Bromite est un open source, de-googlé Chrome navigateur avec autonomie…


Bromite est un open source, de-googlé Chrome navigateur avec autonomie… Bromite

Bromite is an open-source, de-googled Chromium-based browser with adblocking, speed, privacy and security enhancements, AMP-page removal, DNS-over-HTTPS, anti-fingerprinting mitigations, background playback, bookmark export and more, with minimal UI changes

est un open source, le navigateur Chrome de-googlé avec adblocking, vitesse, confidentialité et améliorations de la sécurité, AMP-page enlèvement, DNS-over-HTTPS, anti-empreintes atténuations, lecture de fond, exportation de signet et plus, avec changements minimes de l’interface utilisateur

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  1. Signed in to my Google account in Bromite on my **Pixel 2** and then I received an warning email from Google saying I have signed in from a **OnePlus 6** device!

  2. Bromite is excellent, exactly the de-Googled adblocking Chromium fork I was looking for after the popularity of CAF Chromium builds died down (Tugabrowser et al) and they stopped being supported. Enable the custom tabs option and get adblock in your custom tabs. Very regularly updated too.

    I appreciate that many folks value and want cross-device sync, but I specifically do not want my browsing cross-device or linked to the profile Google has for me. I’ve spent a long time training Google to give me news and suggestions I do want, and do not want that compromised by my casual browsing habits. Sometimes I’m just curious about or researching something and would rather Google not ever send me suggested content about that subject.

    Brave and Kiwi are good alternatives, but gotta be honest. I hate their icons with a burning passion – and for my use-case that’s enough to look elsewhere. Shoutout to Samsung Internet for also being awesome.

  3. I wanted to like Bromite but I notice that it stutters for me when scrolling fast down some webpages while the page is still loading elements. This stutters is not present when doing the same thing on the same webpages with Brave.

  4. Very cool! but it fails to run bookmarklets from bookmarks menu, although they work directly from address bar 🙁 so I personally deem this browser to be unusable :/

    P.S cba patching it myself once I’ve read the requirements to build chromium Q.Q

  5. I’ve been using it and enjoy it for the past few weeks. I love all the settings that just don’t exist in chrome. It would be cool if you can enable the cardboard vr within your browser, because it doesn’t seem supported.
    In addition, I don’t usually have auto-rotate on… If you could make the app function like youtube, where it still rotates based on the position of the device, it would be awesome!

  6. Does it have pure black OLED mode (not just dark grey)? Can it darken all websites like Samsung Internet’s « night mode » (without screwing with my screen brightness)?

  7. No, bromite is actually an ion. Its chemical formula is BrO2-. It is made by reacting bromous acid with a base and they easily disproportionate to bromates and bromides.

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