13 réflexions au sujet de “Appel du devoir : préenregistrement Mobile pour Android est en place !”

  1. And it’s gonna be a microtransaction ridden, loot box filled ‘game as a service’. : ^ ) With some weapons locked behind paywalls/loot box walls. I mean that is what happens when you have Mobile Games + Current CoD.

    Seriously, why can’t anyone these days follow or try something similar to Fortnite’s model? I haven’t played it much these days but at least you can use all the guns in the game and only have to worry about skins to buy if you so desire. It’s fair and does not mess with balance nor makes a disconnect between a whale player and a normal player. Or even Overwatch’s or Siege’s model. The latter’s are behind some of the most prolific companies as well.

  2. The quality of the video in the trailer seemed terrible, a bunch of a frame rate drops and low quality effects. If that’s the great footage they can muster to show off the game, I’m not too optimistic of the quality of the final product.

  3. Oh hey, wasn’t this available awhile ago for like asia and australia?

    I played it abit and was quite impressed, OP6 held 60 fps even wiith higher settings, It’s basically a mobile port of black ops 2 btw

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