Ce qui a la plus longue période de temps vous a gardé un seul téléphone pour ?

What’s the longest period of time you kept a single phone for?

mon Nexus 5 j’ai gardé pendant environ deux ans, qui est le plus long, que j’ai gardé de n’importe quel téléphone. Ma moyenne est probablement quelque part près d’un an cependant.

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  1. I bought the Nexus 4 on launch and used it for nearly two and a half years as my daily driver.

    I still have my first Android phone hanging around though, a Samsung Galaxy S 4G, which I’ve owned for nearly eight years.

  2. My current OnePlus 3T. November ’16 to now, so almost 2.5 years. I’m planning on getting a new phone within the next two weeks, though. And sorry, OnePlus. But I’m not getting another of your phones until you remove that hideous notch.

  3. > My Nexus 5 I kept for about two years, which is the longest I’ve kept any phone. My average is probably somewhere around a year though.

    I’m still rocking the Nexus 5 – bought in March or April 2015 so she was not the latest and greatest when I bought it.

  4. I think I kept my iPhone 3G or 4 for 3 years. My Pixel is at 2 years 3 months right now, hoping to not have to replace it for at least another year now that it has a new battery.

  5. Pixel XL. Had it for a little over 2 years.

    Every phone before that I had for close to a year or less. I loved upgrading every year ,but now I have fewer and fewer reason to.

  6. I had my iPhone 4 for 3.5 years. It was working just fine too, but then I dropped it in water. I’ve been on Android since then, but man, that was one solid phone.

  7. My OG pixel right now, 2 1/2 years with the only major annoyance being the battery life dipping a little, Q seemed to have give a little bit of a boost. My Droid 3 made it to 2 years but lack of updates and 4G at the time made it worth it to upgrade. My LG Lucid 2 made it to the 2 year mark but was dropped so many times the device was having trouble reading the SD card and things were slowing down, also no updates. I really loved the OG Moto which only made it to 1 1/2 years because the Lollipop update killed the performance on it and led me to the Pixel XL.

  8. I didn’t even realize how long I’ve kept my Pixel for, but it would currently be the longest time I’ve kept a phone (so far 2 years and 2 months). I plan to keep it for another year knowing Q is going to come to Pixel 1!

  9. S6 – 4 years

    If you owned a phone with a replaceable battery then you could keep it longer (5+ years), but these newer phones that come with the battery sealed can’t be held for more than 3 years because the battery can’t hold a full day’s charge after 3 years

  10. 14 months i believe. Samsung Galaxy Note5. It wasn’t because i wanted to keep it, I was just broke. I wanted to replace it faster than any other phone i’ve ever owned lol

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