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  1. Serious question.

    If I want to learn to dance like this, where would I even begin? I know how to dance Salsa, Merengue, Swing, and other ballroom stuff, but hip hop and this kind of movement is so foreign to me.

    I am a 30 yearold male. I enrolled in a hip hop class once. Being nervous, I arrived about 30 minutes early to speak with the instructor. Nobody was there, but I figured « no big deal. It’s pretty damn early so I’m sure people will show up ». I chat with the instructor and essentially commit to staying for the lesson. 15 minutes prior to start, nobody there. 10 minutes, nobody there. 5 minutes, and 12 year old girl walks in, with her mother, when I suddenly hear « Mr Malorkuss! I didn’t know you were a dancer! » She’s the mother of a student of mine (I’m a high school counselor). While I’m sure she planned to drop off her daughter, I feel like she stayed in purpose. It’s finally time to start class and it ends up being me, this 12 year old girl, and her mother, who happens to know me as I’m her other daughter’s school counselor. We had to learn a dance routine that day which was not only hard, but the 12 year old had already been practicing. I wanted to crawl out of my skin and die, with the mother looking on as I had to « stomp, stomp, hip swing, stomp stomp hip swing ».

  2. My name is Bob

    And when I dance

    (Booty inside construction pants)

    I don’t do pointe –

    I do not roll –

    I slip and slide

    And grip a pole.

    Yes I’m quite slick –

    not here to play.

    I stick my moves –

    and sashay away.

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