DÉCHIRER la boîte de réception. Manque immédiatement l’intégration de rappels

DÉCHIRER la boîte de réception. Manque immédiatement l’intégration de rappels

RIP Inbox. Immediately missing the Reminders integration

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les actualité tous les jours de manière gréable ?


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  1. I am really irritated about it. We use G Suite for work and I have a long-standing setup wherein I use Inbox for my personal email and Gmail for my work email. I have both apps on my phone and keep them separate. I don’t like using third party email apps which means I’ll have to deal with manually switching back and forth between accounts in the Gmail now which is going to be a minor annoyance that becomes a major annoyance really quickly.

  2. Agree with others here, favourite Inbox features are not available in Gmail. Favourite Allo features are not available in Duo. Favourite Google+ features are not available in Internet.


  3. Was forced to Switch today after the app stopped working.

    I’m already sorely missing inbox. Here’s the pain points I’ve had in the last 4 hours since switching:

    1. Couldn’t get my Notifications for GMAIL working.
    2. Was trying to find an upcoming flight and could not find it easily without trawling through the crap search function. In Inbox, this was 2 clicks away > Trips > Trip Name (which was automatically created without any intervention by me).
    3. Labels. I never quite understood how they functioned and still struggle a bit.

    This is the first service Google has killed that has seriously impacted me. Its put my email skills back 5 years. GMail is just not as intuitive as Inbox. Inbox, made me see email in an entirely new light, and now I cannot unsee it, and am being forced back into the old way of doing things.

  4. Reminders still work perfectly fine in Calendar. And with the calendar Agenda widget I have at a glance layout of all my meetings and reminders. If you think about it, it makes more sense to have reminders there.

  5. I started requesting shortcuts for reminders in Google Keep – if I share an article or web link to Keep I have to open the note and add the reminder.

  6. Yes, that one is massive. I’ve switched back to Gmail 3 months ago due to the announcement, and have been missing it ever since. It’s mindboggling that they don’t have integration for reminders in GMail and you have to view/create them in calendar

  7. I actually came up with a « reminders » idea that I am submitting to the people at Keep, Calendar, Gmail, and Assistant through Feedback every few days.

    All the reminders work together, but are all a bit different. If they could make it easier to centrally control them all it would be fantastic.

    Calendar on the web will let you, but that’s about it.

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