Avec le Moto G7, Lenovo a finalement tué la magie de la série G

Avec le Moto G7, Lenovo a finalement tué la magie de la série G

With the Moto G7, Lenovo finally killed the G-series magic

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news chaque jours de manière confortable ?

avec le G7 Moto, Lenovo a finalement tué la magie de la série G

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  1. I always wanted to get a phone in the G-series but with issues with the G4 (display touch issues) with several posts of others having issues getting their phones repaired and when Moto said that they were going to only do a 1 android version update, I looked away from their phones… I think they are no longer a « bang for the buck » devices as they once were

  2. My friend is still on the G3 since it was the last one with water proofing. Haven’t been able to find another low-to-mid-range phone that has water proofing.

    That waterproofing has already saved them a couple times, since they often work around water and have had waterproof cases fail on them. In one case, G3 was in a water proof bag that failed and got filled with sea water. Phone still worked afterwards.

  3. No other phone has full 4 carrier compatibility for that price. They have no competition at that price point, unlocked, and a current version of Android. It is overpriced by $100, but competing phones are not available in the US.

  4. I mean the g7 is overpriced sure, but there’s not many phones out there for the US market that compete with it. The g7 power is an amazing device for the price in the US. Globally Asia and Europe have other better/cheaper options for big batteries and decent specs for $150-200, but the $250 g7 power even with 3gb of ram is still the best 5000mah battery phone for the US and the only one with a 14nm chipset. Every other option out there is a 28nm chip that’s far worse, or are import phones with maybe 2/5+ LTE bands for GSM networks only.

  5. For the me, the G5 Plus was the last phone that had the charm of G-series.

    I still remember all that hype around the phone (especially the camera).
    Potter was a great phone. Lenovo really ruined the line up with slower than ever updates, messed up pricing and gazillion of models smh. Wish the old Moto makes a comeback once again.

  6. The original G series was a huge hit in India. The charm of G series has waned as honor, Xiaomi OPPO and vivo have cheaper better phones the same price range.

  7. The moto g5s plus killed the magic for me. I still use it as a backup phone but it has major software flaws, Bluetooth sucks up 30% of the battery even when not connected to any devices, and Motorola support pretends it does not exist despite many people posting screenshots. They just repsond to people say it must be an app causing the drain. Then on the hardware side it is one of the few phones thag shipped without a compass making navigation to a real pain.

    I switched back to a flagship after that terrible experience.

  8. I got my G7 from Fi with a trade in of my iPhone 6s plus because it was starting to show it’s age and I was trying to get out of the Apple ecosystem. All in all, cost me ~$40 to get the phone and $16 to get a beefy phone case. The phone itself feels and looks great, and it’s lighter than my iPhone for a larger display whilst maintaining a headphone jack. I don’t demand much from my phones in terms of gaming performance except that the camera is decent(I take pictures of whiteboards too often) and my apps(instagram and chrome) work without lags and I haven’t been dissapointed yet. The battery life on the G7 feels good too, and if it sells as well as I think it’s going to sell, there should be decent custom ROM support by the EOY. I’m definitely going to try and keep this phone for 3 years or so, and then upgrade to the next $300 phone.

  9. I had a G5 Plus and I really enjoyed it. I was looking forward to an upgrade to it, but the G6 didn’t look too great, so I ended up with an Essential Ph-1. I liked that phone a lot but the little issue(notch cutting out content in landscape, T-Mobile signal weakness, ghost touches, and memory leaks) started to take their toll.

    So, last weekend I went down to Best Buy and looked for a new phone. The G7 was available, but it just didn’t really stand out to me, it seemed more like a downgrade. The Z3 Play happened to be on sale for 349.99 at the time and hit pretty much all my wickets.

    The G7 should have been the Z3 Play, minus the Moto Mods capability. It’s such a fall from grace, and really sad for the budget phone enthusiasts.

  10. I have the original Moto G and currently use the Moto E5 Play. I’m okay with the G series line becoming slightly more premium. I feel though that Motorola should increase the quality and price of the Moto E line slightly. My phone was $120. The next one could approach $200 and use the latest Snapdragon 400 chip and maybe add USB-C.

  11. I ended up buying the G7 Plus, which is what the G7 should have been. SD636, OIS, NFC, and very fast charging. Why they decided not to release it to the US is beyond me.

  12. The Moto brand went from being decently valued mid-range phones that first showed a cheap phone doesn’t have to suck ass, to a mildly overpriced and unremarkable brand.

    I will admit for locally available unlocked phones in the US with warranty, the Moto G series (along with Nokia) is one of very few brands that makes decent budget phones here. Still even without the warranty I’d honestly suggest getting some Xiaomi import like a Mi 8 Lite or Mi Mix 2S off Amazon.

  13. Late to party had a g4 pocket oven and a G5 plus using it now to type this skipped the g6 cause I felt it was a step back planning on getting a amazon version g7 power maybe if it drops to $200 or sub $200 around black Friday, or maybe sooner it’s a great values at $225;for prime users. And than next phone will be a foldable or phablet type unless a Android update with significance productive features like dual screen or video minimized was I know the foldables will allow 3 windows open at a time.

  14. Moved on to Xiaomi since the G3. Lenovo kinda killed all the charme Motorola had. Ugly design, weird desicions and the ever rising price tag.
    200+ just is too much for me and it’s unreal what even 150 get you with Xiaomi

  15. As someone who bought a Moto G7 Power last week for $150, I cannot believe how incredible this phone is. The screen is massive, I don’t have to worry about battery AT ALL, and it has a snappy clean software experience with Moto gestures!

    The camera is bad and the screen is low res: you get a noticeable screen door effect when using the phone at night close to your face.

    But this phone is $150, you have to give up something! People are spending 6 times this much money on flagships then worry about their battery all day, their software quirks, and damaging the phone. My phone costs less than half a screen repair on a flagship. Would recommend.

  16. Man there’s so much negativity here about this thing. I just upgraded to one from a Nexus 6 after it stopped accepting a charge. It was the only phone that checked all three boxes for me. Works on Verizon, has a headphone jack, and will (hopefully) have software mod support soon.

    I use this thing for phone calls, discord, web browsing, music, biking tracking and Reddit. It’s perfectly fine with all of them.

    It’s $300, it’s not supposed to shatter the Earth. I feel there’s something to be said for minimalist phones with no bloatware and minimal bullshit out of the box. A phone, a charger, some manuals. No shitty accessories that end up clogging drawer space, no terrible earbuds that sound like crumpling paper.

    Even if the Chinese phones did work on Verizon bands there’s been so much data « accidentally » taken between OnePlus and Huawei I really don’t want to trust my data with them.

  17. My Galaxy Nexus died on me on my birthday 6 years ago, and I decided to buy a Moto G.

    Having an entry level running that smoothie was magic (that camera sucked, tho).

  18. I still miss my old 1st gen moto G. Matte back, tanky build, water resistance all in a compact size. And it got the dimple placement right.N

    ow imagine that feel in a full screen phone without bezels. Perfection.

  19. G7 Plus owner here, and I absolutely love it. I started with a G 2015, then a Z2 Play and finally my precious red companion and honestly I don’t regret choosing it over any Xiaomi or Samsung.
    Also, even tho I’m in Mexico, just under the wonderful USA, I got compass and NFC, and it rules <3

  20. The g series nose dived G3 onwards. G5 plus was the last that I could consider. With the controversial espionage law coming in, chinese phones are anyway a strict no.

    Thankfully the m and a series from Samsung have been very promising. Nokia/HMD people have proven to be utter idiots.

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