Ainsi, après avoir fait quelques tests, il semble que le Galaxy S10 + est vraiment…

Ainsi, après avoir fait quelques tests, il semble que le Galaxy S10 + est vraiment…

So, after doing Some Testing, it seems like the Galaxy S10+ is really, really bad at acquiring or holding a Band 12 LTE… -David Ruddock

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les blagues tous les jours de manière gréable ?

après avoir fait quelques essais, il semble donc que le Galaxy S10 + est vraiment, vraiment mauvaise à acquérir ou tenant une bande 12 LTE… – David Ruddock

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  1. I am having serious issues with my Exynos S10+ with Singtel here in Singapore. WiFi is more or less stable but mobile data is erratic at best and nothing but a reboot will fix it. I even tried turning Airplane mode on and off.

  2. Having no issues at all with my s10+ picking up band 71 (600mhz) or band 12(700mhz) from TMobile

    So far have had max bars at all times in my area pretty much

  3. On a different subject:
    Listened to the Android police podcast, this David Ruddock guy is the worst. I mean he doesn’t know half of the phone or OS features on the S10 or Android in general, yet he reviews 😂

  4. The string of tweets immediately before the OP’s link are just as interesting. It isn’t new either. I noticed this when I got my S9+. It’s very important to hold the phone just right to get acceptable signal. S10+ may take that a step further. What’s odd is that on the S9+, I noticed the problem on midband, whereas he’s seeing it on low band. That’s a first, for me.

  5. I’ve had my S10+ for just about a week now, and I have noticed throughout the week while at work, at home, stores and other places that the signal strength seems lower overall than any recent of Samsung phone that I have had, including the S9+ and Note 9. I don’t know what band is used commonly in this area, but I am on T-Mobile, and there is a difference in my usage experience.

  6. I’m waiting on the Android police article detailing every single thing that’s « wrong » with this phone. You know just like how they do it for the pixels and only the pixels

  7. No issues with mine in Frederick, Maryland on AT&T. I get three or four bars in places where my V20 had only 1 or 2. I can also finally use my phone on my first floor; my V20 could barely hold a single bar, whereas my s10+ consistently maintains 3 on my first floor.

    When I go into DC on the weekends, my cell speeds are especially absurd.

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