Comment est-ce que vous avez automatisé votre téléphone ?

How have you automated your phone?

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les blagues tous les jours de manière gréable ?

je me sers de la gâchette pour une couple d’années maintenant, et il a été formidable à éteindre ma sonnerie lorsque j’arrive au travail, etc.. Cependant, je me sens comme ça et autres applications d’automatisation de processus ont ainsi plus de potentiel que je me sers.

Comment avez-vous utilisé des applications comme déclencheur, Automate ou Tasker ?

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  1. I have been using nfc tools and a cheapo packet of nfc tags to automate my phone settings.

    Get in car, scan tag. Activates Bluetooth, turns off WiFi, maxes out media volume, and launches my music app.

    Get to work, scan tag. Sets phone to silent, turns off BT.

    Get home, scan tag. Activates wifi, disables BT, maxes out volume.

    I had some complex routines planned out but my pixel 2 xl didn’t always behave.

  2. I had a Tasker script that grabbed a random shitty meme from reddit and sent it to my friend on WhatsApp at 2AM. And also start to play music when I connect my headphones but that’s isn’t any fun.

  3. I have the following in Tasker

    * disable the loud volume warning
    * Increase assistant volume when activated
    * answer phone with a wave over the screen
    * Send WiFi password when someone sends me a certain SMS message
    * Increase display timeout when on wifi
    * When connected to an unknown WiFi show a message saying connect to VPN – tap the message and it’ll automatically open the settings and tap the required options before going back to the home screen
    * tap an NFC tag to start a timer to remind me my washing is done
    * when google play music is playing and not connected to Bluetooth, have skip, play/pause and previous track added to the nav bar
    * Enable rotation in certain apps – camera, photos and maps
    * disable heads up notifications in certain apps – camera, Netflix, youtube
    * disable adaptive brightness in a game
    * Dim my wearOS watch when connected to my car’s Bluetooth so it’s not blinding
    * dim the watch between certain hours at night so it’s not blinding
    * When I connect to my car’s android auto, music will start playing automatically, then it will change to the maps screen
    * When I disconnect from the radio it saves the location, waits a minute and checks if I connect to wifi, If I don’t it creates a notification which when clicked will open Google maps with directions to where I parked
    * set media volume to max in the car/connected to my motorbike Bluetooth
    * I use gestures on my phone so I have a big blank space to the right of the home pill – double tap there and the screen locks

    Previously had a couple of IoT things

    * turned on room light when I got home if it’s after sunset
    * turned the light on when my alarm went off in the morning
    * dim the light to off if I started watching a movie
    * flash a certain colour depending on what notification I just received

    Planning on having it open my blinds if I can work out how to attach the motor to the blinds but that’s a work in progress

  4. I’ve only started doing it with Bixby Routines since it’s stupid easy now. Tried it years ago with Tasker and got fed up. Phone turns on silent once i get to work, wifi turns off once I connect to my car’s bluetooth and comes back once i get within 50 meters of my house. Blue light filter comes on when my ass should be going to sleep instead of in my bed on reddit. Mostly small things, but I enjoy it.

  5. With Tasker I have the following tasks:

    – Change brightness at certain times of the day.

    – Scan for my home WiFi everytime I unplug my aux cable. It will switch off WiFi if it doesn’t connect. If it connects, it lengthens the time to screen lock to 5 minutes.

    – Aside from the usual GPS On with apps like maps and so on, I use custom nav bar to add extra nav bar buttons depending on which app I’m in. Screenshot for Reddit, push page to PC on Chrome etc.

    – Messages used to have a delete button in the notification and I really missed it. So I made a notification that will be created along with the original one with options to delete or dismiss.

    – Then there is a few to switch on my PC and TV after a fingerprint scan.

    I’m interested in Intents in Tasker now, so I want to start reading up on them.

  6. I use Tasker. I’ve used many tasks in the past but the only one I have now is in the morning, I set my brightness to 50%. I also use it for macro shortcuts, like I have one that starts my screen dimming overlay and also sets screen brightness to zero (the overlay itself has a scheduler, but I could have also used Tasker to kill it in the morning).

  7. In Tasker I currently use only two things.

    One turns off my alarm after 5 seconds of playing an annoying alarm sound, which then reads the weather forecast and afterwards spotify plays some non-annoying music.

    The other task makes my phone play loud music when a certain keyword is received as sms in case my phone is on silent and I cant find it.

  8. I use Tasker to add navigation gestures to my phone:

    Not shown in the video are long-swipe in from the left to go home, short-swipe in from the right to enter the overview screen, long-swipe in from the right to go to the previous app, and long-swipe up to activate split-screen mode.

    I’ve also created a shortcut to disable heads-up notifications, that adds its own notification so I don’t forget it’s on.

    More standard stuff:
    * Disable ‘do not disturb’ when I lock my phone/enable it when I unlock my phone
    * Enable DND when I turn my phone face down
    * Pause any audio when I turn my phone face up
    * Unlock screen orientation for YouTube
    * Increase ring volume when I miss a call and the proximity sensor isn’t covered
    * Mute ringer again once missed call has been dealt with

    I used to have automated speakerphone for when I moved my phone away from my ear as well, but it wasn’t reliable enough.

  9. I use Trigger instead of Tasker for most things these days, but some of my favorites include:

    * increase music volume, switch to spotify and start playing when connected to my car BT or specific headsets/speakers
    * normalize media volume when disconnecting from headphones / headset / speakers
    * enable autorotation, brighten the screen and keep it alive when connected to car BT and a charger at the same time
    * normalize the display (brightness, timeout, autorotation) when unplugged from power
    * turn my phone to silence whenever i have an event in my calendar or when i connect to work wifi
    * turn my alarm volume up whenever i get a notification for an upcoming alarm

    honestly, most of this stuff should be stock imo. your phone should be a natural extension of who you are and should anticipate what you want from it. none of the things i’ve described above are super unique use cases imo.

  10. I’ve been using Tasker to change soundvibration settings for work & home, plus have it monitoring my calendar so profiles don’t change when I’m on holiday or if its a public holiday. Also got it setup to check which bluetooth device is connected and adjust the volume as required, and then to turn WiFi on and off when connected not connected.

    One thing I can’t seem to get right is the use of a profile that will override silent at work when my headphones are connected and then back to silent when disconnected.

  11. samsung good lock had a routines feature in it that is now built into the s10+ as bixby routines. its a very useful feature and i use it for automatically turning on my wifi when i get home, turing off the wifi when i get into work (because its really bad there), automatically playing google play music when my pone connects to the bluetooth fm transmitter in my car.

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