Dans l’écran appareil photo ?

In-screen Camera?

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les jokes tous les jours de manière confortable ?

ne sais pas si cela est possible, mais une caméra pourrait être placée sous l’écran de préférence dans le coin supérieur droit ou gauche ou même moyen, puis quand l’utilisateur a besoin d’utiliser l’appareil photo, les pixels au-dessus de l’appareil photo deviennent transparentes pour permettre à la caméra pour voir à travers.

Amour trop verrait cela dans les téléphones android, donc le cran et les pop-up de caméra mécanique bidule n’ont à être utilisé.

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  1. That was shown by Samsung at their OLED conf last year, as a tech they were working on like fingerprint under display and speaker under display, so I suppose they are still working on it, and maybe if it works we’ll see this tech next year

  2. I read a patent a while back, I believe LG owns it, if you sync the camera refresh rate with the screen refresh rate you can take a pic through the panel in the milisecond that the screen is blank. Also unsure why you can’t just have a small black hole appear where the camera is when the cameras active. It would be a security bonus, you know your cameras not being used because it fantsee through the colors on screen.

  3. Wow random dude on Reddit, absolutely amazing idea you gave to me, a Samsung engineering team leader. How could i not have thought of this??? Truly amazing of you. Now just you wait a year or two, we’ll send you some of the profit from the Galaxy S12 sales.

  4. That’s the future we are aiming.

    We have fingerprint screen sensor in screen, speaker in screen, IR, light sensor also inscreen, the last thing has not been inscreen is camera.

    I bet apple, samsung and a lot of chinnese manufacture are pouring tons of money to develope this technology

  5. They’ve developed TV that can become up to 40% transparent.

    The technology excists, however; right now it’s not good enough. If they were to apply it right now with the transparency that can achieve all of your front facing photos would look like they were taken through a pair of sunglasses or worse.

  6. This would result in a terrible image quality while have almost no benefit. A small bezel with a camera is cheaper, better and doesn’t bother anyone who is sane.

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