Android peut jamais être libre de Google ?

Can Android ever be free of Google?

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les jokes tous les jours de manière gréable ?

android a besoin d’être libéré de l’influence majeure de Google. Il y a beaucoup de méfiance dans Google dès maintenant. Android est la seule alternative à iOS. Mais les gens devraient être capables de choisir cette plate-forme ouverte sans adopter tous les services Google.

Est-ce encore possible ? La communauté ce que fait à ce sujet ?

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12 réflexions au sujet de “Android peut jamais être libre de Google ?”

  1. It is possible to install AOSP on your phone. It comes without Google services.

    But, I doubt OEMs will do it out of the box. As (for general use) Apps are available through Google store, notifications are managed through Play services, and a lot of Google Apps that the general user would find helpful (Simple example: Google maps).

    As long as there are no alternatives to Google Play services that everyone can adopt without compromising an average user experience, I think (sadly) it would never happen.


  2. It is. In China.

    Or you can buy a phone with sufficient ROM support to install a de-Googled build, but you’ll have to jump through more hoops than the vast majority of people would be comfortable with.

    My father didn’t want anything Google on his phone and managed to disable every app with Google in the name, including his keyboard. He has a Moto G. It wasn’t exactly a user-friendly experience afterwards.

  3. In a theoretical sense, sure.


    In a practical sense, no. Google employees have made almost every commit to AOSP, and their time is being funded by Google.

    The current base is at a point where it is possible to maintain a fork if you really want to, but no company has shown a strong desire to shape their fork into a usable state, and users haven’t shown a real desire to use Android without the Google services.

  4. You can already download custom ROMs and not install Gapps on them. Download your apps from wherever you want and live the google-free life.

    Also, anyone is free to fork AOSP and make their own flavor of android, potentially incompatible with original AOSP. The only reason manufacturers don’t do this is that they can’t do it if they want access to google ecosystem.

  5. Maybe someone (at XDA) writes an app like Titanium Backup for Custom ROMs which backs up and uploads the optionally encrypted backup file consisting of your contacts, app data, etc. to, say, your Mega account. Then you sign into your Mega account through the app when on a new device, get your stuff. Before using the ROM for the very first time you could upload all the previous data using the same app installed from XDA on your previous ROM.
    Without an app market this will be incomplete. Since you can get some of the major apps from various sources other than Play Store, I guess, it will be an initial step towards using AOSP without Google Services.

  6. Why not just get an iPhone if do not want to use Android?

    I carry both a Pixel and an iPhone. Reason have a Pixel is because of Google. Have no idea why would use Android without Google.

    Just go use something else.

  7. Android is Google… Your question doesn’t even make sense.

    EDIT: everyone seems to be talking about the Google Apps, if that’s your question, then like other people have said, you can do this now by rooting and installing the right ROMs. But my point still stands. Google owns Android and has since 2005-ish. Yes it’s open source, but it is owned by Google.

  8. So is this a matter of privacy? I mean once you search anything in Google or make a GMail account then that’s it…right? Yes is will nice to have a straight Linux plataform w/o signing in to anything but eventually you are going to have to connect to something (wifi, carrier data or cell signal) and eventually you WILL need to give up your information to aquire those services. Also if you use ANY social media app then why even discuss privacy. I just keep it Google. I use Samsung devices always rooted, custom ROM, and debloted of Samsung stuff because I dont want another big party with all my life information. Just an opinion and I would like to hear yours.

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