Boîte de réception Gmail transition – quel gâchis !

Boîte de réception Gmail transition – quel gâchis !

Inbox to Gmail Transition – What a mess!

[Life with Inbox](

[Life without Inbox]( j’ai été en utilisant boîte de réception pour les années. Tout est fourni dans la boîte de réception. Tout n’est étiqueté dans Gmail. Il s’agit d’un enjeu majeur en essayant de transition.

Plusieurs années et plusieurs milliers d’e-mails maintenant besoin étiquettes dans Gmail lorsqu’elles sont par ailleurs organisées dans boîte de réception.

* Cris dans boîte de réception *

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  1. At this point I’m really REALLY hoping that Inbox going away is just the cruelest April fools joke ever.

    Inbox to me was the future of email. It made me actually use email for once in my life. I’d always dreaded opening gmail or any other email client if it wasn’t my works outlook account. Inbox made things SO MUCH BETTER.

    How they thought removing it was the right choice is just unfathomable to me ..

  2. Google is never going to get this stuff right. Their development & rollout strategies are a mess, their documentation is a mess and they have always been oblivious to feedback from users.

  3. My gmail inbox was an unorganized mess before inbox. I read the email I’m interested in, then it just sat there, beside the unread stuff I didn’t care about.

    Then Inbox came out and it sorted everything in to proper folders (labels, filters, whatever the fuck they’re called.) I didn’t have to do *anything*. My inbox was clean and organized.

    As new email arrives, it’s properly labelled. I click done, it goes to the proper place. Piece of cake.

    When I lose Inbox, I’m not spending time to make folders/filters/labels for every piece of email I receive. I get a lot of promo shit, bills, etc. My gmail will go back to the cluttered piece of shit it was before inbox… a mixture of read/unread email with no labels or filters.

  4. I’m mostly upset because I begrudgingly switched from Gmail to Inbox a couple years ago, even convincing my wife to switch because of the bundles and organization. Everything was going great, then Google had to go trip on its’ own feet again and ruin everything.

    I switched back ahead of the forced switch and I’m still finding it to be a royal PITA.

    What will Google call the next email client they release in 9 months, only to kill again in 2 years?

  5. I remember when Inbox first came out, I was one of the early adopters. It was a revolutionary email app unlike any other, and it gave me the feeling of using an advanced operating system on a mobile phone due to its smart sort feature.

    Ever since the day they announced that inbox will shut down last year, I immediately switched to Gmail even thou it sucks hard, because I knew it’s gonna take time to downgrade my user experience from the best to average.

  6. Google today doesn’t seem like the same Google from 10, even 5 years ago. They’ve lost their way. I’m going to start switching off their products whenever I’m able to going forward.

    Gmail. Pixel 3. Android 9. Allo. Hangouts. What will Google fuck up next.

  7. I genuinely cannot understand why they’re getting rid of Inbox. If it’s for the sake of having one email client & having it with a G-name branding, why not just ditch Gmail & call Inbox Gmail?!

    God, I hate this.

    I do like Gmail’s new material theme, though.

  8. While it’s fortunate that I switched to protonmail as my primary email years ago and kept my gmail as a junk mail folder, I still will miss inbox. It was clean an organized and having to go into gmail from time to time to clean out the inbox or fish out an email I sent there to avoid spam in my primary is just depressing to look at.

  9. Google has 11 days to add a dark mode to Gmail for Android. Otherwise they’ve lost an email customer and all that sweet sweet data mining. I’ve already abandoned Chrome.

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