Avis : L’interface de Gmail est mal faite et rend inutilement…

Avis : L’interface de Gmail est mal faite et rend inutilement…

Opinion: The Gmail interface is poorly made and makes it unnecessarily hard to navigate. Proof: Inbox

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news chaque jours de manière gréable ?

[Gmail vs Inbox](https://i.imgur.com/9orokCg.png).

Dans boîte de réception que je peux tout simplement aller au fait, qui est clairement visible et facile à trouver, comme est répété. C’est un petit changement, mais la différence de clarté est massive.

« Tous les messages » est presque au fond, entre les courants d’air et le Spam. Ce qui ? Pourquoi n’est-il pas en haut ?

L’interface utilisateur est tout simplement trop uniforme. Vous devez rechercher ce que vous voulez, au lieu d’avoir le codage couleur et effacer les boutons. J’ai aussi jamais marqué un email important manuellement, mais j’ai apparemment 100 + des personnes, et que l’étiquette est en haut.

Ce qui me confond à ce sujet, est l’utilisation de l’expression « Toutes les étiquettes ». Ce qui implique qu’il y avait une autre section avec « Quelques étiquettes », en quelque sorte. Si je pouvais ajouter une section personnalisée ci-dessus avec * uniquement * les étiquettes sélectionnées, comme, par exemple, ce que nous avions dans l’Inbox, je serais heureux. Je suis sûr que beaucoup d’autres serait trop.

Edit : Un peu de clarification. Je ne dis pas que Gmail est forcément difficile de naviguer ; Il n’est pas le cas. Je dis qu’il est inutilement difficile en comparaison, ce qui signifie que ça pourrait être mieux. Bien sûr, c’est le cas dans la plupart des choses, car tout cela est subjectif. Mais pour moi, en regardant la comparaison, c’est beaucoup plus clair dans la boîte de réception lorsqu’il s’agit de trouver des dossiers. Nous travaillons tous différemment, donc les avis sont tenus de se distinguent. En fin de compte, je pense qu’a pourquoi Inbox était grande. ** Il laisse ceux d’entre nous qui ne jouissent pas Gmails interface a un alternative.* *

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42 réflexions au sujet de “Avis : L’interface de Gmail est mal faite et rend inutilement…”

  1. I’ve been using inbox since I got my invite a few years ago. I’m honestly worried for when it shuts down later this(?) month, because everytime I’ve gone back to Gmail, it’s been utterly confusing to me as it’s undergone some massive changes since I last used it.

  2. It’s the white. Lack of contrast and removing colour makes scanning the interface a necessity, you actually have to read each word/label instead of immediately heading for the colour you know. This is the same across desktop gmail, it’s terrible.

  3. I am very surprised nobody has mentioned Inbox reminders… This single feature of Inbox is what makes it so good. I just hope Gmail will get this feature implemented.

  4. I agree. After using Inbox exclusively for the last few years, trying to use Gmail is too painful. Plus it has ads, yeah no thanks.

    Stupid Google being stupid again. I moved onto Outlook

  5. Slightly O/T, but does anyone else find clicking ‘archive’ in the new-message notification frequently doesn’t archive the email? The notification will switch to ‘archived’ with an undo option but then remains in the notification shade, and opening Gmail shows the email is still in the inbox. I find it really distracting, waiting to see if the notification actually disappears or not after I’ve supposedly archived it.

  6. Gmail on the whole is getting worse and worse.

    The desktop website is slow to load, and lags behind your actions. If you click delete on a message, and then are done with your email and go to close the tab that action will still be processing. Which sometimes throws up a prompt that not everything is complete, please wait, or you come back later and see your message is still there.

    Then the Android app is hard to look at. At its core it works. However you have to hunt around for what you want to do. Everything is the same color, it’s all kind of flat, and the interface elements all sort of run together.

    A face lift to their face lift will probably fix a lot of this. Gmail is still pretty easy to use overall. However it’s not as enjoyable as it once was.

  7. To be honest, my only problem with the Gmail interface is that there is NO ARCHIVED LABEL. Honestly, there’s no actual way to look at my archived emails and ONLY my archived emails. I know for a fact I would use it a lot more if there was a way.

  8. am I in the minority for not using and giving a shit about certain folders and all that stuff in my emails?

    Like yeah I snooze an email here and there but just keep them as is, don’t get complicated with them

  9. Gmail navigation is painfully easy with the exception of reply and forward functions. I wish there was a cleaner way they could do the button at the top of the email.

  10. Gmail is incredibly easy to use whereas I always found Inbox too cluttered and that’s why I uninstalled it really fast. It just wasn’t as good as Gmail.

  11. I just found that, it might be a UI workaround in April when Inbox will be down, hope the devs will improve them :





    PS: But I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant BUNDLES !!!!

  12. The blinding white and the bold abandonment of any sort of visual clarity forced me to go back to the pre-redesign version of gmail.

    If I’ll ever be forced to upgrade, I’ll just switch to a different app.

  13. Why can’t we have more categories? like come on. No finance category, cant make a finance label because finance is a system category…then where is it?

    I hate the Gmail app

  14. gmail is shit, because it became full adware platform. Also, i treat email same as mail – it is completely personal and private, there cannot be any kind of sharing of my emails. Google are lucky they are too big to be punished by government, but personal justice will definitely be made, criminals cannot walk on this planet.

  15. Google needs to sort its shit with the Gmail App, or just keep Inbox available. I don’t mind if they stop updating it for a while, just let me have it.

  16. I’ve said this before, but these days, Google is all about taking away choices from its users. Android was originally synonymous with choice (especially compared to IOS) but in the last few years, Google has been slowly moving towards « no way but the Google way ».

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