt

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news tous les jours de manière gréable ?

TL ; DR – ShiftyJelly (poche Casts devs) a testé « v7 » en version bêta depuis quelques mois maintenant. Il enlevé quelques fonctionnalités assez basique comme multiple sur podcast épisode menus et prise en charge des sélections dans son ensemble. Donc quand ils ont pris v7 hors de bêta et auto-mise à jour s’est passé – utilisateurs qui avaient des dizaines de listes de lecture vu tous les exterminer tout à coup pratiquement sans avertissement.

En ce moment, c’est [full out warfare]( en /r/PocketCasts entre les développeurs et les utilisateurs qui paient pour v6 et ne m’attendais pas caractéristiques d’être arrachés de nulle part.

Cela ne semble pas être rampante dans le magasin de jouer aussi bien > plus récent Android mise à jour des poche moulages est si mal reçu que Podcast République est jusqu’à #7 dans les charts tendances jeu de Google. Je ne sais pas où a débuté la PR, mais * ce matin * ils tweetés qu’ils étaient excités à frapper #10, donc ils sont escalade rapide.

> Un cinquième complet du top 20 et top 25 apps tendances en ce moment sont concurrents de moulages de poche, et leur survol du résultat a chuté un dixième d’un point que j’ai commencé à faire attention. Ne sais pas où il a commencé, alors il peut ont en fait diminué plus loin.

@theskywasnohelp sur Twitter : partie de la réaction a été simplement la réponse de l’équipe de dev qui semble dévier avec snarkiness, plutôt que d’admettre toute faible probabilité d’erreur EDIT : / u/SJurgenson a aussi écrit des milliers de mots sur les questions exactes avec v7 sur un WordPress blog, il semble que le message de Reddit de leur chef de produit a été conçu pour remonter la foule en colère si cette convo mou doit être cru–

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  1. Just a friendly reminder for all of our users here!

    Please do not participate/vote on that subreddit directly from here, as it could be seen as brigading. Personally, if you do it, you do it, but I don’t know how well admins can track that. If you have the app, by all means, do what you’d like.

    ~~Secondly, if you want to post older versions of the APK here, you’re free to. However **we are not responsible for any viruses or phone corruption**. Basically, download at your own risk here. We’d prefer if you’d post from APK Mirror as that’s been a tried and trusted platform.~~

    Thanks friends!

  2. I used the beta for a few months. Couldn’t get used to it no matter what. The design doesn’t feel as intuitive as it did before, the removal of playlists is a big downgrade, and the new filters feature is nonsensical and unusable as far as I’m concerned.

    Honestly, I’m glad that this happened because I had the chance to try out Podcast Republic which turned out to be a better version of the old Pocket Casts.

  3. I’ve been using the beta and the design is just too busy and requires too many swipes to do simple things. The playlist management is just terrible. No multi-select, archiving instead of delete, swiping to add/remove. Even with feedback they didn’t listen to beta users.

  4. > response from the dev team which seems to be deflect with snarkiness

    This shouldn’t be surprising given the amount of space they force into those edgy changelog bites.

    What a shit-show. A classic example of, Change for the sake of making a change.

    Oh and custom podcasts are gone, earlier you could drop a mp3 in a custom folder and it could be listened to on the app. They totally scrapped that and have given no timeline for when it will be back.

    It isn’t just 1 thing, it is whole list of things which makes the app require more user effort to get shit done. So by that measure it isn’t useless but that is not the point to begin with.

    The point is older app was great as it was with more features and much better function-flow. New app not only disrupts this flow for emphasis on some subjective Form-dynamic (new UI) but it truncates already existing and used features.

    $9 down the drain basically. I have a massive podcast library and now it takes me minutes to mark them played from New Releases because every single god damn episodes has to be clicked first before it can be Marked Played.

    So much for new UI reason claims of simplicity.

  5. Honestly I’m not even surprised by the attitude of the team. When I was on Android I used Pocket Casts and it was a great app but multiple times I lost all my played/unplayed podcast data because of the poorly implemented sync (it synced my subscriptions but not my unplayed episodes? What? Why is the app empty after a restore?) and auto-cleanup feature, and when asked for support their response was basically “lol sucks 2 be u”. I since moved on to Overcast on iOS (I was definitely not gonna pay again for that on another platform), and I’m sorry that they’re having all this hate around but it’s completely deserved.

  6. I switched to Podcast Republic because of their horrible redesign like a week ago and I have to say.. It’s so much better IMHO. Should’ve switched sooner

  7. Are there any other podcast apps that sync with a web player? That’s the thing keeping me from switching.

    Being able to seamlessly keep playing on whatever computer or Android device I happen to be sitting at is the dealmaker for me.

    I’m honestly on the fence about the redesign, but I’m always down to try something new. Oh and while we’re complaining, the lack of granular sync options (Only ___ on wifi, etc…) suuuuucks.

  8. something something long enough, something something villain.

    Podcast Republic is a great app. I’ve tried out Pocket Casts a few times but, while having a bit more polished UI (don’t get me wrong, PR looks good, but PC always felt like it had some extra special UI sauce), it felt dumbed down compared to PR.

  9. Unpopular opinion: I really like the new update, and while it’s shitty that they’ve deleted features, I personally think the new interface is smooth and intuitive and I’m happy to keep using the app.

    (Disclaimer; I had been using it in beta for a few months now, so perhaps it’s just a matter of having more time to get used to the way it works?)

  10. The new update is crap. Looks nice but is less intuitive, and deleting features, good features is a mortal sin.

    Not surprised people are considering other apps. I certainly am.

  11. As much as I love the new look, removing custom episodes… Why??? I listen to a lot of hour mixes of music and they’re so much better through pocket casts than through any other app

  12. I don’t hate the update, but I can understand why people are upset. It’s basically a whole different app now as far as UX goes. While I think they did add some good features, removing existing functionality is always rough. Perhaps more regular updates that slowly implemented new features, allowing users to gradually get used to them, may have been a better approach.

    But eh, it’s not keeping me up at night.

  13. I never used playlists and I’m sure I’ll get used to the redesign, but it sucks to see the devs act so shitty about it.

    Also the new version of the app doesn’t seem to pick up my cast-able speakers on my wifi network as quickly as v6 did. I have to restart the app a few times to get it to work.

  14. wow.. they are taking the Sonos route to app re-design. Take an intuitive, well received app and completely gut it and make it hardly usable and close theirs ears to the blowback.

  15. I abandoned PocketCasts on iOS the moment this update happened, but it wasn’t a surprise. The moment I heard that NPR bought the app, I knew that ShiftyJelly would go from a scrappy, hungry company that served their customer to a lazy, arrogant company that served their own ego. For some people, all it takes is money to truly lose your compass.

    I’m using the Apple Podcast app until I switch back to Android, where I’ll either use the free version of Overcast, or try Podcast Republic.

    What a textbook example of how *not* to design a product, and how *not* to roll it out, and how *not* to be customer obsessed or handle dissatisfaction.

  16. I had no idea about any new version, and opened up PocketCasts as I was hustling to the train as usual. Took me a whole bunch of swiping and tapping trying to find the regular, easy to use interface I was used to. I was like, wait what have I tapped to get here? After a few minutes I realised it must be an update. Yeah doesn’t seem good so far.

  17. I do like the shifty jelly team. I had a faulty SD card and they helped me diagnose the issue. Not many app developers even respond to emails so they are good in that area. How they are acting on Twitter is really surprising.

    This update is just bizarre though. Everything seems to be a few extra taps and there seems to be a lot less information on the screen even though it looks more cluttered.

    I really hope they fix it up.

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