Ce que vous obtenez sur Android qui vous permet de l’utiliser ?

What do you get on Android that keeps you using it?

pour moi, c’est la possibilité de changer les choses vers le haut de la façon dont je l’aime. Comme comment vous pouvez installer des thèmes, changer les lanceurs, racine, etc..

Comme c’est le cas avec ma Moto G5s Plus. J’ai il enracine, installé une ROM custom Pie et juste amusé avec la façon dont les choses se sont, ou la façon dont certaines choses se comportent.

C’est amusant, et c’est la chose qui me tient tout juste un peu d’acheter un iPhone.

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  1. Easy to connect to computer (Drag and drop anything)


    Default apps

    Side Load apps from sites

    Free Photo Storage (Pixel)

    EDIT – Because lots of people seem uninformed. Pixel gets free storage at original quality (photo and video). All other phones get free HD photos/videos but the photos are compressed and videos capped at 1080p! The compression isn’t bad, but it’s compression nonetheless.

  2. As someone in a third world country what keeps me on team Android and away from iPhones is the ability to buy a phone without having to sell a kidney or mortgage the house.

  3. One handed operation plus. Fast charging. Fast wireless charging. Good Lock tasker, screens, battery life, customization counts as 50 things. No force obsolescence from updates « helping you » by destroying battery life and speed performance, no Sim card issues I always deal with on iphones. File explorer. USB C. Headphone Jack. Bluetooth transfers. WiFi direct. Just to name a few.

  4. Only emulators (which is weird since I don’t even remember the last time I opened PPSSPP or drastic) but it’s good to know I CAN play it when I wanna

    That and all the little shenanigans apple does for cheaping out on stuff like the fast charger

  5. Similar to you. I use klwp +Nova for a finely tailored home screen [detailed here.](https://www.reddit.com/r/android/comments/6qc85e/_/dkxbfwa) this is from 2015 but I still use the same basic layout.

    I really enjoy going full screen easily with immersive mode + invisible gestures. I have automated tons of stuff. I really enjoy that if something isn’t the way I like I can change it. I optimize it for me rather than have to stay within rigid lines like iOS. I would like a 3rd player in mobile OS. I want the security of iOS and customization of Android.

  6. It’s nothing in particular, I just really don’t like iOS. I try to use it on my kid’s ipads and I’m routinely frustrated by having to work around Apples restrictions. Something as simple as getting a file on the device without installing the terrible iTunes on a Windows computer is a royal pain in the ass.

  7. – ability to sideload APKs easily
    – ease of testing my own apps
    – being able to download MP3 files from email/web and actually store them on the phone
    – much easier to copy files/music on to Android with USB MTP vs. having to sync with iTunes

  8. For me I’d say it’s the frequency of tweaks in the apps and OS

    I feel like IOS is too stable for its own good that it’s boring!

    Every month or twoI have something to look forward to with my Pixel 3.

    Dark Mode for Keep was just announced and that alone give me something to look forward to. I understand IOS would implement it all at once but they dry periods would drive me nuts.

  9. Custom rom support and I can pretty much do whatever I want with a rooted phone. If I think of something I want my phone to do, there’s a high chance someone’s already made an apk or module for it.

  10. I’ve been reading your comments, and what I’ve gotten is that most of you like:

    1. The nifty features that Android brings
    2. Ease of use with devices outside of the Android ecosystem
    3. Freedom and customization
    4. Not having to drop a mortgage on a phone

  11. Use both platforms, but it’s good to have lots of hardware choices on Android, more customization options, ability to side load apps outside of play store, better integration of Google services like assistant, ability to set default apps.

  12. I like streaming sports on my phone at times, and I can get adblocker on Firefox which is needed for sports streaming, and then I can use picture in picture to continue watching a stream while looking at other stuff.

  13. Variety. I went from Samsung to Lenovo to LG to Xiaomi.

    Expandable storage. Prefer storing multimedia on external SD cards before eventually uploading to the cloud.

    Dual SIM. I like using different cellphone network providers, and empty 1 slot for when travelling so I can fit a local SIM.

    Google Assistant. I use her to set alarm clocks, reminders, search while navigating/driving, etc.

  14. * More hardware options/better value for your money

    * Not tied into Apple ecosystem

    At this point I think functionality and so on are pretty much a wash. There aren’t nearly as many things you simply can’t do on iOS as there used to be, and conversely iOS isn’t a thousand times smoother like it used to be.

    Edit: oh… And headphone jack. Duh.

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