Android TV voit 2 croissance chaque année, 140 opérateurs

Android TV voit 2 croissance chaque année, 140 opérateurs

Android TV sees 2x growth every year, 140 operators

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les actualité chaque jours de manière confortable ?

Android TV voit x 2 croissance chaque année, 140 opérateurs

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  1. My main concern with smart TVs is that the actual display will last much longer than the OS. We already have so many devices the manufacturers don’t keep updated (not taking about feature updates but actual security updates). The average person won’t really care as long as it works, but it becomes another weak point in a network as long as it remains connected to the Internet.

    No wonder the state of security in what devices and IoT is abysmal. Most people change their phones every two years, but their TVs. I prefer to keep the display and the operating system separate.

  2. When is Google gonna make a damn box. Just copy Apple and make:
    – Google tv box
    – Google 4k tv box

    Have built in chromecasts. Have it like pixel phones where you can upgrade to the new os quickly. Have a built in tuner for the oldies and when no internet. Full Google home integration. Build notifications into the android tv os. Imagine getting a notification of an incoming call or text message on your screen like PS4 notifications.

    Like their is so much potential. It’s the only apple hardware I’m so jelly of

  3. Earlier Android TVs were underpowered and horrible because of it (I had a 2015 Sony), but newer ones can be really good. I have a 2018 Philips OLED now (55OLED803) with Android 8 and it’s great. The old slow Sony I’d never have recommended, but the new Philips I certainly would – I did in fact, my parents even got one (not into or forgiving of tech) and they’ve been happy campers.

  4. Funny most the TV’s nowadays are smart(LG/Samsung) or if it’s not them it’s an Amazon or Roku TV for the third parties. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Andriod TV actually. Chromecast is extremely popular though.

  5. Just bought a Sony x900f… So far it’s pretty damn fast. I usually go Samsung but the now have ads you can’t remove. It comes with the play store but I haven’t seen what I can do with that and software in general. So far it’s pretty snappy and feels natural… Time will tell tho.

  6. I’ve had an old Dell I bought on Craigslist for $50 connected to my livingroom TV for the last three years. I don’t even consider android TV. I threw Xubuntu on it, plugged it into my TV and stereo system and it hasn’t been a problem since I set it up. I can watch anything and do anything anyone else can, even a bit more since it’s a proper PC with full x64 desktop apps.

    While not exact, this is a similar setup I see in a lot of my friends’ houses as well. Either their desktop is cabled to their livingroom TV and they just open windows on it to watch things, or they just use their PS4/Xbone/Switch for everything.

    **but**, the general population isn’t as DIY. Your best bets are an Nvidia shield, or whatever the current highest rated Android TV box is on Amazon if you want something plug n’ play.

  7. My Shield TV is friggin great. Its just android under the hood so all the cool stuff like emulation, sideloading, and casting are there. Just last night I sideloaded Moon Reader to read Saga on my damn TV! If Google could give devs confidence to make games more compatible and finally allow TV users to see the *entire* play store Id be over the freaking moon.

    The irony is its connected to a Visio Smart TV with smartcast and that is hot shit bad.

  8. My experience has been awful so far. Main issues:

    * While sleeping it may randomly wake up and play trailers at high volume.
    * When casting to the built in Chromecast it crashes after an hour or so. Sometimes it goes into a bootloop.
    * HDMI devices will output audio through built in speakers and not the ones connected to the analog output until I touch the volume control.
    * Has not been patched in at least a year.

  9. Google royally screwed up with set-top boxes and connected TVs. Google came out with Nexus players and Android TV boxes and then they would drop them. They still have yet to make a clear product for consumers. Amazon and Apple didn’t beat Google to market they just made better products with better support. I would even argue that Roku did it better then what Google has done.

  10. Can someone explain this better to me? Is android TV a set box, TV OS, combination?

    I’m so confused trying to order an android TV. When oems integrate android TV, is that in conjunction with their OS or is it just android TV? If I want a Samsung TV that is smart, is that android TV with the apps developed for it or just Samsung apps for Samsung TV? How does android TV handle heavy integration into Samsung TVs smartthings/bixby

  11. …and yet, the only place I’ve heard or seen anything about Android TV is here.

    I’m sure the figures are true, but how much growth is this really, and does it matter if the consumer doesn’t know that’s what they’re buying?

  12. When I went to Paris I was shocked that the cable TV box was running Android TV with the cable TVs app installed on it.

    Also in Iceland the TV at the place I stayed had Android TV.

  13. Android TV seems just OK.

    I’ve been using it. Mostly just watch Netflix & YouTube.

    Fewer of the apps seem to work well in Canada.

    I’d like to know tho what else can I stream free? All seems so complicated tried a bunch of Kodi apps, got CBC to stream. Not much else

  14. I have smart box from my cable company which they made in cooperation with Google, it’s pretty fucking good, only wish it was a bit more powerful,and had more apps like phones do, it seems to get faster with every update tho,not that’s slow now but some lag here and there

  15. Hard to buy one because of the no prime video option. I understand this is more Amazon but they need to figure this out. Roku has it all, although I am not a fan of their UI.

  16. I’m still enjoying Android TV (Oreo) on my original Google Nexus Player. It’s often confused me why they stopped offering Google branded Android TV boxes.

  17. I prefer my Firstick 4k. Best damn « android tv » experience I’ve had. And I own an android box. Firestick is superior when ot comes to functionality.

  18. I don’t understand why this failed.

    The proposition should be so simple and convincing…

    For developers: You already have an Android app on the Google Play store for phones, with minimal effort you could change the UI and have an app Android TV.

    For manufacturers: Why bother with the hassle of creating or buying your own OS? Android is already the most widely deployed OS on Earth.

  19. Maybe I’m missing something. Why don’t people just plug in any windows laptop and use it as a kind of HTPC with a wireless keypad? Works way better than any STB and you can get media from any source easily…

  20. And it’s shit, tried Android TV from 2 different operators and they all fucking suck, sometimes it works and sometimes I have to reboot it or I can’t watch TV…

  21. I had an anroid tv box and it was great at first, but after awhile it just sort of stopped working. The time zone was always messing up, and kodi would stop working.

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