Appréciation de samedi (16 mars 2019) – votre hebdomadaire app recommandation/r…

Appréciation de samedi (16 mars 2019) – votre hebdomadaire app recommandation/r…

Saturday APPreciation (Mar 16 2019) – Your weekly app recommendation/request thread!

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news tous les jours de manière gréable ?

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22 réflexions au sujet de “Appréciation de samedi (16 mars 2019) – votre hebdomadaire app recommandation/r…”

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  2. Which are your favourite AMOLED themed apps? I want my phone to display blacks as much of the time as possible. I use every free AMOLED theme that I can and I’ve already replaced some apps such as YouTube with YouTube Vanced.

  3. I want to recommend a few apps :

    [Hobi]( – it’s a beautiful TV show tracker, with track TV integration. It’s free with ads.

    [Wallpaper changer for reddit ]( – it’s in the playstore as wall as in xda. It let’s you automatically or manually change your wallpaper using subreddits as source. It has a great MD2 design.

    AdGuard for system wide ad blocking without root. You have to download directly from their website.

    Lastly I want to share [Pure icon pack]( which is a very minimal pack with a lot of icons and ~~entirely free.~~

    Edit: pure icon pack is not free anymore

  4. I know it gets recommended quite a bit, but I’ve been using [FairEmail]( for a few weeks. I switched from Outlook, and there is no comparison. FairEmail does everything I need it to do, and does it well. It isn’t the prettiest, but I kind of like the minimal look. My only problem is that some of the settings are tucked away in different places. So, some settings are a little difficult to find. But, that didn’t stop me from unlocking the Pro features. It’s well worth the money.

    I installed from F-droid, and the dev is like a machine with updates. I swear I get a notification about an update at least once a day. So, if you don’t necessarily want a notification for every incremental version, maybe install from the Play Store.

  5. Are there any good apps for tracking video games that you are playing/played/have beaten? Something with nice design that I can give a little rating to after I’ve beat the game, and have a queue of my next up/to play games would be perfect.

  6. I’m looking for an app that you can set a schedule for it to automatically clear the app cache. The only ones I find has this built in phone booster bullshit I don’t want.

  7. Are there any recommendations for cloud encryption? I’d like to store some back up things within something like Mega, but would prefer to encrypt, say an archive, beforehand.

  8. Are there any good Pushbullet/Airdroid alternatives that have:

    – Strong end-to-end encryption
    – For Windows

    I’ve been waiting years for something good to come out, and I’ve never found anything.

    With all the security breaches that have occured in all sorts of companies, I’m surprised more people haven’t pushed for solutions that don’t rely on third party servers when it comes to remote access apps.

    Is there anything that fits the bill?

  9. Hey guys, I’m looking for an app (for my galaxy note 9) like digital wellness that will allow me to quickly/conveniently turn grayscale off and on. I can do it in settings, but that takes typing and a few taps. (I know that you can install the digital wellness apk, but the grayscale toggle isn’t functional on non-pixel phones.)

  10. Idk if this is allowed here but what are some good alternatives for the official Spotify app? I’m ok with ads.

    I’m only asking because the official app has refused to let me log in since I rooted my phone and flashed a custom ROM (HavocOS 2.2). It keeps telling me my email and password are incorrect even though I still can log in on my PC or Chrome. Still trying to get that sorted out.

  11. I never did a playlist in my life. Normally I listen to albums from the beginning to the end, but this week I thought about having a way to select ‘x’ number of albums and then having the player randomly choosing songs from those albums.

    Is there a app that allows me to do that?

  12. **My recommendations**

    * YouTube Vanced (YouTube App alternative)
    * VLC (Video Player)
    * ColorNote (Note taking)
    * MiXPlorer (file manager)
    * Simple Gallery (Gallery App)
    * Titanium Back (Backup App)
    * Nova Launcher (Launcher App)
    * Keepass2Android (Password manager)
    * To Do Reminder (Reminder App)
    * Boost (Reddit App)
    * NetGuard (Firewall & Ad blocker) (github version)
    * Duplicate Photos Fixer (finds duplicates in your picture collection)
    * Power Shade (Android Pie Notification Bar)
    * Volume Slider Free (Android Pie Volume Control)
    * IDM (Download Manager)
    * Feeder (Feed Reader)
    * New Pipe (YouTube alternative with **popup** and **background play** support)
    * SwiftKey (Keyboard)

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