43 réflexions au sujet de “Chiot aveugle et sourd reconnaît propriétaire lorsqu’il vient d’accueil”

  1. This really goes to show how strong a dog’s sense of smell is. The fact that he can navigate and find his owner fairly well despite being blind *and* deaf is really amazing.

  2. Just by the owners look this dog may also think Snoop Dogg was his owner to if he ever came around. I mean not to stereotype but that dude blazes copious amounts of trees I am guessing.


    edit: undid spacing issue


  3. isn’t that cause they go by smell usually and not just look i remember my pup at the end when she was going blind she would be super cautious of me. until she sniffed me then lost her shit it was awesome XD (not that she was going blind T_T but that she still knew who i was)

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