Android stock est surfaite, je suis désolé.

Stock Android is overrated, I’m sorry.

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les jokes chaque jours de manière confortable ?

je suis tombé dans le piège de Stock Android fans et critiques de tech. Ils ont fait paraître comme si c’était la meilleure et la plus belle UI là-bas. Après l’avoir utilisé, je suis désolé mais ce n’est pas.

Mises à jour de logiciel rapide ? Plus comme des mises à jour logicielles rapide « buggy ».

Gestes de sucer. Glisser tout le chemin vers le haut de l’écran est une corvée.

Mode Dark pas largement disponible. Gâchis incompatible.

Pas de radio FM et l’égaliseur.

Aucun paramètre pour modifier le nombre de lignes et de colonnes pour les icônes de l’app.

Impossible de supprimer la barre de recherche google et le regard de merde « caractéristique » situé en haut de l’écran d’accueil.

Trop de confiance sur Google apps. Je me sens comme Google sait tout sur moi dès maintenant. Oh et il y a une tonne de paramètres et « fonctionnalités » enterrés sur ces applications. J’ai littéralement désactivé certains d’entre eux, parce que je n’ai pas confiance lol de façons de Google trop simple – ennuyeux, secs et ternes. Je l’obtiens qu’ils essaient d’imiter la simplicité de l’iOS, mais ils auraient dû au moins le plaisir de logiciel à utiliser et à regarder. Le choix des couleurs est terne comme l’enfer et manque de variété. Google est trop obsédé par les couleurs clair et ternes. Et pourquoi je vois toujours bleu ? De l’app icônes à la calculatrice, horloge, notification, tiroir app, etc. ? Que diriez-vous de jeter quelque effet de flou sur certaines parties de l’interface utilisateur ? Qu’en est-il ce qui nous permet de choisir nos couleurs d’accent préféré ? Une petite personnalisation ne serait pas mal, Google. Allez !

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  1. >No FM radio and equalizer.

    There are phones with stock android that come with FM radio. Equalizer can be installed separately.

    >No setting to change the number of rows and columns for the app icons.

    >Cannot remove the google search bar and the shitty glance « feature » located at the top of the homescreen.

    This has nothing to do with stock/non-stock android, it’s entirely about your launcher.

    >Too much reliance on Google apps.

    With non-stock android, you get reliance both on Google apps like gmail, maps etc. and also on whatever apps the manufacturer makes impossible to uninstall. Being reliant on one ecosystem is better than being reliant on two ecosystems. Double the inconvenience, double the data collection.

    I go out of my way to get phones with stock android or those where I can install it as a custom ROM, because ROMs from manufacturers are always more of a PITA.

  2. Might not be the most attractive OS – although One UI was a big step forward – but Android is so much more than just pretty beneath the surface.

    There are so many things you can’t do with iOS and that’s the single reason why I could never switch.

  3. Stock Android is like have a new car with base trim level. It’s kind of boring, but when you add the faster engine, leather seats, navigation, sunroof, and power everything, it’s a lot nicer car. The same can be said about stock Android, you have to customize it to make it yours.
    Also, what’s wrong with Google Apps?

  4. Nova Launcher on stock Android solves most of these and is my preferred configuration. I’ve never used apps or launchers from manufacturers either Samsung or LG. It’s just garbage that I disable or remove on day one.

  5. > No FM radio and equalizer.

    Install a third-party radio app?

    > No setting to change the number of rows and columns for the app icons.

    > Cannot remove the google search bar and the shitty glance « feature » located at the top of the homescreen.

    Install a third-party launcher?

    > Too much reliance on Google apps.

    Install other apps?

    You have the freedom to solve much of what you’re complaining about.

  6. I used to be a stock only type of guy. Always installed CM or LOS ever since my first android phone back in 2009. I have the note 9 now and I don’t really miss stock. Samsung’s version has a lot of nice features but it’ll be slow to get major updates but they are pretty good with security updates. Google has been dropping the ball with Pie (horrible changes to the UI and a gesture system that completely misses the point) and with hardware design and QC. Also you can’t forget the tons of bugs on their own line of phones.

    Also people on this sub think bloat only applies to non google apps. Google preinstalls so many google apps on my phone that I end up disabling 90% of it. I would rather use Samsung’s apps such as calendar and messages because it follows the automatic light/dark theme change that One UI has (and better reachability because of One UI)

  7. Samsung dark Mode only works with Samsung apps, so inconsistent as well and not a problem only for stock.

    Too much reliance on Google apps? If you buy a non stock phone you would have relaince on those OEM apps, same problem

  8. Ridiculous post. All the devices in Android and you can’t find a skin that works for you?? If « stock », as you call it, doesn’t work for you, get something that does. There are numerous choices. What is a rant post like this supposed to accomplish?

  9. I agree with you to some extent, I think that Google has been dropping the ball regarding the UI, updating some apps and not others, making the stock apps inconsistent, one can expect to have some design inconsistency using different apps, but stock ones should have a consistent UI.

    Customization is also a negative factor, OxygenOS for example feels like stock Android, but is a lot more customizable.

    Another think that is sad is the fact that they often favor iOS in terms of functionality in their own apps.

