Cher Reddit, à votre avis honnête, est un téléphone phare aujourd’hui vraiment… Reddit cher

Dear Reddit, in your honest opinion, is a flagship phone today really worth 1000 USD?

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les news tous les jours de manière gréable ?

à votre avis honnête, est un téléphone phare aujourd’hui vraiment vaut 1000 USD ?

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  1. I’ve never bought anything above mid-range. But who am I to tell people how to spend their money? If they find value in a $1000 phone that’s up to them. Clearly Apple and Samsung aren’t hurting from pricing phones that high, so people are buying them. If Samsung doesn’t make a model in your price range anymore, you can just go to some other company. That’s the benefit of Android. 9 times out of 10, you can find a phone that suits your needs somewhere.

  2. I paid about $100 for my last phone (Redmi 5A). It does everything I need and I’m not really a ‘basic’ user. Even if it only lasts me a year and I buy the same again, that’s a huge saving over spending $1000. So, for me, to answer your question: no, I don’t believe it is.

  3. If I bought a $1000 phone, I’d hate using it because I’d be paranoid about dropping it all the time.

    On a more serious note, a $300 phone is 90% of a $1000 phone. I’m not willing to pay $700 for that 10%.

    It’s also not worth it in terms of longevity. You’ll have a way better experience if you buy a $500 phone now and another $500 phone in two years compared to using one $1000 phone for 4 years.

  4. For me to consider playing $1000 for a phone it has to be shockingly good, offer some truly new innovation and last 5 years with updates.

    So, the short answer is: No.

    Manufacturers are just trying to ride that profit train now that the sales have fallen off by increasing margins.

  5. EDIT: I think everyone is getting confused because I am using CAD here.

    Sure. Buy it for $1000, use it for 3 (or more) years, use it for 12+ hours every single day 365 days times 3, tens of thousands of hours of use, hundreds or thousands of pictures and videos taken, etc. When you’re done, sell it for $600.

    It’s not for everyone, but I use my phone so much I don’t have an issue with paying that much. It’s with me all the time, basically every minute of every day, used to connect me to everything, listen to podcasts at work, make plans with my friends, take pictures of funny things I see, etc. $1000 is a lot of money so I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to.

  6. Personally the only reason why I will spend over $300 on a phone is for a better camera. In the last few years mid range and now low end phones are completely usable. If I were to spend over a grand on a phone now it will probably be the Huawei p30 pro.

    Also phone contracts aren’t that great of value compared to a sim only plan in my country. Only people with poor financial sense will sign a 2 year contract for a phone.

  7. Of course not. It is mainly due to marketing cost. Most people just open up emails or check messages or use social media. The apps did not demand that much performance at all.

    Flagship phones is a fraud because they look and function just like a $400 phone. A reasonable phone would be priced around $300 USD, then add tax/ads cost/whatever, retail would be below $500.

  8. The answer is always depends.

    I can afford a $1000 phone with no problem but why would I *want to*?

    I’m 43 and spend my time sending emails and taking snaps – I’d rather stick the money in my pension.

    For someone else – the answer is going to be « hell yes! »

  9. I thought it was crazy but did it. My phone was nearly 4 years old and the S10 looked like too amazing of a phone. I wanted it when it was still premium and new too. It’s a device I’ll be using every day for at least 3 years so whatever.

  10. *looks at brand new mi mix 2 purchased for $260*

    lol, fuck no.

    $600 max for a 6T is the highest I’d consider for a phone an honestly I would probably just get another mix 2 for $300-400 current asking price and save the rest for something else.

  11. Not at all. My 6 year old phone does everything I need, and I paid almost nothing for it new.

    I can build a desktop that outperforms these phones by miles, and is far, far, far more useful, for half the cost.

  12. As my favourite tech reviewer Flossy Carter would say « The price is too GAT DAMN high », and it’s true! There are way too many phones out these days that are half the price and offering flagship quality specs and performance so there is no way I’m spending 1000 dollars for a phone. Bought my Pixel 2 XL just a month ago for $300…

  13. No way! Personally, I’ll never pay that much for a phone. I’m usually a generation behind since I am not on contract. I tried budget phones but they always lacked features so I started getting last year flagships at budget prices.

  14. No, which is why I’m happily using an iPhone 6s with no plans to upgrade until it stops receiving updates. Short update cycles is also on top of my list of why Android won’t see me again, right behind Google running the show. Too bad Nokia went to the dark side. I miss Symbian and WP.

  15. Depends on how long the phone will last. Two years of OS updates is pathetic for £1000, when other £1000 phones can get iOS updates for many more years and generally hold its performance better as they age

  16. If it gets timely updates for 3+ years and it has top of the line everything and makes zero compromises with additional features, maybe if I had the funds. I paid $579 for my current phone and there aint much I believe I am missing, if really anything.

    I would have bought the first Pixel 128GB for $749, but thought it was a tough sell with the OnePlus 3T and Moto Z Play at the time. I loved what the Note 9 had to offer, but why get that when this phone does most of that for a little over half the price? Just seems hard to justify.

