Bouclier d’expérience mise à niveau 7.2.3 bouclier

Shield Experience Upgrade 7.2.3

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les actualité chaque jours de manière confortable ?

expérience Upgrade 7.2.3

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  1. > • Rare occurrences of Wifi disconnect which requires a restart to recover.

    Been suffering from this, really glad to see it getting patched. Having to reboot the Shield is not exactly quick.

  2. I am both disappointed in Google and proud of NVIDIA. As someone who upgrade from the Nexus Player, I don’t understand Google. First they limited any software updates to once a year with Android Oreo, completely changing the design which is ok but not objectively better than the previous interface. Then after it seems they abandon Android TV, rumors hit about a Pixel Player which turn out to a development kit that ship months after it announcement and announce Android Pie in the works.


    As we wait for Android Pie, look at Android TV, NVIDIA Shield, Xiaomi MI Box, and handful of others are the only set top boxes and a few TVs have it built in. App development is slow with reviews not even in App Store.


    And yet look at NVIDIA. With SoC that how old, they manage to make the best (arguably) Android TV set box on the market that not only gets updates but gotten better over time with GeForce and Steam Link. I just wish Google actually invested in this.

  3. So here’s an interesting use-case and scenario…

    I currently have a first gen Mibox and a Xbox One X. The can both stream 4k HDR over PLEX but cant consistently hit the bitrate I want. If I get the newer Shield box do you think it would handle the bitrate better? Some of my movies are upwards of 50mbps. Can’t have a 4k bluray player in every room, too expensive.

    On the flip-side my battery life seems to have improved even more. Less usage over time now.

  4. Is FireTV remote supported on Shield? My original Shield remote mic is broken, so toying with the idea of getting a cheap firetv remote as a replacement. This line in releases notes got me thinking: Fire TV remote mic button opens microphones on SHIELD accessories for Google Assistant/voice search

  5. While I’m glad they are still at it trying to fix the issues, I’m still plagued by the Android Framework restart thing that happens. Hopefully they’ll tackle that next point release.

  6. Sigh since the Shield still dominating since 2015, they still won’t release a better model it’s still selling too well with no competition. You’d expect it to be much cheaper by now too but no.

    This is why competition is good

  7. The Shield is incredible. I think my main issues with it have to do not with the device itself, but Android TV and the limited apps. I want it to behave more like a PC when I hook a mouse and keyboard to it, but the janky TV apps just aren’t there.

  8. It mentioned a bunch of new games. I tried loading Frostrunner and it kept telling me I needed a mouse and keyboard. When I hit the main selection screen, I couldn’t use the controller (none of the buttons did anything) and I had to force quit. Has this happened to anyone else?

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