Ce que je devrais acheter jeudi (21 mars 2019) – votre demande de dispositif hebdomadaire…

What should I buy Thursday (Mar 21 2019) – Your weekly device inquiry thread!

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39 réflexions au sujet de “Ce que je devrais acheter jeudi (21 mars 2019) – votre demande de dispositif hebdomadaire…”

  1. Looking for a phone under 400 USD.

    Need headphone jack.
    SD card slot
    Not looking for small phones.
    Needs to work with AT&T(LTEbands)

    At least as fast and screen as nice as current device, LG G4. This phone is dying. Kind of want to go with another company cause I’ve had 4 LG devices die. But if issues are resolved these days ,will try.

    Edit: Kinda leaning towards LG G6, but we’re there many or serious problems with these? I would like a Xaomi but is there any that will work well with the features I want for 2-300 bucks and works on AT&T?

  2. Looking to replace my OnePlus 3T. Loved the phone but the speakers are failing on me. Really need some help I’m so indecisive.

    Looking to spend $600 or less. No Samsung as I hate their UI and I enjoy rooting/don’t want to deal with knoxx.

    A must for me is battery life and quick charging. I’d prefer a headphone jack and physical fingerprint sensor but they aren’t deal breakers for me. Just not entirely sold on the in screen sensor of the 6t.

    Want the honor V20 but it’s not available State side so I’ve been jumping between the 6T and Moto G7. Any recommendations?

  3. Is it fair enough to say the Mi 9 would be one of the best choices for most of the requests here? I’m sorry but I’m a bit dumbfounded how well rounded an offer that phone is.

  4. Buying a new phone for myself after using the Moto g4 plus since release, I’m looking to spend under 350 and I value battery life highly but smoothness is also a large factor performance wise. What should I get I’m leaning towards the Moto g7 power.

  5. I’ve been using my trusted OnePlus 3 for the past two years and it’s still serving me well. I just see all the nice new phones and start thinking whether I should upgrade. Saw my brother’s Sam Note 9 and almost got jealous. Should I go for a OnePlus 6 or Note 9? I love OxygenOS and I want to be able to root and mess around in the future. But the Note 9 is such a complete supreme package both hardware and software wise, I can’t decide.

  6. Is the new Samsung M30 worth? I’m worried about the screen, is it amoled? It’s a bit out of my budget but I could get it

    Should I buy that, gor for an iPhone 6 s or one of the Huawei/ Xiaomi phones in a slightly lower range?

    I’m a light user that mostly uses screen, big if possible, and very little camera

  7. I’m looking to pick up a phone for my mom, she didn’t care about any specs but wants a good camera.

    What the best camera in a phone I can get for $2-300? Preferably new and compatible with T-Mobile.

  8. Using Moto Z play. Looking for good camera, ability to play hearthstone and Pokemon go and work with my Fitbit with a good battery life.

    Just looking to hit the above and be good for a few years for as low as possible

  9. Has anyone succeeded in making a Qi wireless charging magnetic car mount worth my money yet? The increase in ease after purchasing a magnetic mount was significant, and I feel like it will be « complete » with wireless charging.

  10. Snapdragon 821 vs 845 vs 855, is there any real performance difference? Battery, speed of browsing etc…

    Anywhere they detail the differences, not looking for synthetic benchmarks like geekbench.

  11. I’m on a G6 Play, which has an 18:9 aspect. I thought I could get used to it, but I can’t. It’s too long for me to reach anything and I can’t stand the black bars on videos, or it’s narrowness. This is a hard one, I’m not even going to pretend it isn’t.

    Any US carrier

    3.5mm headphone jack.


    Under $250 is preferred, but I can probably stretch to $300.

    No notch, curved edge, dimple, etc.

  12. How do we feel about buying the Razer phone 2 at this point?

    I’m tempted by the $499 but might want to wait until the holidays and get a 855 chipset for probably around that price.

  13. I guess this is slightly outside of the sub scope but since it’s important it’s friendly with Android:

    Any recommendations on (for lack of a better term) knockoff Airpods? Looking for something ideally in the $60 or less range, will mostly be using for taking calls, the only interest I had in Airpods was because Apple’s headphones are the only ones I’ve found that fit my ears well. I currently use their wired headphones. I hate in ear headphones that go all the way in and have those jelly things or whatever. So if anyone knows some fake Airpods that work well for Android calls and aren’t complete trash I wanna hear about it. I can’t trust Amazon reviews on random Chinese knockoffs since they’re largely fake.

