16 réflexions au sujet de “Arcs de YouTube de Hollywood course aux armements avec Netflix et Amazon”

  1. « In some ways, they never really went all-in on the strategy,” said Anthony DiClemente, an analyst at Evercore ISI. “That’s like bringing a butter knife to a gun fight.”.

    Google in ***Literally everything***

  2. Good, they couldn’t really compete and have more important issues to focus on. Also this means more people will get to see Mind Field which is a wonderful show.

  3. Make a lot more sense to spend the money for content on Stadia.

    Less competition.

    With video there is so much competition when Netflix spends over $15 billion for content in just a year. Heck Apple is joining which will further inflate video content cost.

    Google being early with Stadia will have lower cost.

    They waited too long, as well as Apple, to fight it out for video content.

  4. It makes sense. People associate Netflix with prominent original content like Black Mirror and House of Cards. People associate YoutTube with kiddy cartoons and shit tier Youtuber drama for teens.

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