Ce que je devrais acheter jeudi (28 mars 2019) – votre demande de dispositif hebdomadaire…

What should I buy Thursday (Mar 28 2019) – Your weekly device inquiry thread!

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news chaque jours de manière confortable ?

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29 réflexions au sujet de “Ce que je devrais acheter jeudi (28 mars 2019) – votre demande de dispositif hebdomadaire…”

  1. I have a budget of £300 and want to upgrade from my alcatel shine lite. Any recommendations? I’ve heard a lot about the pocophone (but also its issues) and the honor play.

  2. Looking to upgrade my father’s phone Redmi 4A, to either redmi 7, asus zenfone max pro 2 or nokia 5.1 plus. The phone lags a lot apps are slow to load. Max buget is 10k INR. Any other recommendations?The usage will be little browsing, youtube and whatsapp are the main usage.

  3. Urgently need a new phone but I’m a bit unsure whether I should go with the OnePlus 6T or Samsung Galaxy S10 (my country only has the Exynos variant). Looking for a phone that would serve me well for 3-4 years or so. I use my phone mostly for gaming and streaming videos.

    Or if you have any other phones to suggest, I would really appreciate to hear about them.

  4. There are some decent offers on LG phones here.
    If I trade in my oneplus 3T, I can get

    1. LG G7 thinq (4,64) for $315 USD, (6,128) for $480
    2. LG V40 thinq (6,128) for $480

    At any given time, I only have 5-7 apps on my phone.
    WhatsApp, Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and Gmail.

    Headphone jack and a good display is a must. I’m biased towards OLED.

    It’ll be nice to have a large battery.

  5. I visited a Samsung store recently and I absolutely loved the S10e. It’s so small and light. I’m tempted to buy it. Thoughts? I currently have an S9+ btw

  6. Question, looking in the market for a new phone and was considering the oneplus 6t but should I wait for a new phone if there are any coming soon or are phone releases so far away that i’d be happy w/ my purchase now

  7. Region: United States

    Budget: $350

    Screen Size: No bigger than 5.8


    I currently have an Honor 8. I want something like the Samsung S8, but with better battery life.

  8. There was a phone discussed about 3 weeks ago here, that had a decent amount of features, and was something like under $300USD. I forgot to bookmark it :/

    IIRC – had MicroSD, fingerprint reader, may have been waterproof? Headphone jack, fast charge

    It was like a mid-tier phone from .. ahh, Xiaomi, Huawei, or some brand like that…I think. a lesser-known to the outside world brand and model. I dont believe it was a Moto phone either, though they probably fit this description as well.

    Any idea?

  9. Looking to get a Samsung phone deciding between the S8, A8 or A8s or any other Samsung phone in that price range that you guys would recommend?

  10. UK

    £300 max with, cheaper but still as powerful, being better.

    My current phone is the Alcatel Shine Lite (2 GB Ram)

    Other than calling/texting/surfing the web I play a lot of mobile games, none of which I would particularly class as being high spec games but I’ve noticed my current phone sometimes stutters. Games include: Fate Grand order, Dragalia lost, Grandblue Fantasy and Destiny Child. I bought the Alcatel shine lite as I loved the look of the phone but looks don’t matter as much as performance to me.

    I’ve been looking at the Pocophone F1 and the Honor Play but am having a tough decision choosing.

    Honor play seems to be a very good phone with nothing to really complain about (4 gb Ram and a good CPU) pretty standard otherwise, nothing to complain about.

    Pocophone seems to overall be the better phone performance wise (6gb Ram and a better CPU), it also has a better camera though as a photographer if i’m taking photos I usually have a camera with me anyways. Problems I’m seeing though is screen bleeding for some unlucky individuals, build quality seems a bit cheaper than Honor play and some people have complained about ads within some preinstalled apps (may not be a problem with the uk version).

    Anyone able to help me choose between the two or if there is a better phone for the same price?

  11. Replacing a dead Google Pixel OG – software fault began this morning – tried a factory reset on the phone which didn’t improve the situation – phone continually resets within 5 minutes of turning on – usually however not making it past the boot screen.

    Had been looking to hold out til the Google Pixel 4 my hand has been forced.

    Is it best to get a low level phone and wait for the Google pixel 4 or just bite the bullet and get a flagship phone?

    Camera quality is one of the most important features for me – I am travelling a lot and taking photos for my own personal enjoyment.

    Currently tossing up between the S10 and Google Pixel 3 from the flag ship end – I do think I’ll miss a headphone jack going to pixel 3 but I don’t like Samsung UI. Should I look at the one plus instead?

  12. I’m ready to take a deep dive into the dark web of old android flagships.

    What’s a good 1080p or higher android flagship released from 2017 onward available new for less than $200?

  13. Region: USA

    Budget: $300ish ideal, but could go up to $500ish

    Current: Moto g6

    Carrier: currently Google Fi, but willing to use any mvno (e.g. airvoice or Page plus).

    I like everything about this Moto g *except* that it lags from time to time. I feel I’m a pretty casual user – no games, occasional pics, browsing, email, texting… But not-infrequently the g6 will have a multi-second lag when e.g. switching apps or scrolling a webpage.

    The OnePlus 6t looks nice, but no microsd and no 3.5″ headphone jack are deal-breakers.

    There Zenfone 5z checks all the boxes, but I’m concerned about software updates/longevity. If I spend $500 on a phone, I want to get at least three years out of it. I had the Intel-based Zenfone 2 years ago, and loved it, but couldn’t keep it because it didn’t work with this Mobile Iron software I need for work (but I don’t think that would be an issue with the 5z, being ARM based).