    I also agree with the gestures comment, I mean pretty much every OEM has implemented gestures better than Google, it wouldn’t be half bad if it wasn’t mandatory on the Pixel 3

    Regarding the Pixel launcher limitations, just install another one, this is not a problem.


    I had a Nokia 7 Plus (died a terrible death, my fault) with Android One and there were in fact a lot of minor bugs and the updates weren’t always as fast as expected, it was a great phone with great software, but it was not a polished experience.


    I’m now back to my Nexus 5X with LineageOS 15.1 and surprisingly to me is more polished than Google’s « stock Android », the OS has more features, is more customizable and an overall better experience, it’s still an old phone and the battery life still sucks (I really miss the 7 plus battery) and 2GB of RAM are a bit short and it can die at any time.


    Once the 5X dies I have no ideia of what phone to get, I feel a bit cheated with the Android One experience too (how fucking hard is to put the date on the top of the screen using the light theme Nokia?!!?) I really dislike most 3rd party ROM’s, mostly because of bloatware and I don’t appreciate installing a custom ROM from day one, so I’m hopping the 5X can hold on for another year at least.


  10. It depends on your needs. I prefer stock because of the smoothness and the lack of bloatware. Get what you like. No need to hate on it because its not for you. There are tons of other skins out there if you want something different. If you want Samsungs skin get a Samsung. Not everyone uses or wants to use their extra apps. Stock is for people who want a « boring » skin.

  11. i gotta agree with u here bro, I’ve been a die hard stock android fan until I realized other OEMs such as Samsung and Huawei both offer more customization and options.

  12. It used to be the best option a few years back.


    Now? I find the Samsung interface (from android 7, 8 and especially 9) much better than stock.

    I played with the Pixel 3, it does feel a bit smoother… but it feels so boring and so much useful features are missing!

  13. I have had Samsung and LG and hated (LOATHED) their UI and apps. I never used their apps and the fact I had to have their apps when I use Google apps was just dumb. I would have to have a launcher and duplicate apps on these phones. Not to mention their so heavy (skin wise) they don’t perform well after 6-9 months.

    Got a Pixel 3xl at black friday and truly love this « boring » phone. I love stock Android. I don’t need or care about fade effects or, to a certain point, a color pallette. For what I use it for, it has been awesome. I love it. The swipe gestures are nice and prefer them to previous Android versions.

    There is a simplicity that I love about this experience.

    It isn’t for everyone I suppose and do respect OP opinion. But as long as I can get pure Android, I doubt I would go to a phone that doesn’t offer it.

    At this point, between Apple and Google, if your worried about privacy, you probably should stop using cell phones to be honest.

  14. Google Android is actively bad now, UI wise. And missing really core features like private storage, good multiwindow control, easy wifi and bluetooth network selection and a any kind of functional backup solution.

  15. of course stock is not ok (it means AOSP) but Pixel Rom is great. Lacks a bit of customization though but I wouldn’t exchange it for another stock rom (they nearly all have downsides like <select one or more of them> : bad UI, integrated malware (the alleged antivirus, cleanup tool), slowness, less better camera software,..

    Only thing I remember from FM radio on my first and last Android having it was struggling to receive a perfect signal so not much a problem

    « too much reliance on Gapps », on other Stock rom if you don’t use them, google will know what they want so not a valid point

  16. What is the musicfx thing then, if not a music equalizer?
    At least on my stock Nokia 8 has that thing from the factory and I can use it to fine tune my music while I am using spotify.

  17. I mean, in regards to everything being blue it’s called consistency. How weird would it be for example if your brightness slider was blue, but your volume slider was green? That would look so out of place.

  18. As a long time Nexus/pixel owner I agree. I’m shocked that stock doesn’t have a screen record option that other oems have had for so long now. Only reason I stay is for the camera.

  19. I have to say I agree. After many years of preferring Stock Android, and now using a Google Pixel – it all feels, boring. But that’s the beauty of Android, you have hundreds of phones to choose from.

  20. I completely agree and have for a long time now. The OEMs have the chance to take plain as bread Android (boring) and make it better. Why would stock be what you want then!? I think Android, either AOSP, or Google’s Android (even worse) are not something to emulate or look up to. With Pie, they just pulled a Windows 8 IMO. Oreo was so much better, even FUNCTIONALLY. Remind me again why everybody here wants Pie? Some of the posts I read feel like astroturfing.

    Some people don’t like the visual skin of third party things, and that is understandable, but I don’t understand the hate for features that LG or ASUS or Samsung add. Some of them are really useful and I can see them being used. I have Zenfone 5Z and it’s bloat is minimal. Yes, it would be nice if everything could uninstalled, but that’s an intrinsic android problem and is nonsense. Carrier bloatware is another thing entirely though and I am not a fan of that. That should all be optional.

    I think a lot of the people who want a stock experience can be satiated with a stock like theme. They can feel like they have a clean experience but have some of the extra features in case they need them.

  21. If you are on about TouchWiz then I am with you on some frames and on Pie version there is nothing that you say there , »emulate the simplicity of iOS »,iPhone maintain the same style for the launcher phone over phone,no one is trying to emulate no one is just Samsung that they change drastically the size of the phone and now they actually do something for the users changing the position and how it fits in one hand.

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