Conseils pour ceux passer d’IOS Android

Advice for those switching from IOS to android

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les blagues chaque jours de manière gréable ?

un post que j’ai écrit pour aider les personnes passer d’IOS à android. Il est plus orienté vers le Samsung, mais beaucoup d’elle s’applique à n’importe quel téléphone android.

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  1. Biggest advice is, if you dont like it, or something isnt working / annoying you, google how to change or fix it.

    Androids number 1 advantage is its insane level of customizability and open-ness (comparitively).

    I find that most iPhone users have a difficult time adjusting to Android because of the habits one grows when in the Apple ecosystem. Their apps and services are so incredibly simple and easy to use, that it dilutes their ability to problem solve and troubleshoot, so when they come to Android, they’re so heavily focussed on complaining about something silly like the keyboard layout, or quicksettings toggle order, they dont take the time to find a solution.

    Apple spends literally BILLIONS of dollars to design a product that is as globally acceptable as possible, and the mistake iPhone users make is that Android doesnt really do it that way, stock Android is basic and global, yes, but most companies try to diffrentiate themselves and it causes confusion and certain companies do things that suck or that are great, but all android phones can be made to look nearly identical or can be set up very specifically to each and every owner.

    Android takes time to settle in, but once you do, and you start realizing the true power and potential of the OS, you will never want to go back.

  2. boarding pass

    Use Assistant - Even google now had this in 2012.

    -Android pay will work anywhere that has tap to pay. samsung pay also has a magnetic strip that can emulate your card, so even an old terminal that doesn’t support tap to pay will work.

    OP keep in mind what makes Android unique is the amount of difference between phones [« Android: Be Together. Not the same. »](

    – if you like themes than go to r/androidthemes

    -Also, things like launchers, default apps can be changed, hidden and disabled. Gcam can give you better results.

    -If you like privacy then get Lineage OS+ MicroG

  3. It’s a little strange initially. There’s difference both major and minor that can be very annoying. But, if you push through that initial phase it will be a very rewarding experience. Unless you are getting a Pixel or a OnePlus most Androids come with a lot of bloatware. Just uninstall/disable what you’re not going to need. The extra email/note taking app/phone optimisation tools, etc.
    But, as I found out the pros if switching to Android outweigh the cons. The enhanced customisability, little tips and tricks that just make the user experience a more productive one. Also, if you don’t like the user interface Nova Launcher is an absolute delight to use.

  4. i’m also coming from ios, and the only thing bugging me is the trouble i’m having finding a good News app alternative. News on my iPhone just asked what I wanted to be alerted about and would do a notification like every twenty minutes, it was great. I basically just want a shit ton of politics notifications, but google news thinks I care about who the most powerful avenger in endgame is. and flipboard hasn’t even sent me a notification in two days of having it installed and set up. any help?

  5. My advice is download doubletwist if you used iTunes to sync music to your iPhone. That way, you can still use iTunes to sync music to your Android phone since no other program handles it nearly as well as iTunes IMO, including your metadata.

    Musicbee comes close, but it not only syncs way too slow, and if you’ve ever adjusted your song metadata on iTunes, most of it doesn’t carry over to Musicbee, so you’d have to edit it all again.

  6. Switched this past Friday. From iPhone to S10+ and no complaints. Was originally with Android so coming back was a warm welcome. No bezels, more ram, better customization. I’m back where I belong. And nevermind that Maps runs like a beast where I had to close and reopen the app on Apple I don’t know how many times before it finally worked right. And no unnecessary jailbreaking just to install third party apps. Obviously I could go on, but there’s no need.


  7. I now carry a Pixel and an iPhone. I find myself using my Pixel more and more often than my iPhone.

    Pretty glad I made the switch.

    My issue with Samsung is the bloatware they ship with the phone and they are terrible about updates.

    I am using a beta version of Q which has been stable and there is Samsung phones yet to get Pie.

    But what is also cool about the Pixel is getting things early. So I have Duplex already. But what is cooler is the real-time voice recognition with Gboard on the Pixel. I was out with a bunch of iPhone friends and was talking as fast as I possibly can and it never missed a beat. iphone friends were impressed.

  8. One of the things that made me like my android even more was downloading an app called button mapper and it let’s you remap the Bixby button and volume buttons or even a headset button. There are a lot of apps like that but most of em make the screen blink and opens Bixby voice in the background every time well this one uses developer mode to bypass all that and it acts natural. I remapped the Bixby button so I could change the ringer mode to vibrate and mute while phone is locked like the iPhone switch but you can also Map actions to double click and hold and let me tell you just being able to hold the Bixby button to have my flashlight come on is so nice for late night bathroom trips it also let’s you use Google assistant instead of Bixby.

  9. I just made the switch last week after having iPhones for the past 7 years.

    It’s an adjustment. I’m really liking the level of customization, but it’s been interesting trying to tune it for myself. The one thing that’s killing me right now is finding a true replacement for Narwhal, my reddit client on apple. All the Google options just don’t have the same level of granular control over everything. I’m using relay now because it’s close but it is still pretty far away.

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