Des LinusTechTips Galaxy S10 + review

Des LinusTechTips Galaxy S10 + review

LinusTechTips’ Galaxy S10+ review

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les actualité chaque jours de manière confortable ?

Galaxy S10 + ‘LinusTechTips review

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  1. Ive enjoyed Linus’ content over the years, and while to some degree I can understand the clickbait thumbnails (just the reality of YouTube these days), I absolutely CANNOT stand the clickbait titles of most of his videos these days.

    « I’m not mad, just disappointed… »

    « Can this USB stick resurrect your old PC? »

    « This TV changes EVERYTHING »

    « This changes RGB Forever »

    Like 90% of the time I have no clue what product he’s even talking about, and the description is just filled with sponsor links and not an actual description of what the video is about.

    You could never get away with things like this as a normal YouTuber, and even 8 million subscribers can grant you only so much leeway before people get fed up with purposely obtuse tactics like this.

  2. I disagree that popup/slider selfie cams are the way forward here. Extra moving parts make things more fragile, and the popup camera looks incredible tacky to me. The second screen option also doesn’t seem like a great idea since it means no wireless charging, only clear back cases, a thicker phone, etc.

    I think the real fix will be with transparent displays. Once the tech gets mature enough, they could stick the selfie camera behind a transparent display panel. I imagine there’ll still be image quality issues, but it’s not like this is the primary camera. For selfies and video chat, the quality should be acceptable enough.

  3. Linus spending 2 minutes to complain about the hole punch while praising the motorized/slider/second screen cameras might be his worst take of 2019.

    He really exaggerates how big of a deal it is (it is way better than the notch/middle tear drop) and you’re not introducing 10 extra moving parts that can break when you inevitably drop your phone.

  4. I have a feeling Linus *really* didn’t like the s10 series but held back on the criticisms because he didn’t want to anger the fanboys again (the last time being when he reviewed the iphone xs series)

  5. Motorized solutions is cleaner, but it does impact water resistance, dust resistance, and just adds another point of failure. Dropping your phone while Skyping and now you need to pay $$$. It’s probably best to take more safer methods considering their phones aren’t niche phones, but mainstream phones used even by grandmas.

  6. The reason Samsung went with the punch hole was that it’s near impossible to waterproof a mechanical selfie camera. Plus you can literally turn the top part of the screen off. That part of the oled will always be turned off, like the bezel you wanted

    Stupid to complain IMO

  7. Far more in depth than MKBHD, i’ll take it. And the removal of volume steps is honestly a deal killer for me, which probably sounds silly but anyone that uses their phone at night while sleeping probably gets it.

  8. One dead giveaway that companies aren’t proud of their notched and hole-punched phones are the default wallpapers. The wallpapers are curiously black or darkened at the notch or hole-punch area, either to obscure it in advertising, or make it less apparent. It means they don’t want you to take notice of it.

    I mean, why go to such lengths when a minimised but uniform bezel is currently the perfect solution, AKA the S8/9 and Note 8/9 method of symmetrical top and bottom bezels? Sure, you learn to phase it out over time, but it’s an eyesore when you look at it straight on. There are so many ways to ‘hide’ the notch in the settings because it is what it is, a stop-gap solution till newer tech is invented. Till that happens, you can pry my Note 9 from my cold, dead hands.

  9. Why didn’t he mention the Sony Xperia 1? He cares so much about content obstruction so why not go for the full screens without gimmicky sliding camera, moterized camera even if some sacrifice of screen to body ratio. Also 18.5:9 is wierd. The black bars. 21:9 atleast for movies is great. Why do these reviewers never once mention sony? Is it that Sony don’t pay them at all? Reviewers don’t notice a smartphone = public don’t notice. That’s why Sony Mobile never got much customers. Had sony paid these big reviewers like this guy, mkbhd, unbox therapy, etc , like those Chinese smartphones everyone would be buying sony.

  10. I don’t understand why aren’t smartphones companies so desperate for 100 percent screen to body ratio. Why not leave the top bezel as it is and let the rest go Bezelless and also ditch the wierd aspect ratios. (Go back to 16:9 or have 21:9)
    Like the Mi Mix 1 reversed or Sony Xperia 10.

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