Comparaison de caméra Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Comparaison de caméra Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10+ camera comparison

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news chaque jours de manière confortable ?

je viens de trouver cette comparaison caméra entre le Galaxy S10 + et le Huawei P30 Pro. C’est pourtant en danois. La version de bureau du site permet de voir les images en version originale, si vous cliquez sur la petite icône en haut à gauche dans la galerie.

Qu’en penses-tu ? Je ne suis pas époustouflé par le Huawei P30 Pro. La photo de nuit ressemble vraiment unatural.

Voici le lien :

[,lid.40758/](, lid.40758/)

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  1. I did not look at which phone took it when I judged the pictures.

    In the first picture of the door, Huawei screwed up the bright part while Samsung screwed up the dark part. It’s probably the software difference where Huawei believes most of the pic is dark and Samsung believes the bright spot at center is important so they adjusted accordingly. Samsung gets this one right.

    I think P30 Pro does better on all other images. Samsung seems to enhance the contrast and saturation a little too much. Take the last picture for example, there’s no way the white part of the building is that bright at night. You can also see it from the house image where in Samsung’s picture the sky is too blue.

    Also look at the snowdrop picture. P30 can distinguish distances surprisingly well. The further the object stands from the lens the more blurred it is. Where S10+ basically has front and back layers where the back got blurred.

    The pictures on the toy car reflect the fact that P30 Pro has a much superior photo sensor. There’s not much Samsung can do if they receive much less information on hardware level at low light.

  2. Samsung’s cameras just plain suck (speaking as an owner myself). Look at that road-work picture. Full daylight, ideal conditions, and the S10+ produces a fucking painting. Embarrasing.

  3. I guess I’m blind, but I can’t see anywhere which one’s which.

    But I HEAVILY prefer the photos on the left. They look way better. The photos on the right look like typical smartphone photos, I guess it’s partly the postprocessing and partly the smaller sensor (I’m guessing it has a smaller sensor based on the photos). Left photos have infinitely better and more natural detail. Only the front camera photo on the left looks bad in terms of details.

  4. Yea not really digging the P30 here. It should be noted though, that the S10 takes arguably the best daytime shots currently. Even more so than the Pixel 3. In good lighting is where the S10 shines. It’s in low light/indoor shots and front shots where it suffers and will lose to the Pixel 3. Of all the comparisons so far I’ve seen, the S10 nails daylight shots for dynamic range, shadows, details.

  5. Kinda shitty comparision though. FIrst of all you are comparing S10 12MP photos to P30 Pro 10MP photos. This invalidates the test in the regards of finegrain detail. You have to downscale the S10 12MP photos down to 10MP for a fair comparision. Period.

    First comparision has one do HDR and the other without HDR. HDR in low light present more artifacts so not 1:1 comparision. P30 Pro doesn’t apply HDR hense can present a cleaner image as HDR always introduces noise and artifacts in low light conditions. Just test it with your phones forcing HDR on low light situation and without. Invalid else S10 wins as it has no blown out highlights.

    Second comparision they are not aligned where one is put to avoid direct glare and the other has been lifted a bit against the sun which introduces glare. Glare makes it much harder for noise removal filters to do what they do. Invalid comparision.

    Third comparision the left one has ridicolous amounts of artificial HDR making it almost look cartoonish (look at the clouds) and the right one slightly oversaturated but resolves more detail even though it has more aggressive noise removal. S10 wins easily this one but not without faults.

    Fourth comparision is not even aligned but right one has more true to life exposure, colors and bokeh is nicer as it doesn’t blur out to much and has less artifacts. The right one easily wins in details. S10 wins this one easily.

    Fifth comparision right one is actually more true to life than left one colorwise but right one overdoes it making it to yellow and left one to cold a la Sony Xperia style. Bokeh is nicer on the left but makes to much of a difference between focal planes making the front plane look like it’s photoshoped into the image. Right one has depth but not as nice bokeh (I assume S10 is using f2.4 here). Detailwise the right one wins with good margin. S10 wins this one but with faults.

    Sixth comparision left one has way to much red and right one a tad to much green but looks more natural. Glare makes the right one not look as clean. Detailwise the right one wins easily. S10 wins.

    Seventh comparision left one is to bluish and right one way to yellow. Colorwise the left one just looks more natural and bokeh is nicer. Detailwise the right one wins. P30 Pro wins this one.

    On the selfie test the right one shows much more detail and much better colors except skin color enhancement feature (should have been disabled in camera app). S10 wins this one easily. Remark, S10 photo is missing exif data.

    Low light car comparision is suspect as both are missing exif data and filesize is roughly 1.5MB. S9/S10 has even in lowlight atleast 2,5-3.5MB per photo. Left one looks much better though.

    Low light city comparision is switched and unlike the others left is S10 and right is P30 Pro! Exif data reveals this aswell as the S10 « starlight » effect on lightsources. S10 photo has more natural look, exposure, colors but looks a bit real-life dull. P30 Pro has way to much tonal contrast but slightly more detail but also more noise making it look « Instagram » proccessed by a harsh contrast and color filter + lots of tonal contrast. S10 has less noise but a bit less detail to. Minimal detail difference. S10 wins.

    So all in all a fairly bad test and they misstakenly fooled the people or with intent!

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