Applications sur Android Q ne sont plus autorisées à activer ou désactiver la WIFI. Ceci…

Applications sur Android Q ne sont plus autorisées à activer ou désactiver la WIFI. Ceci…

Apps on Android Q are no longer allowed to switch WIFI on or off. This isn’t user changeable and will further reduce functionality of apps like Tasker

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les blagues chaque jours de manière gréable ?

applications sur Android Q ne sont plus autorisées à activer ou désactiver la WIFI. Ce n’est pas remplaçable par l’utilisateur et réduira davantage les fonctionnalités des applications comme Tasker

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  1. Android is definitely turning into iOS. If that’s good or bad, you decide it.

    For me, changes like these should always be optional.


    Why not turn this into a permission or an « advanced » setting? If the user gives access, I don’t see why the app shouldn’t be able to switch such things. They’re just killing possibilities.

  2. this seems like a really stupid change. Is there a issue where apps are doing this without user permission? If so sounds like google needs to just remove those apps from the store

  3. Doesn’t turning off Wi-Fi on more recent versions of Android just determine whether or not your device will use Wi-Fi? I think it still scans for networks even when « off » now, right?

    So I don’t think this is really that big of a deal for Tasker users who have traditionally done this to optimize power usage.

  4. Yet, inexplicably, they will still allow the phone to be put into airplane mode, have WiFi turned on and off, location turned on and off, etc, while locked. So much for security.

  5. Google will keep dumbing Android down in their ridiculous goal of making it like iOS. All in the name of helping users.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous.

  6. This is the direction of Android OS as supplied by Google, you can save this comment if you want. Companies will continue copying the worst parts about Apple’s products in an attempt to win people over (lack of reparability, locking down OS, ugly white software designs, premium hardware pricing, etc).

  7. Google and Apple both want everyone to keep their WiFi on, so they leak their location upstream and help map routes and location tracking through wireless networks your device travels through.

    Don’t believe me? Look at ‘Significant Locations’ on iOS and your Google Location data on Android.

    I force WiFi off when I’m not using it and GPS to ‘Coarse’ every time I need to use an app that uses GPS.

    When that app tries to silently change GPS settings from Coarse to High-Accuracy, Tasker kicks in, firewalls the app, forcibly kills it and disables GPS entirely.

    If they start taking this away, I’ll make sure to keep using my devices that support Oreo, and never upgrade to Pie or Q. The control should be in our hands, not theirs.

    This egregious power-grab for more and more location tracking, more and more invasive location awareness, silently acquiring GPS coordinates and sending that data upstream without the user’s consent, *even when the user has it disabled*, should be prosecutable.

  8. Maybe Google is building their own automation service like Siri Shortcuts, so they don’t want third-party apps interfering with their system privileges.

  9. I only like Google because I like having widgets on the home page, and because of notification LEDs with apps like Lightflow. In other words, the ability to do nifty shit with apps. It’s really unethical and two-faced to talk about IFTTT and automation all the time, while taking options like this away for non-layman users.

  10. It’s like OSX all over again – a configurable, functional operating system being repeatedly locked down with each iteration to cater for the mass market, while irritating the power users that have been there all along.

    By all means, make these default system settings, but allow them to be configured.

  11. Instead of each new release of Android being something I look forward to, I now cringe and wonder what they removed. I thought the operating system was supposed to get better.


    Time for a hard fork of Android?

  12. The other part of this says apps can’t configure networks?

    My first thought it is WiFi devices like cameras. I have 3 Sony cameras with WiFi. The app auto switches WiFi when used, but can also configure the connection from an NFC tag in the camera.

    The whole setup can be done from simply tapping the phone to the camera, it’ll prompt app download if you don’t have it, or launch the app, configure connection and start working automatically.

    We’ll be going from awesomely simple and futuristic seeming connectivity to manual setup that will be guaranteed to cause confusion.

  13. This might be a real reason for people to move back to custom roms – for real power users and to do simple things like this and to bring back basic functionality

  14. I hate to go against the grain but back in the day I used to be one of those guys like « turn 3G to 2G when my phone is idle » or shutting off WiFi or Bluetooth every step of the way.

    However, iOS has made that more and more difficult, but at the same time I notice that leaving all these things on doesn’t actually cause any noticeable drain. In fact, my XS Max completely pulverizes my Pixel 3 XL in terms of battery life (easily double the SOT) yet I’m trying to turn on and off my Bluetooth and WiFi everywhere.

    I will say though the one gripe I do have with Android WiFi is that there is no option to address « auto-join » and to turn that off. For instance, I don’t want to connect to every McDonalds WiFi or Xfinitywifi I drive past. I have those setup in my iPhone to not auto-join. So yes, I can see why turning on and off WiFI could be needed on Android, but honestly, I don’t think there’s a huge point for most users in turning on and off WiFi all the time.

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