29 réflexions au sujet de “Débloquer Samsung Galaxy pli F900U AT&T”

  1. With a crease like that no wonder Samsung is too scared to show it to the media. Funny considering fanboys were shitting on the MateX for this exact reason

  2. I dont think this looks good st all.

    If foldable phones are going to suffer from the bent creases, id rather go all out with something like the Mate X. At least with the X you get maximum STB ratio and better screen when fold and unfolded.

    The protruded bezels on the Fold, and the crease, make it look dated and cheap, even though its high tech and super expensive.

  3. Am I the only one here who doesn’t mind the crease? Lol. This phone is a great tech showcase, and a first gen product to boot. I can live with a crease when you consider all the advantages you get in return.

  4. What a fail of a phone haha. Looks so ugly and completely unnecessary. I think they still don’t get it. We don’t need phones that fold out to be tablets. We need 6.4 inch phones that fold in to smaller form factor like Motorola Razr. Another Samsung fail 🤣

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