5.2 de lanceur Smart sorti

5.2 de lanceur Smart sorti

Smart Launcher 5.2 released

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news chaque jours de manière gréable ?

exactement un an après que la sortie de Smart Launcher 5 notre équipe a publié une nouvelle mise à jour importante qui présente quelques caractéristiques intéressantes.
-News feed -Modular pages système -mode flou -page automatique app nettoyage Smart Launcher 5.2 est déjà disponible sur Play Store. Tout commentaire (critiques incluses) serait apprécié !
Vous trouverez ici l’annonce officielle [https://www.smartlauncher.net/update52/](https://www.smartlauncher.net/update52/)

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  1. So I’m your typical Nova Launcher user and so far I’m digging it. I bought the pro edition and am going to try it for a week and give it an honest shot. But after painlessly setting everything up & to my liking there’s only one feature I really miss.
    Google Now.
    And honestly even that’s not it, « news article » wise you guys have that down but if you click on the top right hand corner of the Google now page it takes your to a different page.
    That page is all I want.
    That page has a my next calendar event. Recent emails. Tracking packages. Plane ticket info etc etc. This is all I care about. **It’s genuinely useful.** A hub page of every piece of information I **need** to know in a convenient place. Please. If literally any other launcher could incorporate that specific page (which *used* to be in Google now pages smh) or something akin to it, that would be the feature that makes me stay.
    Otherwise guys great update, I haven’t used smart launcher since forever ago. It’s pretty polished and nice overall. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Glad to see smart launcher come such a long way. This new app looks extremely polished and well thought out. I’ve been using it on and off since the SL2 era. I had a little fan boy moment seeing your post.

  3. I have one phone with SL Pro and the other with Nova Prime. Best of the both worlds really.

    The best thing about SL is obviously categories and hidden apps protected with pin/fingerprint. These are the only advantage (I thinl) over Nova. Well worth it though.

  4. App looks very polished and cool. Can you add a 7-day trial feature? I want to try some of the features out and get my flow setup before I purchase. I am definitely willing to pay $6.99, but I would prefer to test it out first. Thanks!

  5. I’m really enjoying my initial usage. I’ve been using Nova since it came out and I always go back to it – but this is looking promising. I like how quick it is and how good looking it is.

    One suggestion: I don’t want to give you location access, especially just for weather, but the widget shows up without a location. I might be missing it, but there’s no way that I can see to manually set a location. Can that be added?


  6. I like this launcher so much but now after moving to Pie I really miss one thing – the recents menu support (through Quick Switch). I have to use Lawnchair because of that, but if you guys have any plans to add this feature I would definitely start using it again.

  7. So… This now has a « malware inspector »? Sorry but no. It’s obvious this is turning into what ES Launcher turned into; a bloated privacy nightmare. A « malware inspector » isn’t needed for an Android app and *certainly* not a launcher.

    I used to love this launcher but I am not gonna stick around and watch privacy take a backseat to BS.

  8. Liking the launcher but I have a major problem. How to stop the launcher from killing the apps automatically in the background from the recent apps page?

    I can’t do multitasking because the launcher automatically kills every app the moment I switch to another app OR simply minimize the app.

    This was not a problem with Nova launcher. Its not the problem with any phone permissions either because I am using Androud One phone with Pie and never had this issue until I recently installed the SL5 Pro


    Solved it. I restarted the phone and the recent apps page is working as normal.

    Though I request you to please have a look at this to ensure this isn’t some random bug.

  9. Not trying to power play here (but actually am, hehe). I’ve bought and used nova, I’ve bought and used smart launcher (i guess i bought version 3) but NOTHING compares the simplicity of the my current launcher, Fast Key Launcher.

    Unfortunately, this launcher was removed from play store, may be because of phone permission, so i might switch to smart launcher when i get a new phone.

    Have a look at my current launcher (ask me for the apk if you can’t find anywhere), can you do something similar?

  10. As someone who has never used a Launcher, but is always thinking about it for usage at some point in the not too distant future. I have thoughts about using Smart, LawnChair or Action as my go to choice(s). If anyone has any experience of the 3 mentioned and can give positive/negative thoughts advice it would be most appreciative.

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