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  1. I’ve been using the nightly version of AdGuard for Android and I can safely say V3 is a major improvement over V2, especially the ability to add custom filter lists.

  2. Worth the 10$ or however much I paid for years ago. They have 50% off sales multiple times a year. For the cost of a drink at a bar you can get the best adblocking available for Android, nonroot or root.

  3. Recently bought S10, although I was using AdGuard over a year on HTC U11 (it was great and V3 is really good – tested beta) I found out Samsung have dedicated Knox adblock named Adhell.

    Anyone tried and could tell me pros and cons over adguard?

  4. Funny how people trust Google and Facebook more than companies like adguard. Unlike Facebook and Google the company is making their revenue from the software they sell and not by the information they collect. Google and Facebook provide free services because they sell your data and you worry about a company with completely different agenda.

  5. I’m a complete novice on this subject, for someone on an UNROOTED device with no plans to root, is this the best option to block ads system wide? I’m on a Samsung Note 9 right now, if that changes anything.

  6. I use paid VPN app, however it does not block ads. If I use AdGuard instead of the VPN app, does it improve, worsen or doesn’t affect privacy and security? I’d like to remove ads but don’t want to compensate it by lower security.

  7. Isn’t it supposed to also get rid of the white spaces for the blocked adds? However, I have still have white spaces all over the place in my chrome browser.

  8. I really like AdGuard but I can’t figure out how to make it work with NordVPN and I’m not going to root to do it. Browsing without AdGuard now after using it for years is really eye opening to how much junk it blocks.

  9. installed on stock unrooted miui. all great so far, except the Facebook messenger app, where I’m still seeing ads in the friends list

    How to remove ads from Facebook for Android/iOS users

    Of course, we have AdGuard for Android and AdGuard for iOS as well. Unfortunately, these versions of AdGuard can hide advertisements only on browser pages and not in the applications of your smartphones. But we assure you that AdGuard is doing its best in order to solve this issue, so watch for updates and enjoy fast and secure navigation with us 🙂


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