À votre avis honnête, pensez-vous que romaric pourrait finalement battre Sams…

In your honest opinion, do you think Xiaomi could eventually beat Samsung with quality and pricing of their phones?

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les jokes chaque jours de manière gréable ?

dans votre opinion honnête, pensez-vous romaric pourrait finalement battre Samsung avec la qualité et l’évaluation de leurs téléphones ?

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  1. My answer would change on which end of the market you are talking about. On the lower and mid ranges, Xiaomi would beat Samsung, as is seen in India and other South East Asian regions which are important markets for these price segments.

    For the upper mid-ranges and premium flagship spots, Samsung will reign over Xiaomi. Despite some very good flagships, Xiaomi just hasn’t been able to match Samsung in that space.

  2. They have already beat Samsung in india. And the new cheap phones launched by Samsung has very poor build quality. I have m20 and redmi note 7

  3. Probably never pure quality. Samsung uses parts they themselves manufacture so they have a lot of control over the process. Plus they’re renowned for quality of parts. Xiaomi is at the mercy of suppliers and their pricing, not to mention that they can’t be sure of quality.

  4. Id say yes, only in the mobile world though because mobile tech has slowed down alot which allows other companies to catch up to these giant companies. Xiaomi has been consistent in terms of quality and pricing, even looking at their latest smartphone designs is exceptionally good. As a whole company Samsung vs Xiaomi, no doubt Samsung is miles ahead, talking about an almost a century company vs 2010 , Samsung has more resource , shares and customer loyalty etc.

  5. Perhaps. Their phones are already built well enough. Words just needs to reach more people. You just need time, or spending a little bit on marketing.

    You also need to convince people that not all Chinese products are bad. Half of people I know thinks this way, and some are just ignorant about it when you tell them.

  6. They’re not gonna compete with Samsung for cutting edge tech, if that’s what you’re looking for. Xiaomi’s a relatively smaller company and doesn’t have Samsung’s resources to push technology forward. But they CAN beat Samsung (and I’d argue in many ways already do) in terms of what you get for the price. And really, that’s what their goal is, not to compete in terms of pure top end flagship (another tech giant like Huawei is better equipped to do that).

    It’s a smart move too, since they hit Samsung where it hurts (low and midrange phones), while maintaining a good enough flagship that they’ll steal some sales from people who don’t want to spend too much but still want something high end.

  7. I’ve had my Mi Mix 3 for a couple months now. MIUI is a fucking mess. It feels like there is little, or no, software quality control. Their pricing is great, but if you’re looking for quality, look elsewhere.

  8. ITT People who can’t answer a question. How do you people even write/pass exams The question does not ask about market share. Also why is everyone talking about Huawei?

  9. More than likely yes, when it comes to these businesses you have to look at incentives. Samsung honestly doesn’t have as much of an incentive to be the #1 phone manufacturer in the world other than name recognition as Xiaomi does. Samsung’s incentive is to have the best displays and the best Semiconductors (smallest nodes and best in class DRAM and NAND memory chips) since that’s where they make their profits. Xiaomi has much more of an incentive to get their phone in everyone’s hand since that’s how they can start selling their services to the customers and so they can make their profits. So yes I think it’s very possible. This is coming from a Samsung fan myself.

  10. No, but I’ll give them a shot to show me something.

    Unless they turn out to be just like Huawei. I’ll never buy from that crap evil company and I hope the West outlaws their products.

  11. I think you are asking wrong question. The key thing is to have good, not overpriced phones. Look at huawei – they are asking for a fuck ton of money for their phones. Xiaomi already beats the shit out of samsung and huawei and apple if you compare price/phone ratio. I dont think it would be good for users if xiaomi became samsung – they would also ask for the same huge amount of money for phones. Also, its not that corporations cant make good phones – they just choose not to, that way people are forced to upgrade phones more often.

  12. Of course they can, they can lower their prices well below Samsung and gain marketshare from there. There is no financial risk as Chinese state owned company.

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