Ce que je devrais acheter jeudi (7 mars 2019) – votre demande de dispositif hebdomadaire…

What should I buy Thursday (Mar 07 2019) – Your weekly device inquiry thread!

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news chaque jours de manière confortable ?

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28 réflexions au sujet de “Ce que je devrais acheter jeudi (7 mars 2019) – votre demande de dispositif hebdomadaire…”

  1. Currently have a moto x pure (2015) finally seeing lots of screen issues and battery life is nonexistent now. I’m looking at a new phone under $350 so currently debating on the Nokia 7.1 or the moto z3 play. They both seem like great phones anyone have insight on them or other suggestions?

  2. Looking to switch back to Android.


    I currently have an iPhone X and used it pretty heavily when I lived in the US due to others using iMessage. Currently living in Europe and everyone uses Whats App for the most part so I’m not really tied to iMessage anymore.


    I mostly use my phone for work with apps such as outlook, teams, and other office apps. All my other personal apps I know are available on Android no issues. I usually upgrade yearly and previously to my iPhone years I was heavily involved in rooting my phones and used Paranoid Android pretty heavily. I don’t think I will do that type of stuff to my phone anymore but want something that is close to vanilla or with a very limited customization.


    I also worry about software updates so an OEM who is going to be a part of Android One or at least is very good with updates to newest android versions is a must.

  3. Have the Honor 8 currently, looking for an Android at 300-400 EUR.

    -Need at least 64 gb internal storage.

    – +6 inch display.

    – good battery life.


    – BT 5.0

    – No notch

    – expandable storage

    – headph jack

    Been looking at the Galaxy A50 or LG V30 / V30s Thinq. Still not sure.

  4. iPhone 6s Plus user very intrigued by the features and lower price of the one plus 6T. Need a bit of honest advice here:

    iMessage will be replaced by sms or some other app. Apple Pay will be replaced by google pay. iCloud photos by Google Photos (and free at that). What downsides am I missing here?

  5. I am having a heck of a time deciding on a Samsung s10 edition. I have small hands so I really like the ergonomics of the s10e. I should get that one. Except for the fingerprint reader location which I am sure would infuriate me – can’t unlock the phone while it’s sitting on a table like I can with my s7edge. So okay, the s10 then. Just a bit bigger but has the fingerprint reader. Feels good in my hand. I should get that one. But then the s10+ is just a *little* bit bigger and it has all that extra battery life and the screen really is pretty great. Maybe that’s worth it being a little big and clumsy? I should get that one.

    In the space of 20 minutes playing with them I convinced myself “I should get this one” — for all three models.

    So the question i have is – does anyone have buyer’s remorse? Like you bought one but wish you had bought a different one?

  6. Currently have a Note8, got it at launch, wanting to move away from the samsung bloat and sluggishness. I’ve had oneplus in the past, and liked it, but I was wondering if there is something else out there with an unlockable bootloader, vanilla, or close to vanilla android and expandable memory.. I’ve really gotten used to having an extra almost 500gb of storage via sdcard on the note8.

    not too worried about cameras or most other features, just the above

  7. Upgrading from a s6. Is s9 the best choice and is s10 similar value, just more expensive?

    Looking for best value overall for money, and I recall one of the generation upgrades was very similar to the previous, just more expensive

  8. I have a Moto E4 Plus and the battery that it has it’s amazing. However, the one I have has a Mediatek processor and it stutters a lot. I’m looking for a replacement and the Moto G7 Power seems to be a good replacement. For someone who is not interested in gaming and mostly use the phone for messaging and listening to music, there’s any other suggestion? I’ve seen that the Xiaomi Mi A2 it’s suggested a lot.

  9. With the S10 now fully released and sales picking up, will we see any discounts on older S9 models at carriers or stores in the next month or so? I really need to upgrade and the S9 is really all I want just not sure if something similar happened to the S8 shortly after the S9 release

  10. I am wondering if it’s better tu buy a more or less new phone but not so great, like a Xiaomi MI A2, or buy an old but great phone, like the Samsung S8, I know there is a price difference, but the question is about, new but budget or old but flagship

  11. I’m looking for a new phone here in the next couple of months. Right now I have a Droid turbo 2, I know the brand didn’t have the greatest reception but I looked both my turbo and turbo 2 for the most part. I currently have Verizon as my carrier and I am only looking to get one of their phones (rooting a phone just send really overwhelming to me so I sick with the carrier specific phones.) I have absolutely no interest in getting an iPhone. I have had Androids since my second smartphone (my first was a crackberry, man I miss that phone). I think I have narrowed it down to two phones, they are both Android Oreo 8.1.

