Débile lundi (8 avril 2019) – votre hebdomadaire interroge thread !

Moronic Monday (Apr 08 2019) – Your weekly questions thread!

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les blagues chaque jours de manière confortable ?

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12 réflexions au sujet de “Débile lundi (8 avril 2019) – votre hebdomadaire interroge thread !”

  1. The shake flashlight feature on my Moto Z Play is the absolute best feature I’ve ever used.

    Are there apps or other phones with this feature? I want to upgrade, possibly to the 6t, but I don’t wanna lose the shake flashlight!

  2. I’m looking for an App or Task that

    * deactivate Do Not Disturb

    * set Ringer Mode to on

    every time a specific (like a white list) number calls me.

    My phone is a google pixel 3.


    In the past days, I used an old Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android 7 and the tasking-app « Llama ». With root and setting a number from the original contacts app to « favorite » every time my smartphone rings (on all my favorite numbers).

  3. My phone (Galaxy S10e for Sprint) has stopped pushing notifications to my phone of my home monitoring camera. It is set to alert me of movement anytime it happens at the front or back door…and not being notified is unacceptable.

    When I open the Yi app, all the days notifications come in at once, in the notification bar. For the first few days it pushed the notifications correctly..and I haven’t changed anything. It seems the phone is « seeping » the app too aggressively, maybe.

    Any tips?

    Edit: As I type this, I finally got a notification, normally. But I’d just opened and switched out of the app 5 minutes ago.

    Edit #2: My first edit has led me to believe this was my fault. I’ve been closing all apps every once in a while. When I leave the app but switch out of it .(leaving it on the background)…everything seems to work correctly. (although I do foresee it being closed or hibernated fully as the day goes on).

  4. What’s the difference between the upcoming 3d touch feature in android Q and what I’m using right now on pie? Is the upcoming android Q feature limited to devices with pressure sensitive screens?

  5. Hi! I’m thinking about upgrading a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to a Nokia 7 Plus, do you think it’s worth it? Does it have better signal reception, microphone and camera? Does it get hot?


  6. So right now I’m charging my phone with the power adapter that came but through a shit cable which charges it in 6 or 7 hours, this way I can leave it overnight. Is this fine or should I get a lower wattage charger with a quality cable?

  7. I just got a Samsung galaxy s9 plus and I am a bit confused about the new standard of USB c cables and similar.

    From what I’ve heard you need to get a special cable in order to achieve fast charging, which I really want to keep using. I think that the cable that came with the phone is a bit too short. I would like to get a 2 meter cable, if not more.

    Then there’s stories about frying your phone because of using cables other than the official ones. I’ve heard that it’s important that you find the correct cable if you are using a USB a to USB c cable but I can not find any information about what cables would be suitable for my phone. I’ve tried searching online (I might just be really bad at it tho).

    So, if I want to charge my phone without using the cable (or charging brick) that came with the phone, what do I have to buy? I’ve read that a USB c to USB c cable would work just fine with all sorts of phone but then I have to buy a charging brick that has a USB c outlet. Can I buy any random brick that can deliver 12W?

    This is also the first phone I have that uses wireless charging so of course I would like to try that as well. The issue is that the official wireless charger d from Samsung are quite expensive where I live, from 40 – 60 eur.

    I have the same type of issue there. What sort of wireless charger should I buy and what should I think about if I want to protect the battery as well as getting a high charging speed?

    I am also wondering about Samsung pay. I bought my phone in a country where Samsung pay is not yet available but I do have a bank account and card from a country where Samsung pay works. Even when I am in the country where Samsung pay works I always get a message that Samsung pay is currently not available and that I should try again later.

    Is it possible that Samsung recognise that the phone is bought in a market where pay doesn’t exists yet and stops you from using it no matter what? Is it connected to the sim card?

  8. Note 8. Just got a new update that changes how everything looks and works… really hating it right now, is there no way to go back?

    Whenever i get a message i have to unlock my phone now instead of reading it on the home screen

  9. I’ve just got the G7 power. 4k Mah battery that will last me about 4 days

    What’s the general consensus or scientific fact on battery…

    Sometimes I can’t charge the phone for 3 days but when I do have access to a charger and I get home with it at 85% do I charge it or just use it for a few more days.

    Best battery health for a large battery?

  10. Is there a way to permanently set apps on home launcher (trebuchet) as they are after upgrading the OS from an older version to new?

    After booting to Pie (LOS 16) the home screen was set to default settings, had to manually change it again.

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