Débile lundi (1er avril 2019) – votre hebdomadaire interroge thread !

Moronic Monday (Apr 01 2019) – Your weekly questions thread!

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les news chaque jours de manière gréable ?

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45 réflexions au sujet de “Débile lundi (1er avril 2019) – votre hebdomadaire interroge thread !”

  1. For the life of me I can’t figure this out – how do I get my OnePlus 5T to stop asking me to turn on « ok google » detection? Every time I talk to my google homes it suggests that I turn it on. Running stock oxy os that’s been rooted.

  2. I just got the new software update on my s8+ and I can’t use the multi-app function for some reason at least not by the past software update process (holding the other apps button or whatever you want to call it). Any tips on how I can activate it?

  3. Is there a way to get the comma back on my keyboard?

    There were a lot of things about the android pie 9.0 update that i didn’t like. But the thing that’s been bugging me most is that they replaced the comma on my keyboard with an emoji button. The button just directly to the left of the space bar.

    Is there a way to bring it back? The key mapping settings only let you change the symbols page, not the main keyboard. I use commas way more than emojis, so it’s super annoying having to go to the symbols page every time that I want to place a comma.

  4. A bit late to this but hopefully I can get some opinions.

    I got my Mi A2 Lite back in August and I really like it. However I’m going on holidays in June and the camera is fairly average, so I was thinking of changing phone.

    I’d really like to stick to Android One, so I was looking at the Nokia 7 Plus, which has a better camera but it feels odd to buy an older phone than the one I have. The Nokia 8.1 was looking alright but I don’t like it that much over the 7 Plus.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Is there anything coming out before June with Android One that could be my saviour? Do I just stick with my A2 Lite and accept sub-par picture quality?

  5. Is there an app that would let me set screen brightness by percentage? Having a slider is useless but actually looking at a number would be nice.

  6. Does a decently competitive (as far as camera goes) android exist that still supports a removable battery, microSD, and 2.5″ mm jack?

    Or at least a removable battery + 2.5″?

    I’m seeing Moto E5, LGV20, Galaxy J7 Duo (non-US).


  7. Is there an easy (preferably built into my GS9) way to wirelessly send photos and other files from my android phone to my pc? Like WiFi direct or bluetooth based? Looking for something similar in functionality to airdrop. If I take a photo on my phone and want to send it in an email on my computer I don’t want to have to email it to myself

  8. Question: How can I find and install a prior version of the Facebook Messenger? I was forced to reinstall today but the quality is just so much lower and I can’t send aything through Giphy or the like, so I just want to go back to the version that worked. I just don’t know how.

  9. I was all set to buy an S10+ as soon as it has a price drop (or they include the buds again) but now I’m seeing the SD version performs better than the Exynos version, and I don’t know if I can be bothered going through the process of importing it. Am I just being pedantic? I might actually wait out to see what the OP7 brings.

  10. So now that huawei decided that they won’t be providing the bootloader unlock code for the p10 lite, is there any other « free » way i can get it? The phone outlived it’s warranty and i really wanna root it.

  11. While in my pockets, my android s6 rapidly pauses and skips tracks. I got a cheap headphone and the problems stopped, i then got some Bluetooth earpuds and the problem has returned, although without the skipping

  12. Without blocking someone, looking for ideas on how to automatically « mark as read » or archive text messages before I ever see them. I’m currently backing up SMS in Gmail which works fine. I just don’t want to see messages from this person but I need to keep their texts for legal reasons. Can IFTTT do this?

  13. Question: Can I connect a single bluetooth remote shutter to two phones?

    Details: I’m working on an ad hoc device to get two-angle medical photos. Using phones for the cameras, I want to release the shutter on both simultaneously. Are there any bluetooth shutters that can pair with two devices? Do you have any other suggestions for getting synchronous shutter release? Thanks!

  14. Hey guys, I’m looking for a decent music player on my phone. I’m using black player at the moment which is brilliant, but I would love if there was an app slimier to what Itunes does for Iphones, where I can sort all my music and playlists on my computer and then transfer it to my phone. Any suggestions? Thanks

  15. Music question:

    I’ve purchased a lot of music from the Play Store and have recently bought a Google Home Mini. Can I use a voice command to play that purchased music? I’ve been able to play playlists with voice, but what command do I need to say for a specific song?