    The first phone is LG V40 ThinQ, I’ve had LG in the past with good results. The pros I found of the LG are of the two phones it is lighter and had slightly better battery life, it has more expandable memory, the main camera is 16 MP, and the it would cost sightly less. The cons for me are it doesn’t have eye scan or thumbprint security unlock options and the screen isn’t too the edge.

    There second is the Samsung Galaxy note9. I’ve had Samsung products before but never a phone. The pros are it had more built in memory(128gb or 512gb), it comes with wireless earbuds and advanced Bluetooth connected pen, I like the security unlock options better, and the screen is all the way to the edge. On the downside I will be paying more for it, and it doesn’t have as many camera lenses.

    Anyone have thoughts on either of these? Is there another not iPhone Verizon phone I should look into? All advice welcome.


  12. My current phone is broken and it’s time for me to search for a new phone.

    I’ve looked around and seen the popular phones (Hwawei p20 pro, pixel 3, samsung, oneplus 6t) which costs £400-500.

    Recently then saw the pocophone f1 sits around £270-300 and saw good opinions on it’s value too, although that no

    So would the pocophone f1 be worth looking to buy or any other suggestions? Generally, I want to stay below £450-400.


    I usually game on my phone and just general use (watching streams, reddit, emails, browsing etc..)

    So I pretty much would like to look for a good battery life, good display and just something that will last me for a few years to come.

    Not too crazy with cameras, recording or any other crazy features.



  13. Still working with my iPhone 6, would like to upgrade to an S8 for ~$250 instead of a moto g7 (on Sprint 🙁 ) Downsides? Should I wait a month or two for the s9/s10e to come down in price?

  14. I’ve been tasked with finding my (72 year old) father a new android phone and am looking for suggestions.

    He currently has a Samsung S5 he says. His budget is circa £250. Something clean and simple would be best. Something that fits in a pocket easily. He’d like a good camera too.

    He’s constantly saying « I’VE BEEN HACKED AGAIN » when anything odd happens.. like his car not picking up all his phone book via bluetooth. (« What would a hacker want to do that for dad? » falls on deaf ears..)

    He lives in France but will be over in the UK next week and wants to sort it all out then.

  15. I am US T-Mobile customer, currently using the LG G7. I used to love LG phones but lately I feel like the last few have been laggy even on day 1.

    I want to get a different phone, either an upgrade or a sidegrade.

    I am open to any phone, even if it’s a Xaoimi, One Plus, etc. I willing to wait a few months if a new phone is going to be released soon. Price is also not a problem.

    The most important thing to me is power and speed.

    I would prefer it still have a headphone jack as I use it for listening to music while commuting, but I am willing to cut it out if it means having a seriously powerful phone.

    I don’t care too much about the camera.

    I appreciate any suggestions. Also let me know if I should wait a bit for a new release. Thank you!

  16. I was planning to buy a Galaxy Tab S2 (instead of a Kindle Paperwhite) primarily for reading-purposes (Japanese novels) . I thought the AMOLED screen would be perfect for reading in the dark (against a dark background).


    I just tried reading a wiki article w/ a dark background on my old Note 4 and the text stutters and lags like crazy when scrolling. When I scroll, the text get’s thin for a millisecond and stutters.

    The problem might be more noticeable cause of the Japanese text- as japanese text is super tiny and intricate as is.

    Is this present in the tab S2 as well?



  17. I have an op3 and the battery is getting pretty bad. I really want a note 9 but I live in Canada and they sell it for over 1k unlocked. Just wondering how cheap I can get the note for up here. (Like what phone I should buy to maximize trade in value, what retailer to buy through. I’ve tried searching but it’s all US stuff)

  18. I was sadly robbed a few days ago of my Moto E4 Plus (my first smartphone too..), so now I’m looking for a replacement.
    What I liked about it was its battery life, large screen, and durability. I don’t play games on a phone, nor do I really care much about a camera. I primarily used it as a web browser, communications through WhatsApp, and for entertainment some Netflix.

