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  1. OP’s explanation:

    >The dog seems to try to save the napkins from falling, but they end on the floor anyway.

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  2. Hey this is Jimmy’s, a local beach bar in WB, NC! That dog’s name is Kruiser and is the owner’s dog and always at the bar (this is why no one seems shocked). He has easy access to getting on the bar itself because it’s down about 3 steps into a well so he can hop on from the sides (check their IG to get a better idea of what I’m saying).

  3. The old bar I use to go to had 2 beautiful labs always there because the place was in a sketchy spot and would get robbed sometimes. Man I loved those dogs while drinking my problems away. Always put me in a better mood.

  4. All of you non-alcoholics didn’t even noticed the obvious: the shot, which is the hero of this story, remains on the table.. i fixed it with my eyes all the time… even the guy who orders checks its status after the fall..

  5. There was no shock (even from the others at the bar) to the fact that this dog was on the bar. My guess is this has been done before (at this bar) or the dog was up there for a while. Not even the bartender gave a shit. I think she knew the dog was there hence her blase reaction while setting the drinks down.

    My personal opinion about dogs on bars: I want to have that at every bar I go. Fuck food and health standards. I want to give scritches to good boys (and girls).

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