  16. Hi all. I just got the S10 almost two weeks ago. So far, the phone has been great except for two things. The color accuracy doesn’t seem to be all that great on my device, even with RGB tuning and switching to vivid mode. Another concern I have is the battery life. The stand by time isn’t the greatest in the world, my phone drains about 10% of its battery while sitting on my bed side without being charged. Another thing is that it drained 2% in 20 minutes while sitting idle from a full charge.

    I might be used to having an iPhone, but the stand by time on there was incredible. I am also used to the color accuracy on my iPhone. Maybe it’s the allure of having the software and FaceID that might be my main reasons to go back. But I am really trying to make this phone work. I have already factory reset it numerous times trying to get the battery to calibrate properly. Thanks for the help.

  17. Is android just not for me, or do I have a super crap phone?

    I have a LG Stylo 4. Cheap as hell from Xfinity mobile. 16GB storage and 2GB ram. Expanded with a 64GB sd card, not that it actually helps much.

    Some of the issues/annoyances: After browsing baconreader or loading a heavy web page no matter the app, everything needs to relaunch. Even the home screen takes 4-5 seconds to reload. Is Android this bad at memory management? I know iOS has tombstoning of apps that help it relaunch much quicker. Does Android not have anything like this?

    Notifications and customization are bad. How come I can’t customize settings for text messages? It looks like I can install a custom notification app that replaces the built in default. But when I tried it was buggy and weird. Using Evie launcher if I get 5 messages from the same person the notification badge has a 1. Other launchers show total unread. Is there no way to view previous notifications. Or how come opening an app sometimes clears the notification and other times it doesn’t?

    Pinning apps works well. But there’s no option to lock the volume or prevent the phone from turning off.

    Every single app on the play store is with ads or in app purchases. The apple app store had this too, but it’s every single app on the Play store. Also, any ads in an android app cause it to be unbelievably sluggish and stuttery.

    Pocket casts seems to be the best podcast app that allows skipping silences and other nice features. But it skips when the phone makes an initial connection to wifi, or when I manage a playlist in the app.

    I know Android is basically linux. But why does it feel so much like linux? Nothing feels cohesive, nothing feels like it was made by the same team. It feels like it’s just a ton of different modules all laid on top of each other. I mean I get that’s kind of the point of having an open customizable system. But, it just doesn’t feel whole.

    Is Samsung Touchwiz and newer Galaxy devices that much better where it will feel like an actual operating system and not thrown together laggy pieces?

  18. I just got a new car with Bluetooth. I want to have a music player. I originally thought I’d use an iPod, but it looks like using my Pixel 2 is a better option for a few reasons.

    Question: I have playlists on iTunes. Can I set something up to copy certain playlists (and all included songs) to my phone and have those playlists available via my car’s infotainment system?

    So this would be integrating iTunes and whatever Google music player systems are available, I’m sure the car can manage things once my phone has it. Please let me know what other information about my setup you might need. Cheers

  19. I updated my S8 to Pie last night, but because I can’t turn off the Bixby button my phone screen turns on every 5 seconds.

    I dropped my phone a while back and it smashed in the Bixby button, so it’s as if it is always being pressed. It wasn’t an issue for the past year as I just turned off Bixby. But now with Pie there is no way to do that and my battery is being drained. It just brings up the lock screen with a message about Bixby Voice not being set up yet. I’ve tried a couple third party apps and nothing is working.

    Any ideas are appreciated.

  20. Am I the only one (probably not) whose android Chrome scrolls like s*** on most websites? It’s the only app that performs like this…The hardware is more than enough (mi9 with sd 855 and 6gb ram). Already tried uninstalling and « smooth scroll » setting. Then I installed Samsung internet browser which scrolls like butter but I don’t have access to my bookmarks on my pc where I use Chrome…So what gives Chrome? Safari on my previous ancient iphone 7 was never like this…Any suggestions or help? Thnx

  21. How can I hide emails from Cerberus on my lockscreen? I have them going to my main Gmail account. I want notifications about it, I just don’t want someone to know they just had their picture taken though.

  22. I’m unable to get my new Motorola G7 power to connect to 4g/LTE/MMS. After spending a lot of time with both Motorola and AT&T support I wasn’t able to get a solution. After tinkering for a while I found that if I manually entered the « phone » APN settings instead of the « nxtgenphone » ones I’m able to get HSPA data. With either setting I get SMS and calls but no 4g/LTE/MMS. Any help would be appreciated.