    Any recommendations? I see the E4 plus isn’t really on the market anymore. I’m leaning to the successor, E4 plus, but its size is larger (= more battery drain, no?) and the fingerprint sensor is at a stupid place. I bought the E4 plus for 99 euros back then, though I’m OK with anything in the 0-200 price range so long its at least equal to the E4 plus. Any thoughts?

  19. I’m looking to buy a Xiaomi Mi 9, but only the 6gb ram version is available here in Sweden.

    How big is the difference between 6gb and 8gb? I will mostly use the phone for emulators, so performance is very important to me.

  20. Currently searching for a upgrade from an iPhone 4s and reside in the U.S. The upgrade would need to be:

    * able to play Pokemon Go without any trouble.
    * have a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones.
    * not be too big. (I love how small the 4s is and I’m slowly accepting such a small size will suit my desires.)

    I’d also like to have the phone able to upgrade to/have 9.0 pie just so I can skip trying to adjust from 8.0/8.1, but it’s not a big deal for me. Camera features are also not a big deal for me.

    I’m a bit lost on what to buy. The main activities on the upgrade would most likely be surfing Reddit, Pokemon go, Reading books, and listening to music.

    Obviously a tricked out 8gig ram phone would be a waste. However, I’d prefer a phone that can last. In three months my 4s will be four years old. Part of me wants a newly released phone so I can ride the wave of updates and not worry the about being obsolete.

    Suggestion are desired. The models I’m currently considering are:

    Nokia 7.1, Galaxy s9, Galaxy S10e, Xperia 10, Xperia XZ1 Compact, and Motorola One Power.



    In need of a new device but I can’t seem to find a lot of non-Chinese phones that have a lot of the features that made me fall in love with my current huawei device.

    Currently I have an old Honor 8 from 2016 by Huawei and I’ll be frank, I absolutely love it. The back button with the 3 function mappable functions is my main use for it as the fingerprint is naturally where I want it and I can open 3 different apps as I like in an instant. I currently have it for email, google assist, and Flashlight for my particular line of work. However my employer will requires that Chinese phones by Huawei, Xiaomei, and ZTE are not going to be allowed soon for travel and security purposes, so I need a new device that has the fingerprint on the back and a physical button there so with that being my more important feature.
    I need: – The back button to be Mappable to at least one function, or possibly 3 like my current device. – The fingerprint scanner support scrolling the Notification bar like the Honor 8 – Good Battery life and multitasking (I’m constantly using 2 apps at the same time for work) Here are some example of these features if I’m not making myself clear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrM2eW9Xe4Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM1LPdxnKTI

    From what phones I tried at local providers and Best Buy, nothing seems to really fit this and it shocks me that features like fingerprint scrolling and mappable buttons aren’t a thing 3 years later with most phones.

    Country: USA Carrier: T-mobile Price: $599 max, I don’t do contracts. Size Preference: Similar in size to the Honor 8 that fits my pockets and carry-ons perfectly: 145.5 x 71 x 7.5 mm (5.73 x 2.80 x 0.30 in) What will it be used for: multitasking between email, spreadsheet, browser, and often Youtube in dual window setup. Preferred brands: Don’t have one but I am not a fan at all of Samsung’s prices, UI, or bloatware. Also can’t be from any of the Chinese brands listed above. Other: Good Battery. 3000mAH minimum, need it to last a full work day like current one has (but after 3 years the honor 8 has started to diminish to barely getting through a day at 15% now)

  22. My experiences with the S7 edge and Pixel 2 have been pretty good, the Note 9 seems like a really solid, rigid, and capable device. I only want the note, however, because I have enormous hands and it fits really well in one of them. Hand size is a surprisingly large factor in which phone you should choose. I would recommend something like the S10 or pixel 3 if you’re looking for a reliable, fast and repairable flagship. If you’re looking for a feature fest, get the note 9. If you’re looking for amazing camera quality, get the Pixel 3 XL.

  23. I’m looking to move back to Android after my stint with iOS. My question is as follows: my number 1 complaint with Android is the absolutely atrociously terrible updates and device degradation. My previous 2 devices were the Nexus Prime and the Moto X. Both degraded after 2 years. Has Android gotten better since then?

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