12 réflexions au sujet de “Détails de Microsoft comment xCloud laissera vous jouer Xbox jeux sur un Androïd…”

  1. Man I’ve been debating on getting an xbox for my kids. We have a ps4 currently and can use that with the couple of iphones we have but it is not great without a controller. I’m honestly excited about Stadia and this.

  2. For me pricing is going to be a huge factor. I know which games I’m interested in and a result purchase them all, so I’m not subscribed to gamepass or live. If I can play my games at no additional cost I’m all for xcloud, but if it is part of one of their two paid services I’ll just play my games locally.

  3. Latency will be a big factor here and my money is on Microsoft. They’ve done well with Xbox streaming to PC and latency for Mixer streams (it’s almost instant, I was able to play Diablo 3 while watching it through a Mixer stream)

    I’m glad to see these two fight it out. It’ll make them both work for it.

  4. Cloud streaming can’t work for some of the games I like the most.

    Something like CSGO is never gonna play well with latency. None of these streaming services even support 120+ fps.

    Doom with mouse and keyboard will be awful with high latency too.

  5. After the hype of Stadia I was thinking to myself that I’d honestly wait for xCloud or see how PS Now is. I have a feeling Google might fuck this up somehow.

  6. let see how many people have try this fail more then i can count and worst time lauch becaseu isp got there way with fcc and some part us still dial up lol

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