12 réflexions au sujet de “Définir les heures de début et d’importer des rappels de tâches”

  1. I still don’t see the point, because your reminders show in the android calendar app, whereas tasks do not. What’s the point of scheduling if you can’t see your schedule.

  2. Been checking out Tasks, is it me or does it only give you half hour resolution for time. Can’t set a Task for 7:15, you get either 7:00 or 7:30. That alone would clearly keep it from ever becoming a reminder app.

  3. It seems to take Google an incredibly long time to add basic functionality into their applications and services. When they originally announced that they refreshing Google Tasks to allow for future consolidation of Google Reminders, I was pleased. The current implementation that they have for handling reminders and tasks is exhausting and a task in itself.


    I wanted to be able to use the new Tasks widget inside Gmail and Google Calendar, but when I noticed a lack of basic features, I was pretty disappointed. No option for reminders, no option for recurring tasks. Want to be reminded at a certain time? You’d have to use Reminders. Working on a project with several components? Oh, well use Google Tasks, *but wait,* you can’t *actually* use Google Tasks, because you won’t be reminded!


    I *love* Google, and I want that holistic experience that Apple offers with iOS. Unfortunately though, I’ve started looking for alternatives to Google’s services. I recently started using Microsoft ToDo and *wow!* It’s terrific. The application works great, it’s pleasant to use and it syncs exceptionally well with my Windows 10 PC.


    There are better alternatives available, which is good for the us, the consumer, but it’s bad for anyone that wants a consolidated and cohesive experience. I’ll probably never go back to using Google’s alternative because it’s likely to be missing features from the start, and I’ll be uncertain of the longevity of the product going forward.


    Heck, even Google Keep isn’t a flawless application. I’ve just grown tired of with Google’s rate of development.

  4. I think the confusion here is that while this change has been propagated out to consumer accounts, this functionality, for now, is really only for GSuite domains. In GSuite, in the calendar, you cannot set Reminders. The only options are for Events, Out Of Office, Appointment Slots, and now Tasks. Reminders do not exist in GSuite, or at least not via the calendar. So the GSuite team has devised a way for Tasks to take over the functionality of Reminders, allowing GSuite users to import and manage these Reminders/Tasks in a central location.

    For consumer accounts, where you can set Reminders in the Calendar (and Keep and Assistant — and it all pools into a central location), this is largely redundant functionality, but one that is mainly to benefit paid users.

  5. Still waiting so I can have my Assistant devices set Google Tasks as the default reminder application. Having that and the Assistant Reminders be two separate things is an odd choice. Also would like to see Tasks add priority and tagging options as well.

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