18 réflexions au sujet de “Attendez qu’il…”

  1. The officer braked in response to the vehicle braking in front.

    The officer then braked in response to the merging white SUV.

    The braking in response to the merging white SUV was insufficient consideration of the merging white SUV, as the brake-lights of the officer’s vehicle flicker.

    The officer then inexplicably attempted to accelerate into the rear of the nearly-merged white SUV, before braking to avoid their own mistake.

    The officer then pulled over the completely merged white SUV.

    This appears to be road rage masking as law enforcement.


  2. All the comments here illiterate the difference between defensive and offensive driving techniques. Neither are right or wrong. Context is largely cultural and depends on the system you assume everyone else is driving with.

    Defensive drivers tend to freak out when forced to course correct and offensive drivers tend to expect others to make room.

  3. When you see somebody driving like a twat, do you:

    a) back off and create space, or
    b) turn it into a pissing-contest?

    Yup. Though to be fair we don’t know what the cop said when he pulled the other guy over, might have been a genuinely live-changing, positive conversation.

    Or maybe he just shot him.

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