Ceux qui avait été incorporés dans l’écosystème Apple avant de passer à un…

People who had been embedded in Apple ecosystem before switching to Android – Do you miss iMessage?

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les jokes tous les jours de manière gréable ?

J’ai un Macbook Pro, un iPad et un iPhone.
Cela semble absurde disant ce droit après avoir introduit avec cela, mais je ne suis pas un fan d’Apple – au contraire, je n’aime pas la société et souhaite que je pourrais trouver bonnes alternatives. Mais le collège, que je suis allé seulement eu un Apple store sur le campus, qui est où les achats de tous mon urgence ont été fait, et maintenant je suis solidement enracinée dans l’écosystème.

Je ne mentirai pas, ils ont fait un bon travail, copain-copain vers le haut le jardin clos.

Je suis vraiment mal à déplacer vers S10e. Il est très beau, fonctionne mieux et coûte moins cher que le XS. Je ne reçois pas une cause XR personnellement, je trouve ça trash total.

Mais je suis un esclave qu’il est capable de texte de n’importe lequel de mes appareils instantanément. Le partage de la notification simplifiée est un plus énorme pour moi, aussi bien. La plupart de mes amis utilise iPhone, donc groupe iMessages et bulles et autres joyeusetés sont super communes autour de moi. J’ai aussi utiliser AirDrop beaucoup ou même texte moi-même les fichiers sur iMessage pour partager des fichiers entre appareils.

J’ai un iPhone SE et aimerais essayer S10e pour mon prochain téléphone. Mais seulement si il y avait des alternatives raisonnables à ces facteurs de commodité. Si quelqu’un pouvait briller la lumière là-dessus, je l’apprécierais vraiment.

Sinon, je suppose que je vais pour XS, bien que je veux les écouteurs, la caméra grand-angle et juste… collée sur le matériel Apple merde comme esclave à son OS  🙁

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  1. No one is saying it but here I am, use AirMessage. It’s an app that blew up recently. Basically it uses your MacBook as a relay to text. You set up the server on your MacBook then download the app on Android. The Android app will pull messages from your MacBook and when you respond, the message acts as if it were sent from your MacBook.

    Using AirMessage, I haven’t even touched my iPhone in about two weeks or so. I only pick it up to charge it.

  2. Honestly, I had an iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro, and an Apple Watch as well – mainly because when I was active duty Military, my wife and I would communicate through iMessage when I was out flying around the world doing my job. Once I separated and planted feet on the ground, I decided it was time for a change so I finally switched back to the s10+. I got my wife and most of my family to download Telegram, and I haven’t looked back. There is even a Telegram application for iPad and Mac. They all sync up perfectly too. This might be an option if your family/friends are willing to try something that’s similarly encrypted, a la iMessage.

  3. There are many apps that can do what you are looking for, that are cross compatible. However I suggest doing some more research before switching. Here are some of the things off the top of my head that I know of.

    1. With the Android messages app you can text from a web browser. All you have to do is go to messages.android.com

    2. As far as notification sharing, there are some apps that do this like Pushbullet. Install the app on your phone and computer, and you will get notifications on both.

    Also if you use Google chrome you can subscribe to notifications on websites and they show up on your phone. Ex. A YouTube video from your favorite YouTuber gets uploaded and you suscribed to notifications you will get a notification on you phone and chrome.

    3. For an airdrop replacement I highly recommend send anywhere. It is compatible with anything and sending files there is super simple.

    I would recommend looking up how these specific apps work for you. I know it sounds like a work around, but in actuality you will find Android gives you much more freedom to get what you want done, regardless of how.

    As for an iMessage replacement, there simply isn’t one right now, however Google is working on a Standard called RCS which should replace standard SMS in the near future. This means all Android phones (and maybe iPhones at some point) will have iMessage chat like functions.

    Here are some links to the apps and info I referenced. Good luck:

    Messages for web:


    Send anywhere:

    RCS Chat (The future of texting):

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  4. Yes. I missed iMessage…at first. I started out with using FB messenger as a replacement and that is just as good if not better (in some aspects).

    Once I gave Android a shot for a few weeks I realized that the positives WAAAY outweigh the negatives.

    I’m okay with giving up iMessage for freedom, multi-tasking, downloading documents with almost any file type, turning my phone into a desktop, and more.

    I just switched my Apple eco-system into the Google one. I use Google Drive, Photos, Docs, Sheets, etc now and it works just as well, and I can send any information to anyone regardless if they are on iOS or Android.

    While you WILL miss iMessage at first… you’ll realize how amazing Android can be 👍🏼

  5. Almost all messaging apps can be used on any of the platforms. IOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or just Web

    * Whatsapp
    * Facebook messenger
    * Telegram
    * Wechat

    I suggest you do not rely on either Google or Apple, since you might switch phones later. 3rd party apps are actually better.

  6. Getting an Android doesn’t mean you have to use SMS, tell your friends and family that you got a non-iphone phone and that they should respect that and use a cross platform chat app, iMessage isn’t magic, everyone else outside of the US mostly use WhatsApp, it has web version, you can send any file, group chat, calls, video calls etc. I can’t believe that it’s 2019 and people in the US act like everyone should have an iPhone just because iMessage, this isn’t the BlackBerry era.

  7. The problem is in the business world, if you’re a a service based worker, the reality is that id estimate the majority of folks are using iPhones. If they need to share photos or videos or location or whatever iPhones will do that natively with no third party app required. Also has time date stamps, tap back feature and read receipts.

    This isn’t an endorsement of iPhone, in fact I just purchased an S10 and feel it’s Superior but the sheer abundance of the iPhones makes it difficult to give up. Not only that but seemless integration with Superior Apple watch 4 and airpods also make switching difficult. Samsung doesn’t have anything that works as well as airpods or Apple watch 4.

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