    The Moto g7 might work, but I’m concerned about it not being a big enough steep up in performance.

    What other phones should I look at?

  14. Two years ago I got the Moto Doid Z Play on Verizon for $5/mo/2yr. Time for an upgrade and nothing looks even close to that kind of deal. Anything under $10/mo has worse specs than my 2 year old phone. I just want same or better.

  15. Region: Europe

    Price range: 500-700€

    I’ve been looking into getting a new phone to replace my Xperia Z5. Ideally I want a device that lasts me at least as long as my Z5 (almost 4 years now) with good battery life, powerful SoC and nice aesthetics. I live in Europe and am looking at the 500-700€ price range. I’ve mostly narrowed it down to these 3 options at this point:

    Samsung Galaxy S10e:

    * nice form factor, fairly compact, same size as my Z5 with 20% more screen
    * I’m a fan of the hole punch camera (any notch other than the small teardrop-style is ugly and a waste of screen space imo, would rather have a bezel at that point)
    * complete package overall, with a very good screen (AMOLED), powerful SoC (Exynos 9820), wireless charging
    * can get it for around 680€ for the 128GB/6GB RAM version.

    Honor View 20:

    * same holepunch camera
    * bigger phone overall; I’m not sure if this is a pro or con
    * amazing design (that back looks great imo)
    * very good value for the price, top tier SoC, more storage + RAM and lots of battery life for almost 200€ less than the other two
    * can get it for around 530€ for the 256GB/8GB RAM version

    Huawei P30:

    * amazing camera (although that’s less important for me) and nice screen (OLED)
    * compact, similar to the S10e
    * very nice design (I like the Aurora color scheme)
    * same SoC as the Honor V20
    * brand new, I’ll be able to get it for 750€

    They all have their individual up- and downsides. The biggest draw of the V20 is the much lower price for basically the same specs (just a standard LCD panel instead of OLED/AMOLED) and actually more storage and RAM. For the Samsung, wireless charging seems pretty cool (I’ve never tried it) and it has the most powerful SoC of the three, which is nice because I play games on my phone as well, and I want it to stay capable of playing smoothly for a while. The P30 is brand new (it was announced while I was researching the other phones) and it seems like a good option too overall with the same SoC as the Honor. Its focus is on the camera though, which is not too important to me.
    Both the P30 and S10e are more expensive because of how recent they are, so I’m wondering whether to wait a bit in case their price drops to levels competitive with what the V20 offers. The S10e has already dropped by almost 100€ since its release.

    Aside from these three I’ve considered a bunch of other phones, but they had a few dealbreakers to them (I really like having a headphone jack, and profoundly dislike curved screens like on the bigger versions of the S10 and on the Huawei Mate series).

    Can you guys help me decide which phone to go for, or whether to potentially wait 1-2 more months to get a significantly better deal?

  16. Region: Europe

    Budget: €500

    * Great camera
    * Battery

    Nice to haves:
    * Non-propriatary quickcharge (I have anker products)
    * 3.5mm
    * Waterproof

    I don’t game. I use my phone for general day to day, but I do watch a lot of Netflix on it. I take a lot of photos, and with a shitty commute, am prioritizing battery here. My LG G6 screen retention is AWFUL so no screen of the same type please.

  17. Hi guys,
    I got a new contract from Vodafone with a pixel 3
    While I enjoy the UI and the form and size some things really annoying me.
    Battery drains quite fast
    No headphone jack and some issues with Spotify (can’t get mic controls to work)

    Is there a good alternative? I still have 10 days to decide whether I want to change the phone

  18. Replacing a dying Samsung S5, any recommendations for a student-oriented budget?

    Only really using it for calls, texting, maps and Facebook/Messenger. Don’t need anything flashy and exciting, but I do want it to last at least three or four years. Thanks!

  19. I want basically a V35 but with an unlockable bootloader…

    Everything newer has a notch, or doesn’t have a headphone jack, or has an even-worse-than-2:1 aspect ratio, or doesn’t have an unlockable bootloader.

  20. Looking to switch from my iPhone X , I don’t mind on price I just want the best I can get , I’m weary of Samsung since I had the s8+ it was great for a while then slowed down a lot after a few months of updates

    I want something with a nice camera – the p30 pro looks like it can be good but if also heard that some of the pictures are fake advertising, iv heard that the pixel 3 has a great camera but I don’t know anything about the google devices

    I’m open to suggestions but thing that I want are fingerprint sensor in the screen and preferably large device + great camera(s)

    Thanks in advance

  21. US, Verizon


    Upgrading from: Galaxy S7 Edge which I generally enjoyed, but has become painfully slow and unpredictable, even after factory reset–Maps and camera are incredibly slow to load, and worst of all phone calls will sometimes randomly not come through until the phone is rebooted (also happening to wife with the same phone, so at this point I just want to avoid Samsung).


    Budget: $400 USD



    – Something that will last at least 3 years without wanting to toss it out a window

    – Fast and decent camera

    – No sluggishness using apps like Google Maps

    – Headphone jack


    – Expandable storage

    – Replaceable battery (or waterproof is kind of convenient, but would prefer replaceable battery)

    – Physical home button

  22. Tablet with active stylus (or at least with a slot for a normal one)? Heavily considering a lowend iPad with the Apple Pencil but that doesn’t seem to have a space to hold the stylus on the device.

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