Avis impopulaires : J’aime Bixby.

Unpopular opinion : I love Bixby.

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours regarder les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les blagues chaque jours de manière gréable ?

longue histoire courte, j’ai toujours trouvé Google app d’être incohérents, mal conçus et globales mauvais quand Samsung un sont tout à fait le contraire.

Il n’y avait pas de concurrence réelle à l’assistant de Google sur Android jusqu’à Bixby et cortana mais seul Bixby a réussi à obtenir aussi profondément intégré dans le système comme assistant de Google.

Merci à Bixby, je suis maintenant en mesure d’exécuter Android sans n’importe quelle application Google moitié finie, et c’est quelque chose de grand.

Avant de me dire Google app sont grands, n’oubliez pas il n’y a encore pas n’importe quel mode sombre pour beaucoup d’entre eux, beaucoup de problème de cohérence à travers l’application différente, certains d’entre eux ont comme 3 en double (rappel assistant Google, rappel de Gmail, Google donjon…), beaucoup de demande arrêter étant pris en charge…

Moi que je me trompe pour compte tenu de la façon d’écosystème de Samsung mieux que Google un prouver.

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  1. I like Bixby as well. I use it differently than Google assistant. I use Bixby to control the device and search for things on my device. Works perfect. Google assistant I use to look up information. Best of both worlds. I remapped my Bixby button on my s10 plus so one press opens Bixby and two presses opens Google assistant.

  2. If I want to dictate a text quickly from my watch or call my wife from my watch, I’ve basically gotten used to not relying on Bixby on my Galaxy Watch because it’s so inconsistent. My cheap Ticwatch E rarely has a problem hearing what I say. I love the Galaxy Watch but Bixby just isn’t close to Google voice regocnition yet.

  3. I’ve never owned a Samsung phone or used Bixby, but Google Assistant is so inconsistent lately that I believe you when you say you like or even prefer Bixby.

    Some examples of things that prevent me from actively using GA:

    * They keep changing the voice command syntax; Some phrases that used to work before suddenly give you a search result instead
    * Reminders are extremely unreliable as notifications are usually late and stopped coming completely for about a week a couple of weeks ago (which was apparently a very wide-spread issue)
    * Since sometime last week the « routines » I’ve set up sometimes give search results instead of executing the command
    * Multilingual support has been a joke since it was released, it always seems to recognise the wrong language (which can lead to some funny results but isn’t very useful)
    * Setting a timer suddenly requires a phone unlock, but only sometimes

    And the funny thing is that Google Assistant actually used to be a lot better in my experience. These days it’s just unreliable bloatware.

  4. I don’t use Assistants but if I did, I’d definitely love Bixby. I tested both Assistant and Bixby and Bixby worked with Spotify wayyy much better than Assistant did.

    I’d ask both to give play me rock music. Bixby would play me a Playlist with rock music while Assistant gave me an album with ‘Rock Music’ in it…

    There’s also inconsistencies with Assistant… For example, I told both to create an Alarm and Assistant couldn’t meanwhile Bixby could. Which is weird since I’m pretty sure Assistant can. Turns out other people had this issue.

    Also I can use Bixby while there’s music playing from my phone. Can’t do that with Assistant on my phone. Someone told me they could on their phone, which brings up the inconsistency issues…

    In the end of the day, I don’t use Voice Assistance except for typing to set an alarm. I use Assistant for that, however they made me do another step to get to the keyboard button, so I’m thinking of just using Bixby for that.

  5. I don’t have a Samsung with Bixby but my oldest and youngest grown up kids just brought Samsung’s with Bixby (J4+ and J6+ respectively)
    I’m blown away by what Bixby can do compared to GA and I can tell you GA is so unreliable these days Ive not used it for months.

    Seeing how good both these mid range Samsungs are, I’m now very seriously considering buying one………it’s a little embarrassing my kids have much better and far more capable phones than me!

  6. There will always be people who like Bixby or people who like Google Assistant or people who like neither. Different people have different preferences, and nothing is wrong with that.

  7. I don’t use voice assistants much but Bixby is better than Google Assistant for my few use cases. The Spotify music controls and integration seem to work better. Alarms, reminders and calendar events are better integrated because they work with stock Samsung apps which I use. Sending a text message and checking the weather is pretty much the same. And this is opinion of course, but the UI of Bixby looks a lot better than assistant. And I think the default Bixby assistant voice sounds more natural and less robotic.

    The Google voice dictation is a little better and faster and the « ok google » detection seems to work a little better when my phone is further away.

  8. First time trying out Bixby on a phone. I had an iPhone but never touched Siri. My laptop has Cortana but most I asked for the weather a few times and to turn bluetooth on and off but I rarely use it.


    It’s useful for me with the presets to leave home, arrive at work, etc. Not like it took too much effort to just swipe down and toggle buttons on and off but it’s kind of nice just having the one button on the side and away it goes.


    I don’t have anything that uses automation at home so for basic things, it’s fine for me.


    What would make a huge difference for me is battery usage. Does Google assistant use less battery consumption than Bixby? Does Bixby have better privacy?

  9. If Bixby understood what I was saying with any semblence of accuracy, I might agree. But it absolutely fails at the most fundamental task of a voice assistant.

    Google assistant’s voice recognition abilities are REMARKABLE. Still feels like I’m living in the future with how accurate it can parse what I’m saying.

  10. In my language (Swedish) bixby is useless 😀
    Then again Siri is also garbage in Swedish even after all these years.

    I like google assistans because It recognizes both English and Swedish words.

    If I have siri in Swedish and try to say a English word it never gets it. Google assistant does every single time.

    Bixby is more like siri, kinda useless in Swedish/English mix.

    But if I would compare Bixby to Siri they are both on the same level, but way below Google for my use at least.

  11. I find Bixby’s control over the phone to have severely degraded with the One UI update. She used to be able to control nearly every obscure setting and now she struggles with them.

  12. The Google app =/= Google assistant.

    I totally agree the Google app itself is trash. Everytime I open it, there’s nothing there. But the Google assistant is miles ahead of Bixby. Ask Bixby to book a reservation at a restaurant. Fun fact : you can’t on Bixby.

  13. Google Lens, Android Messages, Google Duplex, Screen-calling. I love Google Assistant, simply because Google Assistant is everywhere. And not only that, Google Assistant on my phone works seamlessly with my Google Home. And I’m confused on the « half finished part. » I feel Google Assistant, and the app itself, is the most complete package out of all the assistants. If you own a Pixel (or a select beta device, heard they were gonna have more this year), when Android Q comes around all apps will have dark mode so yeah. I don’t really have an issue with reminders honestly, but some people might? not sure on that one.

  14. I didn’t know Samsung employees posted on Reddit!

    All jokes aside, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. I’m not a huge fan of Bixby, but good on you for liking it. Everything’s good as long as it suits your needs well.

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