Appréciation de samedi (23 mars 2019) – votre hebdomadaire app recommandation/r…

Appréciation de samedi (23 mars 2019) – votre hebdomadaire app recommandation/r…

Saturday APPreciation (Mar 23 2019) – Your weekly app recommendation/request thread!

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  2. Any fans of Microsoft Launcher and/or Microsoft Apps on Android? What’s your workflow like? Do you have stuff synced up to your Windows PC? Use Bing?

    Was thinking about finally taking the time to set up Microsoft Launcher and Windows 10 to talk to one another – looking to hear about your experiences and if you feel it is worth it!

  3. Looking for a podcast app to replace Pocket Casts since they removed so much functionality in their rewrite. Specifically I would like an app that:

    * Auto downloads when charging and on WiFi (or at least has those options).

    * Manual downloads at any time. (Pocket Casts has now made it ridiculously difficult to force a manual download.)

    * Limits all podcasts to a maximum number of episodes downloaded. (Pocket Casts now does this on settings for each individual podcast, requiring about 5 menus per podcast; otherwise the app automatically stores 100 episodes for each podcast.)

    * Android Auto support.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. I remember an indeterminate amount of threads ago someone recommended an app where you can track home stuff like groceries, to do stuff around the house and so much more. Does anyone remember what it was called? Thanks. My brother and I are trying to simplify stuff since we live in an apartment.

  5. I am looking for a Reddit client like Apollo on IOS. Apollo was really great for me because it took every image from imgur and i.reddit domains and uploaded them someone else. Both imgur and i.reddit is blocked in Turkey that’s why I need this feature.

  6. lg for its v series after the v20 decided to ditch its unique and useful second screen in exchange for a floating toolbar on screen widget.

    i figure no one has been able to extract that for all users, so I’m looking for the best version of that floating toolbar that’s still being updated or at least within the last 6 months.

  7. I have been stuck on Nova forever, wonder if there are other less known launchers which have killer featured you don’t find on popular Launchers. Something that makes you go « I didn’t know I needed that until now »

  8. Psiphon Pro VPN, This one is currently my best android VPN. Has two options: 1. Tunnel entire device or 2. Tunnel their in-built browser so that the whole device doesn’t have to be tunneled.
    You can also exclude specific apps from tunneling if you are commenting via Tunnel whole device.

  9. Any smartphones out with Snapdragon 710 already? Or any with snapdragon 670?

    I’m looking for more mainstream brands not something like Vivo or Oppo.

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