  14. I keep thinking I will FINALLY leave my Lumia 950 behind for Android, but once again, the landscape leaves me disappointed.

    I can’t find a device that sounds like a good buy. I really dislike Samsung’s « edge display » design, and I hate the existence of Bixby. Really, I just don’t like Samsung’s devices on the whole.

    The Xperia 1 would be intriguing, but with the « someday » release date and preposterous $1,100 rumored price, that’s nit an option.

    I keep thinking the LG G8 is what I would get, but they continue to be silent about a global release. Huawei won’t release is the U.S. which sucks.

    The high-end market just seems barren these days. HTC is gone. Nokia is playing a year in the past. Motorola is a budget brand. There seems to barely be any flagship competition in the States, anyone see it any differently?

  15. I need to buy a new phone. Currently have an S7Edge which was great but it’s old and dying.

    I have a $4-500 budget. Would like to keep it around the size of the s7 as I have small hands and already can’t reach everything on the screen one handed. Needs to be android, have a decent camera, expandable storage, able to use on CDMA and GSM, headphone jack. Leaning towards a s9 but thought I’d check on here first. I’m pretty much only familiar with Samsung and don’t mind getting another, but thought I’d ask if there is something else I should be looking at. I travel pretty extensively and my phone makes life Sooo much easier.

    Also, what websites should I buy through? I normally buy through eBay. Is that the best option? (I always liked because I could use PayPal in case anything goes wrong)

  16. Currently using a Moto G4 plus.Looking to buy a new phone in India for a budget range of 20-30k. main use will be FB YouTube and Candy Crush.So battery is a priority
    Confused between the Moto power and Oppo/Vivo phones
    Phone is for my Mom BTW

  17. It’s not really buy it, but should I trade iPhone SE for 1+5? 1+5(6GB,64GB) has fingerprint issue and damaged back cover,which I can repair by myself.

  18. Looking to upgrade from my Droid turbo with a bad battery, would the LG V30 still hold up ok as a budget option? Don’t really do much intensive tasks on my phone, and the dac and camera are attractive to me.

  19. I have an broken S8 (broken glass, broken battery – 1500 mah in AccuBattery) and I’m torn between P20 Pro and S9 plus.

    I can only afford a second hand one. how could I check the battery life at a first check with a reasonable offer to buy?

  20. Currently using the iPhone 6s and I want to return to android. Should I go for the s10 or wait for the pixel 4 to release. For me, the most important features are display, battery, and performance. I’m also concerned about receiving the latest software updates.

  21. The moto x4 Android one is at $150 right now. That price is unreal but it’s a neat 2 year old device. I would like o have an s10e but a 150 dollar phone sounds real nice.

    What should I expect from the x4?

  22. Here in Hong Kong the S9 is US$440 and the OnePlus 6T (6GB/128GB) is US$550. Is there any reason why I might want to buy the 6T instead? I’m replacing a nearly 4 year old S6.

  23. Currently using a moto z play. I am looking for a phone with a comparable battery life and screen, but a better camera.
    Also it must have good custom ROM support.
    A headphone jack and sd card would also be nice. Does such a phone even exist?

  24. I have a Oneplus 3. Not much wrong with it except that the battery is starting to show it’s age and the USB port is wearing out. It’s still fairly quick and I like Oxygen OS (fairly clean Android with some nifty features, quick on updates). The camera though isn’t as good as I want it to be and although I’ve loaded gcam, the SoC does show it’s age when using it.

    In short: What’s a decent mid-range phone with a good camera (or at least one with good gcam performance) that I can replace my Oneplus 3 with?

  25. I am looking for a phone with optical image stabilization, I have started needing to take pictures of name plates on equipment while climbing around for my job and do not have a very steady hand.

    I currently have a Nokia 6.1 which I like a lot but often end up with blurry or out of focus pictures.

    For my new phone battery life is also a priority and my budget is about $300

  26. Currently use a Huawei P10. Looking for a budget phone that has a better battery life and a camera that is either as good, or better than current one.

    If there’s nothing really worth looking at I’ll probably just stick with what I’ve got 🙂. Don’t want to spend more than £300.

    Edit: would also prefer headphone jack.

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