Ce que je devrais acheter jeudi (4 avril 2019) – votre demande de dispositif hebdomadaire…

What should I buy Thursday (Apr 04 2019) – Your weekly device inquiry thread!

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les jokes tous les jours de manière confortable ?

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29 réflexions au sujet de “Ce que je devrais acheter jeudi (4 avril 2019) – votre demande de dispositif hebdomadaire…”

  1. Looking for a phone for <$500 AUD.

    Needs to have: headphone jack, NFC.

    Would love it to have expandable memory, wireless charging, would also be nice if it had a LED notification light.

    If it’s a Chinese phone, would need the bootloader to be unlockable.

    Was currently looking at the LG V30+ or Nokia 8.1, also looking for a deal on a S9 but don’t know if I could get an S9+.

    Are any of those a standout? Is there one I can discount? Is there another option?


  2. Idk where to post this but malwarebytes just vanished from the app store and site links aren’t working either

    I ran the app after downloading some PSP isos and it wouldn’t connect after like 10 minutes so I deleted the app and when I went to re install it on play store It wasn’t showing up in my library, or search listings. The link on Google was giving the same results and the link on there site was doing the same anyone have any ideas

    **Device information:**

    Relay Version: 9.5.84 Pro

    Phone: Samsung SM-G975U (SM-G975U)
    Android Version: 9 (28)
    Device (product): beyond2q (beyond2qltesq)
    Rom: PPR1.180610.011.G975USQU1ASBA

  3. Are the galaxy buds worth it?

    I’ve heard of a few major cons:
    1. Microphone Quality is subpar relative to other options like the AirPods and Sennheiser Momentum.
    2. Sound quality is competitive but not impressive
    3. The battery life is marginally worse than competition.

    Anyone have experience on the software end? Any reason not to get these?

  4. I’ve been concerned recently about all the news of Chinese and probably US companies giving user information to the government, and overall the lack of integrity in phone manufacturers when it comes to privacy is concerning. Can anyone suggest a company that hasn’t had many scandals or breaches, that has shown integrity, and/or that has given you a really good experience interacting with it?

  5. More of a tech question I was looking to get help with. What are the hardware limitations for the LG G3’s micro SD card? Is there a cap on how fast it can transfer data and what storage capacity it can have?

  6. looking for a cheap-ish android running watch that’s got to support: gps, hrm and strava/garmin please. I’m thinking about something a bit unusual from banggood. thanks

  7. Considering the Moto z3 play or the g7 power.

    I want to spend under $400, have band 71 and good battery life.

    Not sure if it’s worth the extra hundred for the z3 play…

  8. I’m getting a new contract and can choose between the Mate 20 Pro or the P30 Pro.
    There’s a 100€ price difference with the P30 Pro being the more expensive one.

    They both seem very similar, yet have some merits (P30 Pro better camera, Mate 20 Pro more display resolution), but the Mate apparently has some display issues in the earlier generations. Hope someone can help me out.

  9. I’m looking for the best used phone for under $450 CAD ($350 USD). I want something unlocked with a good camera, good performance for light photo editing, expandable storage and a decent battery.

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and am looking at the Note 8, S9 and S8+ on Ebay, but open to other recommendations.

  10. So im currently looking in a slow manner if theres any deals coming up for phones and wondering what i should get. I currently have a lg v10 which is borderline dead (trouble with charging, screen ghosting after about 0.1second screen on time with anything white).

    My intention was to wait for the redmi note 7 pro but since thats not coming out this is my current ‘list’ im considering.

    xiaomi redmi note 7 (240euro)

    Honor 8x (224 euro)

    Huawei P smart 2019 (175 euro)

    I need a headphone jack, no headphone jack is no buy. For the rest preferably a big screen, and good enough to last about 2 years i geuss. Mostly just reddit, some video watching, whatsapp/messenger and the occasional light game. I only take like 5 pictures a year so camera quality isnt that essential to me but nice to have. Budget preferably on the cheaper side.

    Any reasons to not buy any of the 3 above? Or any others i should be looking for a deal on?

  11. I am looking for a work phone. I really just need it for email and phone calls, that sort of thing. i’m sure i’ll put a few time wasters on it too.

    I don’t care much about the camera or a super duper nice screen or anything. i’m just looking for a good clean-looking phone with ideally a bloat-free version of android.

    i would prefer if it was on the cheaper side.

    (what should i get ?)


  12. I am having a hard time choosing a new phone, right now I have the Pixel OG, but looking to upgrade. I only care for 2 things: Camera and Battery. What should I buy? (< $600)


  13. For anyone coming here looking for a phone that gets good battery life I can vote for the g7 power.

    It however obviously has its shirt falls. I have the European 4gig version.

    If anyone is on the fence about this device ask away and I’ll try to help you to see if this is or isn’t for you.

    Currently at 50% after 3 days and 7.5 sot with everything turned on.

    Moto g7 power https://imgur.com/gallery/o4oBnTA

  14. Do you guys think the P20 Pro is worth it at this point or should i wait for the regular P30?

    I’m not a fan of curved edges so i don’t want the P30 Pro.

  15. I have a refurbished s7 that I bought about 2 years ago. The battery is pretty much shot and it’s time for something new.

    Priority is to get a replacement that isn’t any larger than a S7, other than that I am not picky.

    I am leaning towards just buying an unlocked something or other but I could also renew my Verizon contract if that will be the better deal.

    Edit: I think I had to put a budget so let’s say 500, but that’s a pretty loose number.


  16. anyone playing games on devices with custom ROMs?

    are there games that don’t work without workarounds, i.e. detects the custom ROM – other than Pokemon Go?

    mostly concerned about Asphalt 9 but would love the heads-up on other games as well.

    planning to buy a pocophone for gaming, but ditch MIUI for LineageOS.

  17. I have a Nexus 5X and it’s been giving me some issues lately.

    Key features I’m looking for in a replacement:

    * better battery

    * good camera

    * unlocked (I like controlling my phone)

    * at least unofficial LOS support

    * good ATT band coverage (which eliminates the Poco)

    * audio jack would be nice, but not a hard requirement

    I’d like to spend < $400, but I’d go up to $600 if it were justified. Thanks for any suggestions!

  18. Currently have a PH-1 but reception issues are kinda annoying me now. I like the more modern (bezelless) designs but I don’t want to pay for them lol. I was looking at getting an S8/S9 off Swappa, but I’d like suggestions for which one to get or any other good suggestions. I don’t mind non-stock skins and I’m on Verizon.

  19. have a Nexus 6P that’s on its death throes. I’m ogling the Pixel line and I can’t tell if I should aim for a Pixel 2 (I can find one for ~360€ new), get a Pixel 3 (~500€ new) or wait out for a Pixel 3a. I love stock Android with frequent updates but resilience (=plastic case instead of glass) and legacy compatibility (=audio jack) are big pluses for me. anyone have useful insights?

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