Android Q Beta 2 révèle le travail sur le geste d’iPhone X-style bar

Android Q Beta 2 reveals work on iPhone X-style gesture bar

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news chaque jours de manière gréable ?

Android Q Beta 2 révèle fonctionne sur iPhone X-style bar de geste

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25 réflexions au sujet de “Android Q Beta 2 révèle le travail sur le geste d’iPhone X-style bar”

  1. With gestures, the looks don’t matter, it’s the feel that matters. They can make it look like iOS’ bar but they can make it feel as fluid and responsive as iOS multitasking gestures? That is the question.

  2. Implemented…can’t figure out how to get home with it. Might be just really really buggy on my device but oh well.

    also i love this sub.

    « They should really just copy Apple on gestures(although honestly fill in whatever here) »

    *does that*

    « Can’t believe they copied Apple. »

  3. Why do they want to bury the back button (which is one of the best differentiating features of Android vs iOS) under a gesture that’s practically impossible to discover unless you’re explicitly told?

  4. I would prefer they at least keep the current pill if they do this. That way it doesn’t look 100% like an iOS rip-off. They could easily have the pill « in front » of apps like Apple’s home bar.

  5. Good. I would literally be entirely okay if they cloned iOS navigation and found a way to keep the back button, whether it be a button or a gesture. I love these gestures on my iPad Pro, they’re so smooth and seamless.

  6. Did beta 2 break multitasking for anyone? If I swipe the pill up, it minimizes the app but none of my other recent apps are there

    Edit: after I swipe up and click anywhere, it disappears and shows home screen. Can’t click on anything until I hit home, and it animates like that app is re-maximizing

    Edit 2: looks like Nova is broken. Pixel launcher works

  7. Just stick with the 3 buttons and quit trying to copy Crapple’s bad ideas….

    The 3 button and drawer interface is easier with gloves on, or while using a large phone 1 handed….

  8. Gesture based will further alienate the baby boomer crowd, which I remind you, is the largest segment holding most of the wealth.

    I cannot imagine giving a gesture based phone to my senior parents where motor control and precision warranty has long expired…

  9. If google starts requiring gesture navigation I’m going to fucking apple. The main thing I can’t stand when I use my wife’s phone is the gesture navigation, and if Google is going to copy it I might as fucking well move to the phone with some kind of damn consistency.

    Please Microsoft… bring back the Windows Phone so there is some semblance of choice again.

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