  17. No.

    I don’t think it’s worth it for the vast majority of people to spend $500 let alone $1000. I could find myself honestly recommending the MI A2 and be pretty happy with the recommendation it isn’t as fast, but most people don’t need it to be, the camera isn’t as good in low light, and most people don’t need it to be, it doesn’t have as nice a screen but again most people don’t need hyperaccurate AMOLEDs at 1,000nits.

    How would average user benefit from a $1000 iPhone XS over a Mi A2?

  18. To me, yeah. I’m going to use this phone for years and my phone is probably my single most used device every day. It makes sense to get a nice one so that I enjoy using it.

    It’s like the difference between driving a base model Civic or a fully loaded Audi. Yeah, they both get you from point A to B but if you’re going to be in your car all the time and you can afford the Audi, wouldn’t you go for the Audi? Idk, I just see it as a bit more money to have a more enjoyable experience.

  19. No. Way. In. Hell.

    I’ll gladly spend 5/600 on a good device, maybe 8 at a push, but no higher. Its not because I can’t afford it, I can, but look around your home, and see how many of your items are more than 600 quid. For me, the only thing that compares would be the computer (slightly over 1 grand), a fridge-freezer (500 quid), and a TV (400 bucks).

    By that logic, is it really worth 1 grand for a smartphone? Hell no. Their is plenty of great older flagship phones on sale that don’t miss a beat, and plenty of higher-mid-range phones that can compete for half the price. I’m sorry, but if you’re paying a grand for a phone, you’re either rich, or a moron. Also no, the cost is in the contract isn’t an excuse, in fact it’s even worse. By the time you’ve paid your contract you’ve spent several hundred more as intrest and/or on credit you didn’t even need.

  20. No, but at least the price seems to be dropping quickly a few months later. So unless someone really values paying several hundred more to get a few months early seems better to wait.

  21. With the existence of Chinese phones like the Poco phone. The answer is obvious.

    But, other major companies need to build infrastructure to make their phones. Not just piggy back like smaller companies.

  22. It’s worth it in a sense that it’s a device that is extremely important and used every day, but if you ask whether the advancements in the last two years are worth the $300-$400 premium that Apple and Samsung have started charging extra, definitely NOT.

  23. Depends what you value, a good point and shoot pocketable camera like a sony rx100 v~ is $800-$1000+ & its still out done by flagships phones in many categories

  24. it is what it’s worth to you and what you’re willing to pay. Even cheaper basic phones are great companions. I would tell anyone who isn’t big on cameras to go with s mid range smart phone. the mid range now have nice snappy performance nice displays and good battery life.

  25. I just can’t stomach that high of a price, though I’m sure it’s worth it for the very high end phones, and I don’t begrudge anyone for buying their phone of choice, even if I personally wouldn’t spend that much. I have two phones whose cost together isn’t even $1000. My Xperia XA2 was $200 and my iPhone 8 was $550

  26. not even close. screen and camera are the only specs 99% of people will even notice an improvement in. the internals will go largely unused (including storage. 128GB internal storage is more than enough for almost everyone’s apps, and you don’t need high-speed storage for media)

    what many WILL notice is the features that are inexplicably missing from flagships, which makes them less useful than phones half the price. and, frequently, the lower durability which means they’ll be walking around with a shattered phone or pay even more for repairs

  27. If you use all of the features it offers, and actually take advantage all of the resources available it has (CPU, GPU, etc). Sure.

    Otherwise, no. I know handful amount of people who bought Galaxy Notes and didn’t use the pen the entire time they owned it. And my parents bought iPjones and all they use it for is calling.

    Also, another thing to consider how long you are planning to use. Keeping it a year or less than that, don’t bother. If you’re planning on using it for 3-4 years. That’s an easy yes.

  28. I’m sure there are people that can get their money’s worth out of a $1000 Galaxy S10+. With the beautiful screen, big battery, overall great build quality, top notch cameras, and the software experience.

    I personally don’t find that value. I was actually about to walk in and get an S10+, but I talked myself out of it. There was a V30 on Facebook for $250 and was in pristine condition. I decided to try it out. Loved it. Bought it.

    It’s hard to go out and buy a brand new phone for $1000 when you can pay literally a quarter of that for a good 85% of that phone. I’ll just hang on to this until Christmas and get the new Pixel or buy a used S10 for 500-600.

  29. The only reason I buy flagships are for the cameras, for that reason they are worth the money as I use them for work to snap photos(my employer pays me a monthly cell phone stipend for this). For anything else last years flagship is just fine by me and a whole lot less than the $1000 lol

  30. must admit, I am one of those people who buy these expensive phones, but since top smarphones became so expensive, i only consider Iphone or Pixel Phones, because of the software updates. Maybe it’s just psychological, but for some reason i can’t justify to myself, getting a phone that doesn’t get timely updates or no new updates at all. in this price rangeit Feels like the phone is left behind after a couple of months and the company is on to the next one.


    For this price i want the newest software, even when the effect is just psychological and the improvements are hardly noticeable.

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