Comment vous tous pensent le Volk One ?

Comment vous tous pensent le Volk One ?

How do y’all feel about the Volk One?

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news tous les jours de manière gréable ?

je viens de découvrir et il semblaient être un concept intéressant, avec un stock Android aussi, je me demandais ce que vous en pensez de celui-ci

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  1. It looks interesting but all I can think about is battery life. If you are connected to other devices 24/7 that’s gotta be pretty taxing

  2. Interesting concept. I’d be hesitant to be an early adopter.

    I have so many questions too. Being a giant mesh network to make this work, will it be crap early on? Since you have to give to receive, does that effect my battery life? That dollar a gig isn’t bad. Certainly better than other networks. I guess I’d just like to see it in action instead of the theory of it all working out. I’m super intrigued though.

  3. Wait. So if this is legit, I’ve got one question. What if you share your connection with somebody who does something they aren’t supposed to online (ranging using BitTorrent for illegal purposes without a VPN to going on the darknet)? Will you be held responsible?

  4. I kept seeing this pop up on my FB newsfeed and winded up checking it out the other day. I’ll say it is very interesting. However, they lost me at the ‘invite only’ part. Seeing that doesn’t give this project high hopes for me. What do I know though?

    If it does turn out to be the ‘ »future » of cell networking, it probably won’t take off for a while and I could only assume it will be costly right off the bat.

  5. What frequency is available in all their listed regions, lets them do mile-long communications for an entire day, is power efficient to run off of a phone battery, and uses an antenna the size of the phone? I smell bullshit.

  6. There is a different app for emergencies and outdoor people that works on the same principles I think, I can’t remember the name but it’s been around for a few years for sure. I thought it was brilliant but it was only popular in the Nordic European countries and could not use it in Romania since there were no users..

  7. Seems like a ripe platform for hackers to easily steal data from all connected phones. I’d stay away until the thing gets huge market exposure and backing of some reliable funding source.

  8. I saw that too recently. Facebook or IG ad, I can’t remember which.

    Concept is interesting. If it starts to take off, even the slightest, you can guarantee cellular carriers are going to fight to squash it. They’ll lobby against it and make up some scary reasons and try to convince the FCC that the technology interferes with their towers in some way.

    Before it can be successful, lots and lots of people will need to buy into it. If your service depends on those around you, even a mile away, you need lots of people to generate a worth-while « network. » Even a handful of people connecting together could mean slow connection if only 1 or 2 are connected to a network outside of the mesh network. And a mile of range isn’t really as far as you think. And since the network moves with the phone, it’s always moving and changing. The 1 other person within a mile of you could move away from range at any moment, killing the experience.

    It’s early days will be rough for early adopters and that experience will either make or break the company and technology. If it’s a good experience, then there’s hope. But there likely won’t be that great of an experience and that can deter future customers.

    They need to either do a closed beta with very specific locations to build a dense area of customers to show how well it can work or they need to give incentives for others to to buy into it.

    The other problem is the data to access the internet has to come from somewhere, whether that’s someone’s wifi connection or cellular connection on the mesh network. If I’m the one connected to the outside internet and feeding the mesh network, the last thing I want is my data cap to be hit. And let’s face it, even home internet in the US has a monthly data cap in a lot of places. In the Chicagoland area (my area), Comcast limits you to 1TB/mo and AT&T limits you to 1TB/mo — if you bundle TV with AT&T, they give you unlimited. I’m with Comcast right now and I can tell you right now, 4k video streaming, a couple of game download/updates on a game console, music streaming, photo backups (yes, uploading counts towards the data cap), online gaming, etc. really adds up to 1TB pretty quickly. If you add even a handful of people’s cellphones to that data usage on top of that, you might find some pretty unhappy customers going over that cap. And there are people on Reddit and other forums I’ve seen that brag about using way more cellular data per month than I can fathom unless they don’t have home internet.

  9. It’s one of those things where if you could force it to be widespread immediately it would make sense and work, but it will never grow organically.

    If it isn’t vaporware that is

  10. This is an awesome concept, but I doubt that enough people will sign up to make this worth while. It reminds me of the app firechat, which uses a wifi and bluetooth mesh network. It works during protests and on college campuses, but nowhere else really since no one is using the app daily.

  11. Literally season 5 of Silicon Valley.

    Means you’ll never be able to use a phone when you’re out of wifi range from another user who’s within wifi range of another use who’s in range of another user…

    Imagine no network on the bus, network coming and going as you walk down the street, no network in the park, no network when you’re alone in the middle of the suburbs…

  12. I’d would be nice if they also did a regular sim network just to appease customers just in case their mesh network planes never went through.

    But regardless this feels like another scam

    **EDIT:** Okay they do still have a nano-SIM slot.

  13. Considering the usual use of the term « volk » in white supremacist circles, I don’t feel very good about it at all. The name was either poorly thought out or the devs are supremacists themselves.


    As far as viability goes: good luck. Look what happened to Essential.

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