  23. I can’t make outgoing calls – I can receive calls and my text messaging works fine. Is there a particular setting that could be causing this?

  24. So, my current situation is, that I have a Galaxy S7 that is turning three years old next month and I’m really starting to loathe using it. The battery is at a point where I barely get through the day with my normal usage, which leads me to often refraining myself from using the phone.

    So, I definitely need a new one in the next few months.

    I looked at the S10e and thought great. But at the same time: UFS2.1, camera is subpar for the pricetag (especially when I see what the P30 Pro can pull off), battery is only 3,1Ah and Samsung’s «  »fast charging » ».

    But I can’t wait for the S11 and other flagships don’t have a headphone jack.

    So, I don’t know if I should just wait and buy the S10e when it drops below 500 or maybe even 400 or buy a cheap phone to get me going for at least another year and a half. Which I think would be the Redmi Note 7. Or I could wait for the Pocophone F2 and see what that can pull off. BTW, how is Xiaomi in terms of update reliability? Do they give at least two major upgrades like Samsung?

    What do you guys think? Do you guys buy flagships and keep them longer or buy cheaper phones but upgrade more frequently? Or is a cheap midranger like the F2 a better bet? Am I missing a phone with great value for the money it costs? I live in Germany for that matter.


  25. Is anyone else having problems with the Youtube app becoming unresponsive? I have been watching videos from a saved playlist on my G7 Thinq and I am unable to change videos or do anything like closing the app or switching apps. I had to restart my phone this morning just to get out of it.

    Other times it has been responsive after a while of consistently hitting the home button or something.

  26. Hello,

    After returning my Iphone XS Max + Apple Watch i am looking to switch to a OnePlus 6t.

    Would you recommend getting a 6t or should I wait for a OnePlus 7. Or do you have other recommendation? I love the stockish android feel.

    Samsung is not an option as all the new devices seems to have an issue with the flash on third party apps with the european model.

  27. Just got the new Pie 9 update this morning, now when someone responds to my text, the notification shows my message that I sent them instead of the new message. Any fix for this?

  28. Im Considering a Note 9 vs a One plus 6t on eBay. the Note 9 is unlocked however one plus 6t is locked to t mobile, which is fine since I plan on using it anyways. The main difference is that the Note 9 doesn’t come with spen or charger, and has a Huge heavy crack on the back as if it was thrown out of a moving car. The seller said it doesn’t hinder any performance but I am scared it will eventually. Should I hold off on getting them for one plus 7 or risk with note 9. I usually just spend the day with some videos, gps, a picture or 2, some music on bluetooth, and looking at reddit before sleeping.

  29. Kinda an offtopic dumb question. I’m considering a P20P, but Huawei has a deal right now if I preorder a P30 I can claim a Sonos One speaker.

    It’s immoral, but what’s stopping me from pre-ordering it, claiming the speaker, and returning the phone? I’m undecided between the P20P and the P30, but I’d feel really dumb if I end up buying the P30 without this promo. So I’m leaning towards pre-ordering, but then what happens if I don’t want the phone?

  30. What’s the easiest way transfer files quickly and wirelessly from my windows computer to my Android phone? I mainly would be away from wifi but can put on my mobile hotspot briefly.

  31. If I can wait out, I’ll be in the US in about a month for work.

    1. If I buy a Pixel 3 over there (XL or not) will it be cheaper?

    2. If I buy it out in the US, will I be able to use it in Europe with my existing SIM? I don’t know how international SIM usage varies.

    Also, if you were given an open choice, what Android would you buy at this moment in time?

    I’ve been rockin a 5X for 4+(?) years now, it’s still just about serviceable but I’d like to make it my backup handset, feel it’s time to switch out.

  32. So I just recently got a Galaxy S10+ and boy the camera is tripping me out.

    I get that it’s an ultra-wide but is there any way to finagle with the camera settings to get it to a more « normal » sort of setting.

    Example: if I use any other program for taking photos and point at something that is about 2-3 feet away from me angled slightly down, i can literally see my legs and feet in the image as well. The image gets super distorted and has like a concave look towards the center

    I guess cropping a picture helped this a little, but I’d rather not have to edit every single photo i took to fix these errors

  33. How long does a new android device get security updates for? Is it a specified amount of time or is it up to the manufacturer of the phone or is it determined by the phone service provider?

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